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  1. All the CNG buses in Long Beach Transit and OCTA are less than 10 years old, unlike Metro, MTS, Golden Empire Transit, and OmniTrans. I benefit more from diesel buses than just CNG and LNG, where both natural gas fuels would make up about 90% of the OCTA's transit fleet, while OCTA's paratransit fleet is likely about 90-100% gasoline and possibly 10% CNG.
  2. The man in that photo wasn't with me as I was all by myself at the time I took this photo. First Transit has taken over route 25, and has no XN40s in the Anaheim base at this moment.
  3. Today, I rode unit 2232 on route 91 and unit 2202 on route 94. I saw units 9707 and 9816 still in use as training buses. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA claimed that the 9700s and 9800s were dead, but fortunately, they're still here. 2202 had LED projector lights in it and was built on 6/2002, while unit 2232 was built on 9/2002. The 2002 model New Flyer D40LFs have TwinVision Chroma Is, along with the GE40LFs. The Long Beach Transit fleet is about 30% diesel, 34% CNG, 35% gasoline-electric, and 0.4% electric, unlike the OCTA's fleet, which has about 10% diesel, 31% LNG, 1/637 hydrogen-electric, and the most notorious out of all, 58% CNG. The demand for more alternative fuel buses is too much for me and has overkilled almost the whole diesel fleet in service. I want more than just to ride diesel buses, I want them!
  4. Yesterday, I rode unit 2257 on route 64X, 2359 twice on the 33, 5705 twice on the 54, 7584 on Bravo 543, and 2293 on the 64. Today I rode unit 5517 on the 35, 5804 and 5811 on Bravo 560, 5651 on the 57, 7416 and 7619 on the 57X, 5549 on the 1, 7573 on the 25, and 2204 on the 64. I attempted to ride the diesel bus on the 64 but failed once again as a result of many bus drivers using New Flyer C40LFRs and XN40s all day and all night. I'm unsure why I bother with those incompetent idiots. I should've had a bus tracker to find the right unit in order to fare better with older buses.
  5. I was unaware that a First Transit bus from Anaheim base is operating on route 25. At first, two months ago, I saw unit 5518 on the 25, which means First Transit isn't supposed to operate that route without interfering with the regular, non-contracted buses. So far, 5 XN40s will come each week, in which I need to hurry up and ride the diesel buses. I want more than just to ride diesel buses! I want them!
  6. I rode unit 2252 twice on the 64X, 7409 again on the 57, 2369 and 7564 on the 42, and 7412 on the 57X. So far, units 7401-7412 were made on 10/2001, while units 7413-7420 were made on 11/2001. There are about 2-3 D60LFs placed at Garden Grove base, while units 7402, 7404, 7410, and 7415 are unconfirmed to be running in service. 7409 was issued on 1/24/2002, 2369 was issued on 11/30/2001, and 2252 was issued on 10/11/2001. As far as I know, units 2232-2255 were made on 8/2001, units 2277-2308 on 9/2001, and units 2339-2372 on 10/2001. One unit, 5387, supposedly has a Luminator Mega Max 2000 in it just by looking at the rear sign. Route 43 has no operating D60LFs, so I only use the 57 and 57X for those buses.
  7. Today, I rode unit 5719 on route 64, 5720 on the 64X, 5502, 5587, and 5715 on the 29, 2232 on the 54, 5331 again on the 57X, and 2278 on route 60. Units 5719-5720 were built on 4/2016, 5715 on 3/2016, 5502 on 3/2007, 5331 on 12/1997, 2232 on 8/2001, 5587 on 12/2007, and unit 2278 built on 9/2001 and issued on 10/29/2001. Unfortunately, I saw no articulated buses on the 29 and 50, just because there's less service on those routes. I attempted to ride unit 5409 on the 54, but failed because the driver was too slow because of the presence of cars. Just because they haven't killed them yet doesn't mean they're not onto them. I want more than just to ride diesel buses... I want them! Are we still on? Well bump it up, you idiot!
  8. 2 days ago, I saw units 7408-7409, 7411-7413, 7416-7417, 7420, 7608-7609, 7613, 7619, and 7621 on routes 57 and 57X. The diesel buses have no weekend assignments on certain routes. I also saw unit 7603 operating on the 43, but no D60LFs were found. The service changes must've put the articulated 60 footers on other routes, but I'm unsure if I see them. The 2001 model D60LFs originated from Garden Grove base to run on routes 1, 43, 53, and 57 before the Santa Ana base was built.
  9. Today, I went on unit 2253 on the 35, 2250 on the 43, 5707 on the 60, 7420 on the 57, 5353 and 7408 on the 57X, and 2255 on the 64X. I saw ElDorado Aero Elites at the Anaheim base, and have Ford chassis on them. So far, the 2001 model New Flyer D60LFs were issued in early 2002, and units 2245-2255 were made on 8/2001, according to the builder's plate on the bottom of the bus. Unit 5532 has been presumed to carry a Cummins Westport C Gas Plus, but I saw most buses on certain routes have been repowered. I want more than just to ride diesel buses! I want them!!
  10. Again, I rode units 5413 on route 66 and 2144 on the 60. There were no diesels on the 60 once again, so far. I saw units 5811-5813, and some other units used on the 560. 2144 was made on 8/2000 and was put to service on 9/21/2000. Just because they haven't killed them yet doesn't mean they're not onto them. I want more than just to ride diesel buses... I want them!
