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  1. Brentwood's been undergoing pretty significant overhaul the last month or two, removing the rusty green railings and "roofs" on the ends of the overhead walkway (no idea if they'll be refurbished or replaced) and controlling corrosion on the concrete. They've also been painting the concrete white, but pretty sure that's just to help them see imperfections rather than to serve as a new surface coating. Here's a pic this morning of them removing the "roof" on the Co-op end. Really wish CT had some notice on their station upgrades page on the scope of this.
  2. CT Twitter has been throwing some casual nighttime trivia on the CTrain stations lately - I don't think they're in the CPTDB wiki, but figured they'd be of vague interest here:
  3. A somewhat uncommon hit-and-run: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/ctrain-crash-1.5770554?cmp=rss Also, the correct headline should be "Driver runs away after driving van into path of CTrain"
  4. Fingers crossed for one our typical blazing sunsets!
  5. Just saw 8412 on the 53 at Brentwood. Great to see them back!
  6. Ooo was gonna post my crappy mid-car shot of that from August 11, but forgot. They have it on the refurbs as well:
  7. A new PR code appears!
  8. Four-cars are back! Well, this consist anyway: 2248, 2245, 2247, 2224. Passing through Brentwood July 27 at 3PM. Edit: there're at least four consists out there - a refurb went southbound Brentwood at 3:33, a Series5/6/7 a bit later, and just now a Series 8 at 4:30.
  9. TimmyC62

    Scout 2101

    Scout's scootin' about today! Brentwood at noonish.
  10. For fellow Android users, make sure to search for "My Fare", and not "Calgary Transit"/"Calgary Transit payment"/"Calgary Transit fare" or any other similar logical search terms that will return a null result. (I've tweeted them to try to make the app more visible for people searching for "Calgary Transit")
  11. Higher rez of that is on slide 11 of this PDF from the Airport Transit Study Phase 2: https://www.calgary.ca/content/dam/www/engage/documents/airport-transit-study/airport-transit-study-phase-two.pdf I find it highly amusing they consider Vancouver's Canada Line a mere "people mover" - certainly by some standards, it's only that, but for the traffic the YYC corridor gets, I doubt we'd be getting anything with the Canada Line's capacity.
  12. Had been trying to figure out what this message was before finally grabbing my telephoto lens - nice sentiment!
  13. Quicker if the provincial government didn't feel like it had to second-guess all the second-guesses that the city's already done so far:
  14. Anyone know if any trains or buses took hail damage from the weekend?
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