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  1. Yeah, if it's between hard fabric or hard plastic, I'll take the latter as well. (But of course we all just want the good old blue cushions back)
  2. Number 924 (where are they from?!) at drunk oclock (12:36 am, March 13):
  3. I guess they figure you need to be by the door when you get off anyway...
  4. For my fellow craft beer lovers, Dandy Brewing's released a lager for the "CofDead" retro-branded clothing store/initiative using CT's previous livery (as Dandy noted on their Instagram, they missed the opportunity to make a "Light R-ale"):
  5. Ah, the classic "overstate the time needed to fix the problem and you'll look like a miracle worker" approach
  6. That's a brilliant website Nick, and great blogs keeping track of the journey. Amazing how good her condition was even after 8 years in a field! Was especially surprised at how clean the windows were on your first visit. Clearly the previous owner still cared quite a bit.
  7. Kinda wish they included some examples of why anyone would want to arrive in Chestermere at 7am. At least Township24 Brewing is there, but they don't open till 1pm and that's on a Saturday (2pm on a Friday). What else is one to do?! Swim in the lake for the first half of the day, maybe...
  8. There's one passing through Brentwood outbound right now.
  9. *sad 8256 noises* Brentwood this afternoon.
  10. Railings and lights reno at Brentwood seem to be essentially finished. It ain't much, but it's something.
  11. Nature is healing! Crummy phone pic of a four-car train today:
  12. Just saw the D40LF making its way north/west along Crowchild by Brentwood - it lives!
  13. Aww yeahhh 2082. (alas, it shows up properly in portrait on the computer/phone, but not on the forum)
  14. U2 in action! Afternoon rush hour today, feature 2013, 2062, and 2047:
  15. It's hardly front-page worthy, but it certainly wasn't ignored: CBC: Calgary Transit celebrates 40 years of LRT service | CBC News CTV: Calgary CTrain celebrates 40th anniversary | CTV News
  16. 666 meters from Brentwood bus loop to the north end of campus (Schulich Engineering); 605m from the University LRT station. Not too much more, though of course depending on where you need to go. It'll suck for my fellow Arts/Social Sciences folks, as well as the Bios. Who knows, maybe the COLT bus will approach the bus loop from the south and make a stop on 32nd ave right outside the university.
  17. Yup, stated explicitly on the engagement site: Regional Transit Service – Town of Cochrane Public Engagement (letstalkcochrane.ca) Why Brentwood LRT Station? Brentwood has been selected in collaboration with Calgary Transit, because it is a hub for the Max Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. The MAX system will allow passengers to connect across the city on express routes that do not go through downtown. It will also reduce the number of transfers for many passengers and not add unnecessary CTrain passengers between Crowfoot and Brentwood. Also, Brentwood allows for UofC students to take the bus directly to UofC without needing a Calgary Transit UPass.
  18. There's one of those at 6349, the northbound Crowchild @ Kensington Rd. as well: Crowchild Trail NW - Google Maps I don't think it works anymore either.
  19. Oh man, I've played that field before. Would've been awesome to have had 1089 there back then. Did you arrange to be on the field for photos, or just snuck a few while between games?
  20. New article today on stepped-up mask enforcement on transit: https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/city-cracks-down-on-transit-covid-19-mask-violators?
  21. There was a single-car U2 out and about in the northwest this morning - wish I had grabbed a photo but was in a Zoom call.
  22. Minor update at Brentwood: the stairs have now received their non-slip and reflective plates. (I guess the forum doesn't read my phone's orientation metadata)
  23. Brentwood reno update: finally a glimpse of what's replacing those rusty green railings. Also note the two bare metal supports angling in on the top right.
  24. Which any social media manager worth their salt should know, and write their posts accordingly!
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