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  1. very odd that they are selling them off that quick and from the photos on Ebay they look very decent...............anyone knows what's the reason they are selling them off? On the other hand, i am wondering if all the CIT buses, including those used New Flyer D40LF from Kingston, Ontario and D40LFR from Red Deer, Alberta, have been decalled into the EXO scheme or not? Thank you.
  2. I am wondering if any 02's D40LF still active in service? WIKI said some of them still active but seems they are never on the road
  3. Does it look exactly the same aa other diesel powered GO SuperLo E500?
  4. has that 157 ever been in service? Or never at all? Is it still in Thunder Bay scheme or repainted to SSM color already? Thank you
  5. This is clearly just an EXCUSE for them not to bid rather than an ACTUAL reason of not to bid, I am sure they can deliver on time to meet the delivery requirement if they want, but maybe it's not as profitable for them to speed up their production, by hiring more people and acquiring more resources JUST to fulfill the contract for TTC.............you know business is business at the end of the day and not to mention NFI always have a full book of business. Guess if you wish to place an order of 500 D60 high floor buses from NFI, are they going to do it for you? They will do WHATEVER to fulfill your request! I am surprised enough to see NovaBus being ABLE to deliver ALL 342 LFS buses to TTC in less than 9 months in 2017, at the end of the day their profit margin on this contract has to be LESS comparing to having them delivered in 2 years instead.............which NovaBus might think this contract favorable(profitable for sure) but not so much with other supplier, such as New Flyer, for example..................
  6. Wow this is a shocking news, and how about the other 4 used buses? And is it safe to assume they are going to replace 8 of the used ex-OC Transpo Orion VI in the fleet?
  7. Probably they couldn't sell the buses and decide to put them back on the road instead, lol
  8. i would love to become one of those kids are have a plant tour at ADL.............I WISH!
  9. same here, lucky to make a trip up there to photo them last Fall.............. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/owen-sound/transit-bus/1332920513?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true the ad. is still on, 0516 is up for sale, not sure if they are selling the whole fleet or just this bus, not sure if the bus service is still up or gone............
  10. what? they are selling their whole fleet? So the system is done?
  11. For HK, the first batch 2003 to 2013, is called E500 Trident, 2nd batch 2013 to 2016 called Enviro 500 MMC NG, 3rd batch 2016 to now called Enviro 500 facelift(Or E50D) For GO Transit(or North America), 14' tall's one (Go's 8000) is called Enviro 500, 13' 6" tall one (Go's 8100's) is called Enviro 500 Low Height(Go-Anywhere), 12' 10" tall one(Go's 8300's) are called Enviro 500 SuperLo
  12. TOTALLY incorrect! Enviro 500 was first introduced in HK back in 2003. The model(including chassis and body) didn't change until 2013, when the chassis was going over major change, which includes the placement of the engine and transmission. The old "Trident" specification chassis on the old E500 is gone and replaced by a new chassis configuration. Of course, the body was changed as well in 2013 which they adopted the Enviro 400 body(the same appearance as Go Transit's 8100's series), and ADL named these batch of E500 "MMC" NG. The body was redesigned in 2016 but the chassis remained unchanged, which is why it is called E500 FACELIFT now in HK (or E50D according to the builder plate) For North America, GO Transit's 8100's series chassis almost remain unchanged as 8000's, except for the placement of the fuel tank as they cannot be placed underneath the staircase anymore due to the drop of 6" in body heights. Hence there is no major model change at all except a new body style(note the placement of the fuel tank on this batch is located right above the 3rd axle and occupied a lot of interior space, which at least 9 seats space were wasted). They just called it "Enviro 500 Low Height Go-Anywhere" in North America but not MMC or anything, as those terms only applied to Asia's market for them to identify different batches out. Until SuperLo E500 is developed, it is actually a MMC redesigned chassis which is very similar to Asia's E500 chassis with similar placement of transmission and engine. However they just called it "E500 SuperLo" here instead of "E500 MMC Facelift" The "E500 Low Height Go-Anywhere" model were updated again as well, which the difference can be spotted between OC Transpo's 8000's and 8100's series buses, beside a different body style, the fuel tank was relocated on the OC's 8100's series which doesn't occupy as much interior space, especially on the last row of seats on the lower deck as OC's 8000's series, now the fuel tank is placed on the door side of the vehicle near the back, which helps to gain some seats back on the lower deck. Of course, these chassis adopted the MMC design which is similar to HK's newest batch too Why there is so many changes and update over years? Thank you to our height restriction here that ADL has to keep building a lower and lower bus which is a pain for them to design as there is no room to put all the stuffs in..............fuel tank, batteries, air tank, a/c duct, besides engine, transmission and a/c.............to design and build a LOW HEIGHT double decker is MUCH HARDER than regular height double decker bus
  13. Looks like Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) of Minneapolis, is testing the new SuperLo Double Decker buses and have it wrapped nicely in the SuperBowl scheme for the SuperBowl shuttle, not sure if the testing is over as the schedule of the bus listed on MVTA website is only until Feb 4. http://www.swnewsmedia.com/shakopee_valley_news/news/local/minnesota-valley-transit-authority-to-use-double-decker-buses-special/article_92dae56e-a18d-5eba-93fd-69c5e2f9621c.html https://www.mvta.com/news/ride-the-double-decker-and-the-electric-bus/ not to mention they are testing a Proterra all electric bus at the same time
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