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  1. And for many users, it'll add an extra transfer, which is quite inconvenient when you have luggage. For example, my quickest route to the airport from near the UoC is the 20 to 78th Ave Terminal and then the 300. The 300 portion takes around 20 minutes. The new connection would require transferring onto the Green Line and then again onto the airport connection (unless they extend the 20 all the way to the airport connection) - all of which will require waiting time in addition to the physical inconvenience of hauling luggage. It might get to the point where the time savings are nullified for existing 300 users.
  2. Since the doors are redone, does that mean the reflector-based sensor at the bottom of the doorways is no longer used?
  3. Finally got to take one of the refurbs yesterday! Noticed there's a new small 'bubble' surveillance cam mounted on the driver's console on the side facing the windshield that's meant to look outwards. Also kind of surprised they didn't add the RFID card access to the doors, but rather a new physical lock.
  4. Finally got around to putting together the new S200 card model - it's scaled a little bigger than the old one, with a wider gauge and longer body. The end bottom flaps need to be modified to allow the sides to bend inwards to meet the narrower width of the vertical ends.
  5. At least you're tall enough to hit the flat part of the sign! Us shorter folks get the nice sharp edge!
  6. A fun shot I took today through the fencing at 69th St.
  7. Announced on May 3, 2019: https://www.calgarytransit.com/news/calgary-transit-demand
  8. It's fantastic that the next-stop signs are no longer placed at head-height in the standees' section like on the S200s!
  9. 8204 currently on MAX Orange, rewrapped/painted to match the 8300s. Handsome! Edit: oo just looked through the wiki and realized they've been rewrapped/painted since late last year!
  10. Going to Forest Lawn? Well, it's on *a* lawn, at least.
  11. A minor (~30 mins) station closure at Brentwood today due to CPS matter - a doggo was involved, sniffing all along the platform and garbage bags:
  12. Went grocery shopping, spotted 8342 having a bad day, being towed southbound along Centre St.:
  13. Boom, sign perfection as promised! This time on 8364. 1/22s at f/22, so it's rather soft.
  14. First time I've seen this bug on the display - taken today!
  15. Yeah, mine were at 1/320. Plenty of aperture "left" to close down, though, so the shutter speed can easily be reduced even more in day time...at least from this spot!
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