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  1. This content additions page includes the following info that is to be added to Los Angeles Metro Bus and Rail articles, the LACMTA diesel Orions, as well as the former SCRTD. The LACMTA articles are in need for a serious update as it lacks the Metro Rail fleet roster. The following info that needs to be added are: LACMTA units 5300-5414 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2000 model C40LF 'Y' VINs article LACMTA units 5415-5522 VINs are to be linked to New Flyer's 2001 model C40LF '1' VINs article LACMTA units 7980-7999 have been retired as of September 2017, but they still remain in LACMTA's property Units 5312, 5314-5315, 5318, 5335, 5342, 5349, 5379, 5385, 5389-5390, 5404, 5407, 5414, 5425, 5453, 5457, 5476, 5487, 5502, 5513-5514, 5517, and 5520-5522 retain Detroit Diesel Series 50G engines Division 18 has units 5342, 5349, and 5521 Division 9 has units 5382, 5452, 7342, 7350, 7376, 7483, and 7930 Active units from LACMTA's current fleet roster can be used by putting the fleet numbers (3100-3149, 3850-4199, 5300-5522, 5600-6149, 7000-8099, 8100-8400, 8401-8491, 8500-8649, 9200-9594, or 11001-11067) into the LACMTA vehicles search bar at the bottom of this page: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=lametro A new page for LACMTA units 3300-3714 and 1100-1189 should be created by taking the VINs from Neoplan's AN440 'D' (1983), 'E' (1984), and 'H' (1987) VIN articles, which list these units as SCRTD 3300-3714 and SCRTD 1100-1189 LACMTA units 3000-3019 are built in June 1998 The article for LACMTA units 7525-7599 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2005 model 40-LFW '5' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7300-7514 and 7600-7949 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2001 model 40-LFW '1' VINs article The article for LACMTA units 7000-7214 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 1999 and 2000 model 40-LFW 'X' and 'Y' VINs article, respectively The article for LACMTA units 8000-8099 should have their VINs added and linked to NABI's 2003 and 2004 model 45C-LFW '3' and '4' VINs article, respectively http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/transitsystems.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles relating to SCRTD and LACMTA, especially the ex-SCRTD GMC and TMC RTS buses that went to Transit Systems Unlimited. http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/mta.html: Info from this link must be sent to articles related to the LACMTA. http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=001bus;id=150;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oocities.org%2F~buslist%2Findex.html: VINs for LACMTA's 1980-1981 GMC T8J-204s, 1982 T7J-204s, TMC 1988-1989, 1992 RTS-06s, 1988-1990, and 1992 Flxible Metros are found in this link. The Metro Rail roster composes of: 1989 Nippon Sharyo P865: Rail cars 100-138 1990 Nippon Sharyo P865: 139-153 1994 Nippon Sharyo P2020: 154-168 1991-1992 Breda A650 with DC motors: 501-530 1996-2000 Breda A650 with AC motors: 531-604 1996-1999 Siemens P2000: 201-226, 227-250, 301-302 2006-2011 Ansaldo Breda P2550: 701-750 2014-2020s KinkiSharyo P3010: 1000-1235
  2. The OCTA bus list in one of the links didn't show 3176, but the CPTDB Wiki article listed 3176 just before the content changes. And the following set of changes need to be added onto the articles for the wiki:
  3. The next set of updates are to be included in the OCTA CPTDB Wiki articles: Changes included in my reply above for December 23rd, 2017 OCTA unit 5701 now has 35 seats instead of 37. This bus had its original seating layout changed to match the other 5700s-5800s while it transferred from Santa Ana (base 1) to Garden Grove (base 4). The links shown below might have changes necessary for other transit systems such as LACMTA, LBT, Omnitrans, RTA, and many others: http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/art.html: OCTA ACCESS units 8401-8456 were 2001 ElDorado National Aerotech diesel cutaway buses built on Ford F-450 chassis. 10 of these units went to Anaheim Resort Transportation. http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/transitsystems.html: Units 3058, 3102, 3134, 3138, 3167, and some other OCTA units went to Transit Systems Unlimited http://www.oocities.org/~buslist/OCTA.html: All information included in that link must be added to the CPTDB Wiki articles related to the OCTA. OCTD/OCTA GMC T8H-203 serials for units 3001-3176 are assumed to be: A1196-A1371 OCTD/OCTA 4200s VINs are: K1082796-K1082858 and L1082859-L1082864 OCTA 7600s SuperBus trailers were manufactured by Magna Bus OCTA units 5401, 5301-5321 are built in 1997 OCTA units 5322-5353 are built in December 1997 OCTA units 5387-5397 and 5402-5418 are built in January 1998 New Flyer H40LF units 5419-5420 were built in January 1998 New Flyer GE40LF units 5421-5422 are built in May 2005. Both units originally had Luminator Horizon LED signs and 38 American Seating 6468 seats when they were in the OCTA. Right now, OCTA units 5421-5422 are currently at Long Beach Transit as fleet numbers 2521-2522, with 30 American Seating 6468s retained but the first set of seats were replaced with 7 American Seating InSight seats as seen in this picture below, which is hard to see since there are seats behind the front section that are obstructing them.
