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  1. Last night, the Raptors defeated the Pacers 89-84 to win the best-of-seven series 4-3. First time since 2001 to move on to the second round to play the Heat. Fans in Toronto are going crazy now. SECOND ROUND SCHEDULE: - 05/03 - Game 1: MIA vs. TOR - 05/05 - Game 2: MIA vs. TOR - 05/07 - Game 3: TOR vs. MIA - 05/09 - Game 4: TOR vs. MIA - 05/11 - Game 5: MIA vs. TOR* - 05/13 - Game 6: TOR vs. MIA* - 05/15 - Game 7: MIA vs. TOR* * - If necessary
  2. Forgot to say yesterday #1214 has the speakers on 133. EDIT: Never mind, its on the first page.
  3. #1107 IIRC is wrapped for Healthy Living.
  4. I prefer an portable hoist option to be exact. Can you list the divisions from junior to senior? Thanks.
  5. Haven't they consider to use Leslie as a dual transit facility for both streetcars and buses? The new Flexity deliveries are taking too long and a bus storage at Leslie could possibly work. Could be a resurrection of the former Danforth garage in reduced form.
  6. So far, all 213 buses will be delivered to Arrow by years end? Come to think of it, with the gradual retirements of the Flyer D40LF buses and the delays of the new streetcar deliveries, could Arrow and/or Queensway get a fair share of the LFS? None of the garages (even the temporary garage) in the system would receive these yet. Some of the hybrids are also retiring next year as well. I wonder if the TTC could place an RFP by then.
  7. However with the deliveries of the new streetcars falling behind schedule, it won't be possible for some buses to be used in any streetcar route like the 501. They have not opened a temporary garage yet since Concord was pulled out last year.
  8. With the deliveries of the LFS units continue at Arrow, they have about 90 buses from the #12xx series left and 33 from the #79xx losing a number of these to Queensway in order to retire the D40LFs. Could more #12xx migration to Malvern move more #17xxs to Wilson? Birchmount would get around almost up to 70-80 #81xxs. #1794 is actually still at Malvern. Wilson still has #1700-#1702, #1706, #1714, #1732, #1751, #1789-#1791, #1795-#1797, #1799-#1826, #1828 and #1829 last time I checked. Some of the #17xxs from Malvern were sent to Wilson to retire the #94xxs late last year.
  9. UPDATE to April 26, 2016: - Subwayboy - TTC1700 - Birchmount19 - BusFreak93 - J. Bullock - noahrp24 - Vbao - ttcgeek - Grapejuice (who was at Mount Dennis at the time) - DiscoverToronto - Alex Titu - William Busuttil (Orion V on Flickr) - Toby Roseborugh - Jeremy Odai (Crescent Transit 54 on Flickr) - Joe Cowdrey - Sammi De Guzman (Sammdot) - Feb. 2016 - Chester (B-D 50th Anniversary)
  10. - Russian and Ukrainian Anthems - Demi Lovato - Confident
  11. For the food. Last year at Greenwood, the pop and burger/hotdog prices are less than $10. How much is either the pop, hotdog or burger? Could they use Broadview for the streetcars since Leslie Barns is possibly accessible via the 83 JONES from Donlands IIRC.
  12. Raptors and Pacers playing game 5 tonight in an unusual 6pm start time. The Blue Jays did schedule a 12:30pm start with the roof closed last October. Dumb decision of the NBA dissatisfying the Toronto fanbase. One hour early on a weekday People need to get home before 7.
  13. What's your favorite national / patriotic anthem for any country? 1. O Canada (Canada) 2. Hymn of the Russian Federation/Soviet Union (Russian Federation/Soviet Union) 3. Lupang Hinirang (Republic of the Philippines) 4. Star-Spangled Banner (United States of America) 5. Shche ne vmerla Ukraina (Ukraine) 6. March of the Volunteers (People's Republic of China) 7. God Save the Queen (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) 8. My, Belarusy (Republic of Belarus) Any questions?
