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  1. Bus 2734 is not from the 2018 order. 2734 is the pilot bus from the 2020 order.
  2. EB-1 is the only BYD they currently have. The rest of the BYD buses went back to BYD. A driver from Starline Tours told me that the two other demos they had, one was a 2017 model and the other was a 2019 model.
  3. They ordered 24 NFI XN60's, 19 ENC Axess BRTs 40 footers, and 2 ENC Axess BRTs 35 footers. The XN60's will be replacing the NABI 60-BRTs', due to their CNG tanks expire on January of 2021. For the ADL's, I haven't heard any news about them in awhile. http://foothilltransit.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/10-25-2019-Executive-Agenda-Packet.pdf This is my source for the new bus orders.
  4. Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority is now known as Ventura County Transportation Commission.
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no excursion for LA Metro. They were most likely will never do a farewell charter for any buses.
  6. Awesome, thank you! I'm going to add the information to the roster.
  7. I recently spotted two Ex Alhambra Community Transit 18 and 19 at Ecology Auto Scrap in Colton. Bus 18 was a 2006 Blue Bird Xcel 102 CNG and Bus 19 was a 2007 Blue Bird Xcel 102 CNG. Both were powered by a John Deere 8.1G/Allison 2000.
  8. Most of the higher 7500s are now retired and auctioned off. Division 15 has most of the higher 7500s now. 7585, 7588, 7592, 7596, and 7597 was recently purchased by the head manager of LA Charter Bus Lines.
  9. Damn, it's been awhile that I posted here. My website will be downed for a little while, because I'm rebranding myself as SoCal Transit Studios, or SCTS. I will still accept photos from everyone.
  10. They are probably not going to put one of them to the historical fleet.
  11. newflyerxn40


    Not yet. I don't think there is any plans of them getting electric buses yet.
  12. Some of them are getting repainted and getting the driver barriers. I'm sure they also rebuilt their engines.
  13. LA Metro 8715 was delivered to CMF a couple days ago. LA Metro 5487 and 7807 recently got repainted, meanwhile LA Metro 7656 got a driver barrier door.
  14. newflyerxn40


    Omnitrans 2354 was delivered to their yard yesterday. My guess that the 2001 New Flyer C40LFs are heading out the door.
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