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  1. #8151 | Hogan Chevy wrap. #8162 | PEI wrap
  2. Looking at the pictures of the 1981 and 1985 D901 buses, did they came equipped with kneeling features as is the 1990 Flyers and 1991 Vs? I don't know if the D901s, 90 D40HFs and 91 Vs are almost accessible or something given the last two wearing the Easier Access sticker while the Flyer D901s had the THIS BUS KNEELS written in orange.
  3. This was nearly my idea I kept: 199A - Finch Stn.-Kennedy Stn.* 199B - York University-Scarborough Centre Stn. via Finch Stn. 199C - Finch Stn.-Morningside Heights * This should replace the 131E cutting the 131A NUGGET back to STC. Routing extension options will be either: via Brimley and Eglinton with stops at Ellesmere, Lawrence, Eglinton/Brimley, Midland, Kennedy Stn. OR Ellesmere/Brimley, Ellesmere/Midland, Norbury, Lawrence, Wainfleet/Broadbent, Eglinton, Kennedy Stn.
  4. Since the Toronto Raptors defeated the Miami Heat 116-89 to punch a ticket to the first Eastern Conference Finals in its 21-year existence, here are the schedule for the Cleveland Cavailers vs. the Toronto Raptors. All games start at 8:30pm EST on ESPN. THIRD ROUND SCHEDULE: - 05/17 - Game 1: TOR vs. CLE - 05/19 - Game 2: TOR vs. CLE - 05/21 - Game 3: CLE vs. TOR - 05/23 - Game 4: CLE vs. TOR - 05/25 - Game 5: TOR vs. CLE* - 05/27 - Game 6: CLE vs. TOR* - 05/29 - Game 7: TOR vs. CLE* * - If necessary Raptors won the season series 2-1. However, in the West, the Golden State Warriors take on the Oklahoma City Thunder as well. All games start at 9:00pm EST on TNT. THIRD ROUND SCHEDULE: - 05/16 - Game 1: OKC vs. GSW - 05/18 - Game 2: OKC vs. GSW - 05/22 - Game 3: GSW vs. OKC - 05/24 - Game 4: GSW vs. OKC - 05/26 - Game 5: OKC vs. GSW* - 05/28 - Game 6: GSW vs. OKC* - 05/30 - Game 7: GSW vs. OKC* * - If necessary Warriors won the season series 3-0.
  5. The major June board period changes is provided by Steve Munro and here what is going down: - 514 CHERRY streetcar begins operation using the new Flexity low floor streetcars. - 172 CHERRY STREET bus will be replaced by 72 PAPE on Queens Quay and the new 121 FORT-YORK ESPLANADE route. - Streetcars to return on routes 502, 503 and 504 giving 506, 511 and 512 buses. Combined bus/streetcar service resumes in the fall. - Due to construction work on College Street, 506 CARLTON will operate with buses on the western side and streetcars on the eastern side. 47 LANSDOWNE diverts via Dufferin and 511 BATHURST begins its bustitution over the course. - With the construction at St. Clair and St. Clair West stations, the 74 MOUNT PLEASANT and 88 SOUTH LEASIDE that terminates at St. Clair will loop Avoca, Pleasant Boulevard, Yonge and St. Clair with transfer connections at the Pleasant Boulevard entrance. 90 VAUGHAN will be extended to Bathurst Stn. and 33 FOREST HILL and 126 CHRISTIE will be interlined from Christie Stn. to Eglinton. - Construction on the Broadview Station bus terminal loop will last all summer and services will loop via Erindale, Ellerbeck, Danforth and Broadview. - Service on the 11 BAYVIEW now improved to Sunnybrook during rush hours while the 28 BAYVIEW SOUTH now operates 7 days a week. - YRT begins full operation of the new 24 WOODBINE replacing the 24D VICTORIA PARK, 224 VICTORIA PARK NORTH and 224B WOODBINE. All 24 VICTORIA PARK bus service ends at Steeles Avenue. - All 140-series Downtown Express routes on detour via Church to Peter due to construction on Richmond Street from Victoria to York. Link to the June 2016 service changes
  6. Hi Mike, someone at Jacksonville, FL acquired your domain and has some educational courses. http://transitstop.net Most of your items are in Transit Toroto, howeve, which I am part of. You still have the older copies of the photos, service summaries, etc.. that I can use? I may still have to credit you. I also found some of the pamphlets from this site in the Wayback Machine, which you guys can access it.
  7. More Birchmount 81xxs have the speakers. #8108, #8143, and #8157 now possess the external announcements.
  8. Along with the D40LFs, the 12xx and 15xx might be due for replacement as well. The body doesn't last until 18 years but its good for the second hand market. Good thing these NG Hybrid buses would be rebuilt at all.
  9. Woman snaps a photo of a man at Eglinton Stn. She then spotted the same man later. http://www.citynews.ca/2016/05/10/woman-snaps-picture-of-man-in-alleged-ttc-sex-assault/ Similarly I spotted the guy wearing a Jays jacket a while ago (Did not take a photo) on the 506 CARLTON and he was nice. Later that evening he was arrested at Coxwell for an alleged assault of a woman.
  10. IIRC, its still currently stands as it is. I went by last year and it remains intact.
  11. The only ones that are not rebuilt left are #1002, #1003, #1005, #1010-#1012, #1017, #1022, #1023, #1037, #1041, #1046, #1059, #1061, #1081, #1082, #1096, #1107-#1109, #1112,#1115, #1117, #1125 and #1140? I last saw #1140 on the 39 like last February. IIRC, I spotted #1118 already rebuilt. Correct me if I am wrong? EDIT: See new post.
  12. See edited post. The logo Derek drew is not real though.
  13. And the TTC is about to get a new logo. EDIT: Derek Flack did wrote this. But it's not official at all.
  14. Only one. Mine is bus #7215 I took back in 2009. The rest, I don't know. I also saw pics stolen from TTS, ETSPE sites and so forth. EDIT: Uh-oh, looks like Peter, wil9402 is going to be furious if they see this: http://ttchistory.weebly.com/ttc-1929---2014-part-6.html
  15. Two years ago I stumbled upon this website: http://ttchistory.weebly.com/ttc-1929---2014-part-5.html Some of the photos are from Wikipedia, but mine (which I took an then posted on Wikipedia) have no right to do so. Whoever photos are those verify with me.
  16. TTC: #1116 | 39 FINCH EAST #8305 | 169 HUNTINGWOOD #1078 [C], #1254 | 199 FINCH ROCKET YRT: #720 | FIBA Canning Other: #YT-01 (ex-York University Shuttle), #2055 (ex-Markham Transit, exx-TTC #3121) | FIBA Canning
  17. #1116, #1145, #1223, #1254, #1283 and #1304 have the speakers installed (some are in operation).
  18. #8133 now has the speakers attached. For the past few weeks, all of Birchmount's 2005 Orion VII buses have the external speakers now.
  19. That above could be an option to replace the NG hybrid and older VII buses built before 2006. They might need Artics before McNicoll is in operation. Since this 108 bus order is cosmetically the same as last years LFS order, there is still no back window at all on the first four orders.
  20. Looks like after 18 years, TTC could consider having an option to buy the New Flyer Xcelsiors otherwise, we will be stuck with the LFS forever.
  21. In any TTC vehicle in general per garage or carhouse, does a dispatcher assigns a bus to an operator on a route? I've been seeing high floors (GM/Lift) on low floor routes and low floors on high floor routes in the past. Now recently, artic low floors are barely dispatched on 40' low floor routes. How long for a bus or streetcar stays on the route until depending on peak period or non-peak periods?
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