  11. I rode unit 2308 twice on route 33 because I attempted to find diesel buses on route 60, but failed, as a result of the Bravo 560 route. Unit 2308 was made in 9/2001 and was put to service on 10/26/2001, along with unit 2240.
  12. http://www.subchat.com/buschat/readflat.asp?Id=314478&p=1#314489 Unit 9060 has been acquired by White Plains Bus Company as unit 950. It has been retrofitted with Luminator Horizon electronic signs when it came to New York.
  13. Today, I rode units 2277 and 2279 on route 64, 2339 on route 33, 2344 on route 42, 2253 on route 51, and units 5623, 7609, and 7612 on route 57. The 2000 NABI 40-LFW LNGs, and all diesel buses are presumed to be removed from weekend service. I saw the demo unit 5701 on route 64, along with unit 5702. Routes 51, 145, 172, and 173 will be removed by the next day, routes 150 and 656 will be introduced, and after that, the Bravo 560. I saw unit 7621 once again, being used on route 57 so far, and that unit will most likely operate on that route again for now on. Units 2277 and 2279 were made in September 2001, and units 2339 and 2344 were made in October 2001.
  14. Here's all the examples of OCTA buses having large mirrors that obstruct the driver's view. They've had a few incidents with their higher-class transit buses lately. The Gillig Phantoms, GMC New Looks, Flxible New Looks, Grumman-Flxible 870s, GMC T8H-203s, and New Flyer D40s have the less obtrusive mirrors in them, but more recently in their bus orders, they have been getting them with the larger mirrors, just like the 1995 New Flyer D40LFs had. The mirrors found on the NABI 40-LFWs, New Flyer D60LFs, and D40LFs are better that all other buses.
  15. I was able to ride unit 5707, a 2016 New Flyer XN40, on route 66. I also rode unit 2245 on route 70, unit 7409 on route 57, unit 7418 on route 57X, and unit 7401 on route 60. I saw unit 7621, a 2016 New Flyer XN60 being used on the 57X. The 2001 model D60LFs were built between October-November 2001, with units 7401-7410 made in October 2001, and units 7411-7420 made in November 2001. Unit 2245, along with other NABI 40-LFWs were believed to built in August 2001. I want more than just to ride diesel buses... I want them!
  16. http://transitsales.com/60ft-new-flyer-high-floor/ The Transit Sales International website had Ex-MTS 1993 D60s that are claimed to have Allison B400Rs in them. All units have been sold.
  17. The operator should've been in the bus and kicked the passenger out before he died.
  18. Once again, I rode units 2286 and 5335 on route 35. Just because they haven't killed them yet doesn't mean they're onto them. The diesel buses in this city worship me, because they offer me safety. I want more than just to ride diesel buses... I want them!
  19. Today, I rode units 5322 and 5648 on route 35, and 2361 on route 33. I saw unit 5708 operating on the 35, and 5802 on the 64. Unfortunately, I had to ride unit 5648 with the same driver in it like last time. I'm unsure why I bother with that incompetent idiot.
  20. I have pictures and information for the OCTA's buses and other agencies, so I need to be one to help out and ensure safety of those buses. Here, I have a Flickr account that has been made for me to contribute: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131136929@N06/
  21. I had to put several pictures of OCTA's buses, at which most of them were mine, except the one retired NABI 40-LFW LNG from the OCTA, and some other pictures as well to inform you of unaware instances in several transit agencies. Next time, if I were to put up another person's photo, I must replace it with an URL of the page that contained that photo.
  22. I rode units 2277, 5582, 7413, 7416, and 7420 on the 64, 57X, and the 57 yesterday. I saw 2 XN40s on route 64, units 7403, 7409, 7412, and 7414 running on the 57 and 57X, a long with unit 1101, an El Dorado National Axess BRT, has started service as of now. I saw no D40LFs this time, to that point, some of the contingency buses in Garden Grove are to be considered dead as of now. Unit 1101, an El Dorado National Axess BRT, has started service as of now. The 3 contingency D60LFs in Garden Grove are believed to be units 7401-7402, and 7404. I want more than just to ride diesel buses... I want them!
  23. http://www.octa.net/About-OCTA/Environmental-Sustainability/Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell-Electric-Bus/ OCTA has an El Dorado National Axess BRT numbered 1101 running on a hydrogen-electric fuel cell electric hybrid. It's believed to be used on routes 43, 51, 72 and 145 on a two-year demonstration period.
  24. Today, I rode units 2120, 2217, 2261, 5608, 7606, 7609, and 7620 on routes 43, 57, 64 and 70. 5608 is put at Garden Grove base. I attempted to find a D40LF, an XN40, and a D60LF on the 43 and the 57, but no buses were found, replacing them with C40LFRs, NABI 40-LFWs, and XN60s. All D60LFs and D40LFs are believed to be a contingency fleet, where no one used them on weekends. License plates for the following units: 7609: 1418879 2120: 1308356 2217: 1099088 2261: 1096392 2124: 1023484 2266: 1120202
  25. OCTD 2039


    One unit, 99005, a 1999 35ft El Dorado EZ Rider Hybrid, was used as a trial test bus for LADOT. The 85000s had Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR and the Stewart & Stevenson Apollo T-40s had propane stickers in them when they were delivered.
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