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  1. Just saw ttc 8607 going east at scarlett and dundas with the NIS sign up.
  2. No, it was an all day run but 9087 was dispatched as a changeoff for 9055.
  3. Is there some kind of issue with the DE60LFR's? I noticed none have came out all day which i have never seen before (other then during extreme weather which doesnt apply today).
  4. TTC 7969 apparently had a small engine fire on the 48 rathburn this morning.
  5. Spotted 2110 and 2112 on the QEW in oakville just now.
  6. 10061, 10063, 10064 are retired and listed for sale on an auction site. https://hibid.com/lots?q=novabus&status=OPEN&miles=50
  7. If you plan on just taking the one GO trip from hamilton to toronto, you would be better off just buying a single ride ticket from the GO machine. As for the TTC, im assuming you will be riding around quite a bit. You may want to consider buying day passes, which come on paper tickets and can be bought from the black machines at any subway station. They cost 13.50 which means if you take 5 or more rides in one day you saved money by getting it.
  8. 7472 was tracking on the 50 earlier today actually .
  9. Retired golden gate transit TMC RTS 1136 is availible for sale on facebook marketplace near Calgary AB. After retirement from GGT, it was sold to SMART in oregon before somehow ending up in alberta.
  10. There is currently some issues with the TTC trackers and it is showing random buses signed into random routes. None of them are actually there, its an error. It is also showing the 74-78xx and 17-18xx are in service.
  11. Brampton transit 0602 spotted on finch and humber college blvd signed up as the 205 just now.
  12. MiWay: 1040 on 108/109. Very rare to see hybrids on express routes.
  13. Lots of MiWay artics on 40ft routes today: -1052 on 43/87 -1054 on 53 -1784 on 46 -2051 on 74 -2154 on 110
  14. 0421 seems to have been reactivated on june 14th
  15. Malton garage currently has 11 express XD40's (1301-1310 and 1708), but only 2 express runs on weekdays on the 107 this board. Because malton has so many extra express buses, they have been dispatching them on the 11 on weekdays. Look at the first 6 weekday runs on the 11, they almost always have express XD40's on them. They often dispatch some on other malton local routes as well, but 11 is the most common. imo the only miway sightings worth posting in this thread are 60ft buses on 40ft runs, 06's on express routes (excluding 107), orion/nova hybrids on express routes, and maybe 03's on express routes. I would not consider any other miway sightings special.
  16. Some special MiWay sightings from earlier this week: 1052 on the 57 courtneypark: 1060 on the 13 glen erin:
  17. TTC 9045 is currently doing in service training on the 45A
  18. More buses have been added to the 22/92 for night service, including 1011, 1019, 1029, 1145, 1253.
  19. Current extras for the fireworks at woodbine beach: 22/92 interline: 1309, 1502, 1679, 3105, 3166, 3280, 3281, 3290, 3298, 3309, 3407, 3417 3422, 3429, 3434, 3646, 3648, 9082, 9083, 9084, 9086, 9087, 9088, 9089, 9090, 9091, 9092, 9093, 9094, 9095, 9097, 9098, 9099, 9100, 9101, 9102, 9103 extra buses on the 501 streetcar (neville-downtown): 3405, 3406, 3413, 8400, 9096 (there was more artics on 501 earlier but they got switched to 22/92). 9097 pulled off 22/92 to do a 506 shuttle for a security incident.
  20. Line 2 was suspended for about an hour earlier today due to a train hitting a tree.
  21. TTC 8078 got in a minor collision at runnymede stn. No real visible damage other then the ad rack getting ripped off.
  22. Do you know how many are still active?
  23. New emergency exit signs on TTC 1082. Only the back corner window on the door side was like this, the other windows still had the red ones.
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