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  1. From yesterday: either this bus never got them or CT is starting to remove the stickers that blocked off seats for physical distancing.
  2. Why did the trespasser cross the tracks? To get to the other side. There are much fewer "other sides" on the SkyTrain guideway.
  3. This might be a dumb question, but are there any concerns over the interaction of snow and the low-clearance vehicles and platforms? I'm under the (possibly erroneous/overstated) impression that the current high area under the platforms allows trains to push the snow into that cavity, whereas that won't be available on the Green Line - will the snow just get shoved up onto the platforms themselves, requiring frequent manual plowing? Note I'm not concerned about snow piles impeding the trains themselves.
  4. For operators, sure (aren't operators discouraged from enforcing fare payment in regular times anyway?), but clearly customers are still expected to pay their fares and they're even ramping up enforcement (by the Peace Officers, I assume):
  5. Some mighty big icicles at Brentwood! Told CT about it on Twitter and they acknowledged, but still there after four hours.
  6. CT tweeted that it was a "contamination issue", but deleted it soon afterwards to replace it with the more typical generic "CPS issue" and "earlier issue".
  7. 8202 practicing social distancing a day before the policy enters into force: rear door left open, front closed.
  8. Route 20's "Weekend service frequency has been increased from every 27 minutes to ever 21 minutes. " for the spring revision, and I cannot be more stoked. Can finally return to regularly doing my Superstore runs on the weekends!
  9. Four bridge option renderings unveiled! Nothing crazy, but I do like the trestle one the most: https://livewirecalgary.com/2020/03/03/bridge-types-added-to-calgary-green-line-public-consultations/
  10. Anyone know what triggers the fare readers' twin white LEDs to turn on and off while the bus is in motion?
  11. Rode a four-car 'furb for the first time today - 04 and 08 and the two others up front I didn't catch.
  12. New interview with Green Line director today answering some of the concerns/questions raised in this thread: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/green-line-michael-thompson-lrt-calgary-transit-1.5446991 Particularly, for Darkkayo's concern over the extended tunnel, apparently it's cheaper because they don't have to buy as much property on the surface.
  13. It'd be a good opportunity to tear down/redo the Eau Claire mall, too.
  14. Latest update for downtown alignments to make it fit within $4.9B: And in comparison to 2017:
  15. Just witnessed 8380 accidentally activate its EMERGENCY CALL POLICE protocol today at Brentwood:
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