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  1. York Region Transit \ Viva

    really wondering which 20 Vanhools will they pick, or randomly from 5201-5225, 7201-7205 and 8201 to 8211, or are they focusing picking 20 from the 5200's series? and absolutely a great news on the pilot electric bus program in York Region, way to go!
  2. Cobourg Transit

    just wondering if the Vicinity has arrived yet or not?
  3. GO Transit

    omg 8334 too? anyone has a picture of that?
  4. Double decker bus order

    Very surprised that they are built in UK again instead of Indiana in US like the Superlo's of GO Transit..............
  5. The CIT thread...

    interesting that RTCR is buying their Orion V...................are they buying the Orion V to replace their RTS? interesting enough~~
  6. GO Transit

    Probably replacing the Vanhool artics
  7. GO Transit

    what a good news!!!!!!!!! That's the right move for AC Transit!!!
  8. GO Transit

    would not be a surprise to see that happening since they can service both Square One terminal and Union bus station I just can't wait to see them making into Yorkdale and York Mills bus terminal
  9. Collingwood Transit

    Surprisingly they are looking at replacing them at 10 years old like most of other TA did, while YRT's 05 are still kicking around...........
  10. GO Transit

    2240 should be the oldest now in the fleet, which surprisingly these 12 speed coaches are still kicking around
  11. very exciting equipment..........."NICE"
  12. Fort Erie Transit.

    yes still full decals, or else I won't even notice or even bother looking at it..............
  13. GO Transit

    100% agree, just the fuel tank makes it worse and a "write off".....................which is very sad to be seen
  14. GO Transit

    yes that is most likely the case, and I can expect the high heat from the blown tire cause the ignition of the flames on the fuel inside the fuel tank above the rear axle.............unfortunately the fuel tank has to be placed there because of the reduced height of the bus, which the fuel tank cannot be placed below the staircase anymore like 1201-03............which explains why the 14ft tall Enviro 500 never catch any fire at all, together with all the Enviro 500's running in HK, Singapore, Malaysia and Las Vegas so far.......... Thank you to the low bridge here in North America that we need a "low height" design on our double deckers.............
  15. GO Transit

    I dropped by Streetsville today and have a look at the bus which was still sitting outside(but the front half of the bus was already covered up with a tarp), seems like the fire starts from the front instead of the very common rear part of the bus--like Strathcona's 8006 was having an engine fire which the bus has already been fixed, while OC's 8010, GO 8131 was having a fire starting from the rear axle which I can expect it has something to do with the overheat rear brakes or paddles, and frames started from the fuel tank right above the rear axle. In this case the bus was sitting idle in the garage and if the fire was starting from the front part of the bus, the only cause I can imagine would be a electric short circuit from the electrical panels, which was located right below the staircase. The question is, how can it got short circuit while the bus was sitting idle there?!!?! Anyway the issue will get addressed by ADL and hopefully they will get a solution for it asap, they can't afford to have another one bites the dust again................