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  1. It'd be nice if UPasses can be loaded onto the app, obviating the need to get mucky stickers every semester!
  2. For a sketchy little institution in the first floor of an old downtown apartment complex, they sure have a lot of advertising money - you see them as CTrain wraps a lot.
  3. In case anyone was thinking of doing so, it seems the Fresh Routes bus does not go to their popup market at the UoC - instead, it's only a stall inside the Kineseology building. Walked all around it, thinking it would be parked outside!
  4. If someone were to fake a ticket, why would they fake it in French?! Sheesh.
  5. So what's the main reason why we can't have an elevated section through downtown? Is it the lack of width? I can't imagine it being just due to the pedestrian +15s, which could probably be replaced with a covered ground level crossing or something similar - whatever it is, it has to be cheaper than tunneling through all downtown?
  6. Sounds like there was a suicide today downtown, with the victim essentially bisected https://old.reddit.com/r/Calgary/comments/d5723i/accident_on_train_line_expect_delays/
  7. A two car heading along the Blue Line today at 12:30! 2013 and 2022.
  8. A Prevost with a pretty wrap in Calgary today.
  9. Vancouver used to be nice like that - no need to specify the route. But in 2016, they changed it so it's like ours: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2016/08/some-tweaks-to-the-next-bus-sms-service/ I seem to recall them citing reasons of excessive strain on the telecom infrastructure or something not-entirely-convincing-but-I-don't-know-enough-to-reject-it like that.
  10. When it says something needs to be 'Control Authorized', is that hardwired/coded in or does that just mean you need to ask for permission?
  11. Spruce Meadows Classic hits the news! https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/spruce-meadows-bus-finds-afterlife-as-vintage-relic-in-toronto
  12. Friend's wedding chartered a Southland bus to take attendees to/from Somerset station - was originally supposed to be a classic white school-style bus, so was a bit disappointed we got this guy instead. I make no apologies for the drunken end-of-night shot.
  13. TimmyC62

    Scout 2101

    Scout was out today! Spotted southbound Brentwood at around noon. No stopping at the station either, just blasted on through.
  14. In the time it takes for you to take your phone out, the fare would've either doubled or be 50% off!
  15. It's Stampede, so of course they'd take her out! For some reason, I've never noticed there's no second door - did they remove it or was that as-built?
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