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  1. Cimon8000

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    This is clearly just an EXCUSE for them not to bid rather than an ACTUAL reason of not to bid, I am sure they can deliver on time to meet the delivery requirement if they want, but maybe it's not as profitable for them to speed up their production, by hiring more people and acquiring more resources JUST to fulfill the contract for TTC.............you know business is business at the end of the day and not to mention NFI always have a full book of business. Guess if you wish to place an order of 500 D60 high floor buses from NFI, are they going to do it for you? They will do WHATEVER to fulfill your request! I am surprised enough to see NovaBus being ABLE to deliver ALL 342 LFS buses to TTC in less than 9 months in 2017, at the end of the day their profit margin on this contract has to be LESS comparing to having them delivered in 2 years instead.............which NovaBus might think this contract favorable(profitable for sure) but not so much with other supplier, such as New Flyer, for example..................