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  1. TimmyC62

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    And here she is, 7558 doing the rush hour business just now!
  2. TimmyC62

    General CTrain Discussion

    I imagine "SW Beltline" refers to the area west of 8th st W, which requires a good 20 min+ walk from Stampede, or 8th St. W station.
  3. TimmyC62

    Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    And now Calgary Herald has done a full article on it! https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/vintage-calgary-transit-bus-earning-double-takes-on-toronto-islands Neat to see Rapido's owner having an influencing role in this.
  4. TimmyC62

    General CTrain Discussion

    This is pretty general, I guess - found out today that there's an HO scale body available for the SD160 on Shapeways from Imperial Hobby Productions: https://www.shapeways.com/product/7TLWKDEC8/ho-siemens-sd160-lrv-bodies?optionId=57331259&li=marketplace
  5. TimmyC62

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Photo from reddit:
  6. TimmyC62

    Connecticut Transit

    Hmm, there was a D40LF that departed before our XD40 - didn't catch the number, though. At least it's good to see there's such interest in the line. Hopefully the capacity is sufficient now that people have to actually pay.
  7. TimmyC62

    Connecticut Transit

    It's not CT Transit, but pretty close? This weekend marked the inauguration of the new Hartford Line rail service between New Haven and Springfield via Hartford, and service was free on these two days. Very popular, it reached capacity by mid-day, and they apparently had to turn away "new" customers, reserving service only to bring people home - I have no idea how they enforced that. The return train from Hartford that I was supposed to be on got cancelled for unknown reasons, so they suggested either try cramming into the next Amtrak, or wait for the next CT Rail consist in 1.5 hours, or take one of the CT Transit buses that were doing a highway run back down to New Haven - chose the latter, thankfully with an air-conditioned XD40.
  8. TimmyC62

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Quick question: how do they move CTrain cars on and off the transport car? Mobile cranes, forklifts, or do those red pillars have a device for lifting?
  9. TimmyC62

    Damaged or dead vehicles

    8172 with some kind of overheating issue, courtesy of Crackmacs:
  10. TimmyC62

    On-It (Calgary region commuter transit)

    Looks like Southland's continuing the Calgary-Banff service after all: More details on the Roam website: http://roamtransit.com/2018/04/take-transit-to-and-within-banff-national-park-for-an-unforgettable-experience-this-summer/
  11. TimmyC62

    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Was in Boston again this past weekend for the St Patrick's Day shenanigans, and got to ride the Orange line. Love the 80s aesthetic, and made in Canada to boot! Are the destination signs still manually hand-cranked?
  12. TimmyC62

    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    A couple of pics from early February - what a lovely surprise these older units were!
  13. TimmyC62

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    To add some numbers/source to that: Bank of Canada's inflation calculator puts 1977's $954,000 at 2017's $3,575,449.86.
  14. TimmyC62

    Calgary Transit

    TRAMS in Vancouver operates one in BC transit livery. For the last few Christmas seasons, they dress it up as Rudolph and and you can pay to ride on it as it takes you around to various houses with elaborate Christmas light displays. I trust they'll do it again this year. Shot I took from 2015's iteration during a rest stop: AdobePhotoshopExpress_60939b40b7e74364b3017898a0f3883e by Timothy Choi, on Flickr
  15. The consist in question ran off the end of the tracks at nearly full speed: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/tuscany-lrt-derailment-doug-morgan-update-1.3794613