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  1. #7568 | PureMichigan (Michigan Tourism) [54B LAWRENCE EAST]
  2. The Republic of the Philippines will boast its first Tim Hortons outside the Western Hemisphere. http://www.cp24.com/lifestyle/human-interest/tim-hortons-in-the-philippines-coffee-shop-plans-southeast-asia-expansion-1.3005821
  3. I would like that game but I'm using a iPhone 4/iOS 7.1.2 (which is less powerful at the moment).
  4. Then think some of the routes like 28 BAYVIEW SOUTH, 162 LAWRENCE-DONWAY and perhaps 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE for example. No thanks. How would people react if there is no 169A? When the 169 ran everyday except late evenings, Saturday nights and Sundays after Ford cut service in 2011, people relied on other routes on the walking distance. I'd rather see the 21C cut during late evenings (maybe Sundays) between Scarborough Centre and Steeles since the route is pretty empty just north of STC. Same with the 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE. I'd rather see service ending at 10pm on weekdays, Saturdays and 7pm on Sundays. I'd rode that route and it's bizarrely empty with fewer customers boarding it.
  5. TTC DISRUPTIONS AS OF JULY 26, 2016 AT 11:54 AM 105 DUFFERIN NORTH diverting via Steeles Avenue West, New Westminister Drive and Clark Avenue both ways due to a police investigation on Dufferin between Steeles and Clark Due to a collision on Brimley and Progress, 43B KENNEDY is on detour both ways between Midland Avenue, Ellesmere Road, and Brimley Road while the 21A BRIMLEY diverting northbound via Omni Drive, Borough Drive and Progress Avenue.
  6. Again, one user named sovereign950 posted a Passport thread in the GTA section which is considered spam. I PM'ed Jan/7400 earlier.
  7. Thanks brother for the feedback. Now I got this right.
  8. Especially with the wave of attacks in Europe in recent days. (Sorry to go OT). ----- One question: I was at Bloor-Yonge last week and I spotted the security room which is locked and can viewed on the SB platform (where Gateway is), do they usually monitor any activites? Do all 69 of the TTC subway stations have surveillance rooms?
  9. Amen. And this is why I refuse to participate in this pointless discussion like this.
  10. Add #1020, #1239, #1244, #1257, #1309, #1332, #1344, #1666, #1797, and #8481 with the speakers.
  11. Please forgive me guys but I'm sorry I had to do a crappy rendering of #7809 in a new livery "photoshopped" in MSPaint.
  12. #1223 | Ghostbusters [53B STEELES EAST] #1257 | USA Tourism [36A FINCH WEST] #1335 | Scotiabank [84B SHEPPARD WEST] #1715 | Ghostbusters [39 FINCH EAST] #7468 | Ghostbusters [43B KENNEDY] #8313 | DanActive [196A YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET]
  13. #1685, #7313, #7344, #7914, #7915, #7958 and #7969 have the PRESTO readers.
  14. For wrap sightings within the TTC click here. MT/Miway: #0524 | Gino's Pizza [76 CITY CENTRE-SUBWAY] #0542 | Kotak Personal Injury Lawyers [76 CITY CENTRE-SUBWAY]
  15. For wrap sightings outside Toronto, click here. #1707 | Ghostbusters [39 FINCH EAST] #74xx | Ghostbusters [68A WARDEN]* * - Unit number please @leylandvictory2?
  16. More buses have the speakers: #1412, #1594, #1617, #1685, #7902, #7905, #7907, #7948, #7958, #7969, #8010, #8014, #8016, #8019, #8071, #8072, #8075, #8085, #8096, #8099, #8503 and #8513.
  17. My descriptive take: The livery will be similar to the Flexity cars but has slight key differences: The bottom on the front remains almost untouched and the rear will end up all red. I wonder the #8620-#8716 will take hold on the new paint.
  18. Doubt it. They just rebuilt the #74xx-#80xx 3-4 years ago! Same situation with some Fishbowls (pre-1995) and the Flyer buses (#82xx, #83xx, #84xx), they were also retired with the 1980-1995 livery. AFAIK, the last buses with the Maroon and cream likely vanished by sometime 1991 or 1992. Correct me if i'm wrong. AFAIK, TTC repainted the buses in this livery since 1995 before the #7000-#7134 batch came in. The process just took six years to do so.
  19. #8141 | PureMichigan (Michigan Tourism) [21A BRIMLEY]
  20. Rode set #546 (Pape-Warden) around 5:30pm.
  21. New paint? It's about time TTC got a new livery to match the new streetcars. First time since like 1980 IIRC when the CLRVs came (the present variant has been around since 1995). Keep up them pics!
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