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  1. Thank you again for your reply. Is that the Posey Tube and Webster Street Tube that connects downtown Oakland with Alameda? I checked the google map for their clearance that they should be more than good enough to fit the deckers at 13' 6". I agree it might be something to do with the tree issues along the route which is a common issues for the deckers to deal with...........
  2. Thank you, i am wondering why they are not ordering more double deckers, but MCI D45CRT LE instead? Do they have clearance issue operating the double deckers? Thank you.
  3. is that only double decker bus Enviro 500 still active in the fleet at the time of your visit? Thank you.
  4. just wondering if the 15 double deckers for AC Transit are just used on the Transbay routes during the rush hour only? Any spotting on them being used on the local routes? Thank you.
  5. very odd that they are selling them off that quick and from the photos on Ebay they look very decent...............anyone knows what's the reason they are selling them off? On the other hand, i am wondering if all the CIT buses, including those used New Flyer D40LF from Kingston, Ontario and D40LFR from Red Deer, Alberta, have been decalled into the EXO scheme or not? Thank you.
  6. I am wondering if any 02's D40LF still active in service? WIKI said some of them still active but seems they are never on the road
  7. Does it look exactly the same aa other diesel powered GO SuperLo E500?
  8. has that 157 ever been in service? Or never at all? Is it still in Thunder Bay scheme or repainted to SSM color already? Thank you
  9. This is clearly just an EXCUSE for them not to bid rather than an ACTUAL reason of not to bid, I am sure they can deliver on time to meet the delivery requirement if they want, but maybe it's not as profitable for them to speed up their production, by hiring more people and acquiring more resources JUST to fulfill the contract for TTC.............you know business is business at the end of the day and not to mention NFI always have a full book of business. Guess if you wish to place an order of 500 D60 high floor buses from NFI, are they going to do it for you? They will do WHATEVER to fulfi
  10. Wow this is a shocking news, and how about the other 4 used buses? And is it safe to assume they are going to replace 8 of the used ex-OC Transpo Orion VI in the fleet?
  11. Probably they couldn't sell the buses and decide to put them back on the road instead, lol
  12. i would love to become one of those kids are have a plant tour at ADL.............I WISH!
  13. same here, lucky to make a trip up there to photo them last Fall.............. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/owen-sound/transit-bus/1332920513?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true the ad. is still on, 0516 is up for sale, not sure if they are selling the whole fleet or just this bus, not sure if the bus service is still up or gone............
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