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  1. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Was in Boston again this past weekend for the St Patrick's Day shenanigans, and got to ride the Orange line. Love the 80s aesthetic, and made in Canada to boot! Are the destination signs still manually hand-cranked?
  2. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    A couple of pics from early February - what a lovely surprise these older units were!
  3. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    To add some numbers/source to that: Bank of Canada's inflation calculator puts 1977's $954,000 at 2017's $3,575,449.86.
  4. Calgary Transit

    TRAMS in Vancouver operates one in BC transit livery. For the last few Christmas seasons, they dress it up as Rudolph and and you can pay to ride on it as it takes you around to various houses with elaborate Christmas light displays. I trust they'll do it again this year. Shot I took from 2015's iteration during a rest stop: AdobePhotoshopExpress_60939b40b7e74364b3017898a0f3883e by Timothy Choi, on Flickr
  5. The consist in question ran off the end of the tracks at nearly full speed: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/tuscany-lrt-derailment-doug-morgan-update-1.3794613
  6. Connecticut Transit

    Was surprised to see 1798 doing an evening Union Station Shuttle run last night.
  7. Thanks to Transit Geek for suggesting a new thread dedicated to New York MTA's non-subway rail services. Took a late Metro-North ride last night (12:07 departure from Grand Central to New Haven, Nov 4, 2017), and was surprised to catch an older consist, as I've only ever rode the newer Kawasakis - I believe I was in the first car, 6349. Oddly, 6349 seems excluded from the Metro-North rolling stock list in the wiki: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metro-North_Commuter_Railroad Regular Wikipedia indicates it, despite the dated appearance, is part of the 1996+ purchases. Anyone know how regular it is for these older consists to operate on the New Haven route? A bumpy ride, being the first car - seems these older sets don't have synchronized brakes or have really stiff horizontal suspension, and every time we decelerated it felt like the cars behind us bumped into ours with quite a jolt!
  8. General CTrain Discussion

    A little gem I saw yesterday in the Red Caboose, a hobby shop in Manhattan - it was sticking out like so, as though it knew I'd be visiting!
  9. MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    Is this thread for NYC MTA only, or is discussion of other MTA-run services (e.g. Metro North) welcome?
  10. Calgary Transit

    Accompanied by new stop locations! Great to see this - it always irritated me how the 20 had to wait for all lanes to clear before getting into the turn lane (yields notwithstanding). They put up a public announcement on Twitter:
  11. Connecticut Transit

    Walking around with my good camera tonight when we came across 1029:
  12. Connecticut Transit

    1770 passed by yesterday!
  13. Connecticut Transit

    Spotted 1763 in service today - shiny and chrome!
  14. Connecticut Transit

    Saw 1752 this morning - does CT bring them online sequentially according to their number? Nice to see the new fleet rolling out briskly.
  15. Connecticut Transit

    Thanks for that! Just spotted 1750 a moment ago - still looking shiny and clean!