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  1. just wondering if anyone know the status of that one and only DesignLine electric bus? is it retired as per WIKI? Thank you.
  2. all of them have since been replaced with the standard "double tire" There were 5 of them, #8448 - 8452 when delivered Just wondering if anyone is catching up with the full wrap on the GO Superlo, I am wondering how many of them are being fully wrapped for the CAA now? Any other besides CAA wrap(except the Pride Bus). Thank you.
  3. I wonder if anyone have a list of the Chinese Lunar New year wrap bus and streetcars? So far 3437 and 4525 are on my list
  4. They have nothing to do with Kowloon Motor Bus in HK just simply because they are in RED, or even Metrobus in Mexico which also got a handful of E500 painted in all red as well
  5. and odd enough they are switching to on demand service BUT placing two new bigger 35ft buses in service............it's kinda contradicting to what they are intended to do, or they are expecting a huge demand of "on demand" service?!?!
  6. i have only seen one shot of that 164 in service with SSM, guess it's just ACTIVE IN THE GARAGE all the time!
  7. Any spotting of the demo today and how long more it will stay with TTC?
  8. after the last REAL BUS all retired back in 2003..............
  9. why is it on a flatbed? returned back to NovaBus?
  10. The new contractor "Regional Limousine has proposed to buy six (6) Dodge Grand Caravans, two (2) will be accessible (each with spots for 2 wheelchairs). They have proposed that four (4) vans will be in service and two (2) vehicles will be used as back-ups/spares" Can't be more excited to see these new "BUSES"..........omg!
  11. Does that mean the end of the current Eldorado's fleet?
  12. Not a surprise, only 5 or 6 of them were out during rush hour recently. More BYDs are in service recently than Proterras which I can see there must be some issues or warranty work going on with them. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the cracked window frames according to the TTC's in house preliminary evaluation results?
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