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  1. #8105 | The Angry Birds Movie #8109 | Heart and Stroke [16 McCOWAN]
  2. Two discussions I got into mind: - Is indecent exposure getting common on the TTC? http://www.citynews.ca/2016/06/10/man-arrested-for-exposing-himself-grinning-at-women-on-ttc/ - Toronto Police wants to disband Transit Patrol as part of the overhaul, TTC has the TEOs in force. How this will affect the safety of the passengers on the TTC without the Toronto Police involvement if there is such incident? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/task-force-recommendations-police-services-board-divisions-1.3635538
  3. I don't think #9040 or #9091 could hit the scrap heap just yet since they are two years old. Otherwise, they should've at least send the buses back to the Nova plant and get new parts for the two. If not, that means the number of articulated buses in the order would be down to 151. I'm getting the feeling TTC is going to be in a massive bus shortage since some of the artics have been out of service for a while.
  4. Womp womp wommppppp. It's about time to let her hit the scrap heap in that age. One down, 261 to go? Maybe anyone can start an "Orion VII retirement" thread.
  5. So that means the count from #1200-#1423 is at 221 and #1500-#1689 at 187? I wonder the next bus order or this bus order will replace the three along with #1256 and #1671 just like what the last two buses from #8335-#8396 did as replacements to the fire victims.
  6. #7307, #7336 in the deadline next to it. Is that #8058 on the left side on the top pic? You might get a closer look of it.
  7. Oops I made a typo! (#9101) Sorry I didn't correct them numbers right.
  8. Ridership goes down and down. What's even worse? https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/2016/06/13/readers-explain-why-ridership-is-slowing-at-the-ttc-james.html
  9. Finch Avenue East and Brimley Road - February 2013.
  10. Most recognizable photos to date: (Eglinton Ave. E. and Midland Ave.) (Brimley Rd. and Shediac Rd.) (Scarborough Centre Stn. - 130/169 bay) (South Service Rd. W. and Transway Crescent) (Scarborough Centre Stn. - 21/131E bay)
  11. Another sets of photos by M. Danchuck, provided by Lex R. #2252/#8752 stripped for restoration work and the inside flooring undergoing major work with the seats to be installed and livery painted later.
  12. Speakers or Presto? If Presto, appropriate thread please. Vbao, page 1? Add #8101, #8115, #8153 and #8155.
  13. #1112 | Hogan Chevy Dealer [131E NUGGET EXPRESS] #8101 | Barapp Injury Lawyers [57 MIDLAND] #8107 | RBC [16 McCOWAN]
  14. TTC: #9101 deadheading back to Malvern NB via Danforth approx 6:15 pm
  15. #8113 | Scotiabank [16 McCOWAN] #8129 | Chat-r Mobile [16 McCOWAN] - Spotted on Thu Jun 9/16.
  16. Same with Birchmount from what I saw for the last few days. All of their buses have speakers installed as units #8100-#8166 (sans #8146, #8149 and #8159) assigned to Birchmount have these. Vbao, you may want to fix #7400-#7699 and #7700-#7793, #7795-#7882 on page 1 separately.
  17. Not my pictures, but #2252 is undergoing restoration at Hillcrest. Photos are by Marcus Danchuck, who is an TTC employee. Lex R. supplied these pictures.
  18. Former MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice, who was known for his appearance on EliteXC dead at 42 last Monday after being admitted to the hospital. Cause of death was later known as heart failure.
  19. #1710 | Chat-r [131E NUGGET EXPRESS] #1726 | Scotiabank [95C YORK MILLS] #1730 | Scotiabank [39C FINCH EAST] #1786 | Ripley's Aquarium [129A McCOWAN NORTH] #1793 | Chat-r [38B HIGHLAND CREEK] #7556 | Hogan Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited [116C MORNINGSIDE]
  20. #1091, #1129, #1218, #1223, #1247, #1262, #1266, #1276. #1288, #1289, #1708, #1712, #1721, #1739, #1742, #1743, #1745, #1748 and #8156 added speakers. Most of the buses I saw have bronze vented speakers or black vented speakers.
  21. I also forgot to mention 8 BROADVIEW now runs 20 mins midday and peak periods with two buses, the first time this route increased service since the dreaded cuts that happened on February 18, 1996 when it was cut to only 30 minutes with one bus at all times.
  22. Service summary is out: http://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service_Summary_2016_06_19.pdf Seems to me, as anyone would noticed, 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE will be operated out of Birchmount Division. Others would also notice 126 CHRISTIE will also move (or return) to Wilson Division when interlined with the 33 FOREST HILL. Routes 24D VICTORIA PARK and 224 VICTORIA PARK NORTH will now be operated by York Region Transit's Southeast Division as part of the new 24 WOODBINE route. Other changes: 506/306 CARLTON (split with New Eglinton, Malvern (sans 306) and Mount Dennis - Keele Stn. to Church on weekdays, and the whole route on weekends) 512 ST. CLAIR (split with Arrow Road, Mount Dennis and Wilson, entire route. Mount Dennis continues to operate 312 ST. CLAIR-JUNCTION BLUE NIGHT).
  23. #1684 | DanActive Yogurt [10 VAN HORNE] #1801 | Healthy Planet [169A HUNTINGWOOD] #1819 | Heart and Stroke [196B YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET] #8100 | Chat-r Mobile [21A BRIMLEY] #8163 | Pride Toronto 2016 [94A WELLESLEY] #8324 | Diamond and Diamond [196B YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET] Italics indicate a full-body wrap.
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