  14. Apart from the board, who have you met with the following famous persons around such as celebrity, musician, actor, newscaster, politician, athlete, etc... So far, I have met the following people: - Cabral "Cabbie" Richards - theScore host of Cabbie on the Street and Cabbie Unlimited, Jean Vanier C.S.S. Feb. 2009 (Richards is now at TSN) - Oliver Carroll - Former TCDSB trustee, SCAS, Nov. 2012 - Andy Byford - TTC CEO, H5 retirement Run. Jun 2013 - Brad Ross - TTC Spokesperson, H5 retirement Run. Jun 2013 - Bas Balkissoon - MPP, Scarborough-Rouge River, blessing of Blessed Pier Giogrio Frassati school, Nov. 2013. (Resigned amidst scandal) - Angela Gauthier - TCDSB Director of Education, blessing of Blessed Pier Giogrio Frassati school, Nov. 2013. - Vincent Nguyen - Bishop of Archdiocese of Toronto, blessing of Blessed Pier Giogrio Frassati school, Nov. 2013. - Rob and Doug Ford - 64th Mayor of Toronto and City Councillor, Fordfest at Thomson Park. Aug 2014 - Barbara Hall - 61st Mayor of Toronto and final mayor of pre-amalgamated Toronto. Public Consultations on TDSB. May 2015. - Salma Zahid - MP, Scarborough Centre. Campaign Office. Sept. 2015 - Zuraidah Alman - CFTO-DT/CTV Toronto anchor, Nathan Phillips Square during Jays playoff run. Oct. 2015 - Pam Seatle - CITY-DT/City Toronto reporter, Nathan Phillips Square during Jays playoff run. Oct. 2015 - Michael Del Grande - TCDSB Ward 7 Trustee, former Ward 39 City Councillor/Budget Chief. TCDSB budget forum at Mary Ward C.S.S. Mar. 2016
  15. With many rebuilds to go, would that be possible to rebuild the #12xx batch sooner? This might not be happening anytime soon since they are scheduled to retire next year. https://ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/October_28/Reports/2016-2025_Bus_Fleet-Facility_Plan.pdf
  16. TTC: Spotted #7481 on route 16 McCOWAN with training instructors disembarking an elderly woman at 11:14 am from the Hollyhedge Drive North NB stop in front of the library. I saw that bus after I was using the washroom.
  17. All Novas, AFAIK, are most likely delivered with the factory equipped speakers.
  18. Whoops! Wasn't paying attention a bit. See edited post.
  19. It's been almost five years since this thread was used, Steve Munro has provided the changes starting May 8: 101 DOWNSVIEW PARK operates on a weekday service instead of weekend service Due to construction on Sheppard, the 97 YONGE will be partitioned into two routes: Davisville to York Mills via Yonge Blvd (97A), Steeles/York Mills to Queens Quay (97B), St. Clair/Lawrence to Steeles (97C), St. Clair to York Mills via Yonge Blvd (97D) and Davisville to Steeles (97F). Seasonal service begins on the 172 CHERRY STREET to Cherry Beach. This will be short loved as the route is to be replaced in June. Two buses on the 504 KING will replace the CLRVs which they will be moved to the 501 QUEEN. Starting Victoria Day until Labour Day, one PCC will provide service on the 509 HABOURFRONT. Until July 24, the route will terminate at Fleet Loop. The following week, the Exhibition Loop reopens. 501 QUEEN streetcars will operate on detour via Spadina, King, Shaw due to watermain work. Buses will operate from Long Branch Loop to Parliament St. 71 RUNNYMEDE will be diverted over the regular route north on Rockcliffe Boulevard and east on Lambton Avenue, then north on Guestville Avenue, east on Eglinton Avenue, and north on Weston Road to the regular route northbound and for southbound, buses uses the regular route west on Eglinton Avenue, south on Weston Road, west on York Avenue, south on Guestville Avenue, west on Lambton Avenue, and south on Rockcliffe Boulevard over the regular route. The result is due to watermain construction. https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/20160508servicechanges.pdf
  20. Structural collapse at Eglinton/Bathurst yesterday. Can this delay the opening? http://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/demolition-work-halted-at-eglinton-crosstown-stations-after-structural-collapse-1.2864799
  21. A death blow indeed. Sucks to see this unit hit the scrappers' torch since that bus frame is 40 years old. Good thing Belka still has #2619 which is 34 years old. As for #2252 and #2244, good thing they may have brown vinyl inserts and white steering wheel from its factory form. Any status on both units and #2345? They could have at least kept #8058 as a parts unit. Same with ex-Infobus #0015 which the TTC could have taken it back as well.
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