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  1. Words cannot describe how sad I am about this recent shooting at a transit facility. My thoughts and Prayers go out to the victims familes and their loved ones. It seems like every year there are more mass shootings and I really do hope that this will not be the norm coming out of the pandemic. Sad
  2. You know since we are on the topic of New Flyer's Xcelsior, I think this bus model would be a good comparsion to the Ford Transit. Just like New Flyer, Ford had the econoline van for almost fifty years then they made some modifications in 2008 until finally in 2014 the company decided to shift production to making the transit. A very differnt model that is very modern compared to the econoline. New Flyer is the exact same way. They had their low floor model for almost thirty years, made some modifications to it in 2006 then they focused on the restyled low floor until 2014 when the company decided to shift production the the Xcelsior. My point is when comparing vans to buses, New Flyer is the Ford version of buses and Gillig is the GM version because they are still making low floors and BRT models.
  3. I am now working as an Intern at AATA and what I can tell you is they only have the prototype for the new NovaBus. Everything else is still Gillig. Nobody in my department is back in the office yet but I am quite optimistic as vaccines continue to move forward. Personally I don't mind Gillig although the buses they make nowadays are not the same as they were twenty years ago and I think theride should've went with New Flyer instead of Nova if they were still making the restyled model.
  4. I think Gillig's main rival was New Flyer until they got rid of the D40LF & D40LFR. They were the main competitor with Gillig's advantage and BRT. In my opinion, I believe New Flyer should bring the resyled version back.
  5. chasbo2


    I am. I kinda liked the older models that were built before 2010. Those buses were classic and very standard. Now everything has to be technical and electric. Perhaps the one that'll suit me now is the BRT plus
  6. It would not surprise me to see some of CTA's New Flyer D40LF buses by 2023/2024.
  7. They have those buses located in the suburban parts of Chicago and I can tell you that they do not seem promising. I think in my view, the best type of buses for public transit agencies to use would be either Gillig or New Flyer. Perhaps I can throw NovaBus in there but I have yet to ride one of those buses
  8. I guess it just shows you that the buses they are making nowadays are cheap and breakdown easily. They don't make buses anymore like they use to.
  9. I was quite surprised that CTA was able to keep those Nova buses for more than twenty years. Most agencies can't do this unless they are dealing with financial problems.
  10. I feel like cummins has become a monopoly over the public transportation market with no other competitors. Maybe the DD5 or DD8 will be used in public transit buses. They already have them in school buses
  11. Gillig and New Flyer are my favorite kinds of buses but I don't like the xcelcior. It looks like a spaceship. They should've just stick with the D40LF
  12. You know AATA should consider looking at getting 60 ft style buses for it's Washtenaw route. Since it's clearly the most popular route in city and there are nearly 10 buses that ran during rush hour (before COVID) on the route.
  13. chasbo2


    Amtrak is ok but I'm hoping for more brightline type services to be expanded
  14. It's sad that there's only one engine company dominating the public transportation market. I think it would be nice if other engine companies chipped in. Hopefully Detroit Diesel will enter the public transportation market.
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