  4. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwio0Pr6gaLYAhVY62MKHb3uDa4QjhwIBQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ocregister.com%2F2016%2F03%2F27%2Fbus-crashes-in-parking-lot-of-newport-beach-insurance-company%2F&psig=AOvVaw1Dww8hn1xtYm_cYPa3NXNg&ust=1514182982514102 OCTA unit 2246 crashed onto a parking lot of an insurance company at Newport Beach in March 2016 OCTA unit 7315 was involved in a rear-end accident on July 5th, 2007 OCTA unit 7410 was involved in a accident on August 9th, 2009 OCTA unit 2220 rear-ended a sedan on May 9th, 2012 OCTA unit 2307 was involved in a front end accident on October 26th, 2015. This bus was repaired and returned to service until its retirement in 2017. OCTA unit 2308 was involved in a rear-end accident on November 7th, 2016 shortly before retirement. A motorcyclist was killed in the accident when the bus driver slowed down due to traffic congestion. OCTA unit 8363 was destroyed in an accident on October 21st, 2003. OCTA units 7530 and 7592 have Near Zero ISL-G engines OCTA units 8901-8968 were 2002 ElDorado National Aerotech diesel buses on a Ford F-450 chassis. These buses had TwinVision Amber LED signs. OCTA unit 5406 tested an experimental 2-stripe orange and blue 'Millennium Look' paint scheme variant in 2003. This experimental paint scheme is different from 5241 as it has no gray paint skirt on the bottom sides of the bus, and a large 2-tone OCTA logo on the sides and front end of that bus. OCTA unit 5578 tested an experimental OC Bus blue and orange paint scheme in 2015-2016 OCTA unit 5597 tested an experimental OC Bus blue and white paint scheme in 2015-2016, which became the finalized paint scheme for OC Bus units 5701-5858, 7621-7636, 5506, 5515, 5522, 5539, and some other New Flyer C40LFRs. Units 2296, 2311, 2313, 2317, 2324, 2340-2341, 2345, 2349, and 2357 were originally operated by First Transit while units 2297-2299, and the other 2300s were still at First Transit at the time of their retirement. Units 5129-5150, 5513, 5530-5535, 5543-5564, 5571-5599, 5601-5678, and 7501-7573 are currently operated by First Transit at the Anaheim and Sand Canyon bases Metro leased 14 OCTA GMC T8H-203 diesel buses in 1998 due to a shortage of buses in their fleet during the CNG crisis in the mid to late 1990s. Before that, 3004, 3012, and some other units were leased to Metro in 1996 with their OCTA fleet numbers and paint schemes retained, with the Metro logo placed over the OCTA 'highway' logo. These buses were then retired in April to May 2001. The following buses repainted in the 'yellow jacket' Metro Bus paint scheme include: 3019 as LACMTA 9140 3020 as LACMTA 9141 3065 as LACMTA 9142 3075 as LACMTA 9143 3094 as LACMTA 9144 3107 as LACMTA 9145 3111 as LACMTA 9146 3114 as LACMTA 9147 3119 as LACMTA 9148 3122 as LACMTA 9149 3131 as LACMTA 9150 3136 as LACMTA 9151 3146 as LACMTA 9152 3165 as LACMTA 9153 OCTA 6000s E-Z Riders had Cummins B5.9 engines with Allison Transmission B300Rs. These buses were operated by Veolia Transportation and then they were retired in July 2009.
  5. OCTD 2039


    BNSF Railways initially operates the Nisqually River bridge which lacked a positive train controller particularly because the BNSF trains usually move slow unlike Amtrak's freight carriers used on the Point Defiance Bypass... I suggest that Amtrak didn't have enough money to make positive train control on that bridge when it was about to be finished in 2017... this is what happens when Trump and his administration refuses to spend more on public transportation, with the money used to focus on the issues concerning the Middle East... if only did the Democratic Party in the United States were to survive last year's elections, then the aforementioned train control should've been placed on the bridge in which those two rail and transit enthusiasts would've been saved and the opening of that bypass could've been delayed to 2018 or so.
  6. The OCTA and its articles are in a serious need for updates because the fleet info is incomplete particularly because there are shuttle buses used for OCTA ACCESS Service that are not in the fleet. I have lived in Orange County, California for almost my entire life and this is the bus system where I had my first bus rides in 2015! The following details that must be added to the OCTA and its articles are: The OCTA was established in 1991 from the Orange County Transit District OCTA units 8501-8599 are 2014-2015 Glaval Buses built on a Ford F-450 Chassis OCTA units 8601-8700 series are 2017 StarCraft buses built on a Ford F-450 chassis OCTA routes 20, 51, 145, 187, 188, 191, 193, 410, 411, 430, 464, 490, 757, and 758 are discontinued Add OCTA routes 53X, 57X, 64X, 150, Bravo 543, and Bravo 560 OCTA units 8301-8364 were 1999 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on a Ford F450 chassis. These buses were retired in 2008. OCTA units 6301-6312, 6400s, 6500s, 6600s, 6700s, and 6800s have been retired. OCTA units 6341-6345 OCTA units 5122, 5675, and 7575 have Near Zero ISL-G engines All 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs (5502-5599, 5601-5674, 7501-7528) have Cummins Westport ISL-G engines OCTA C40LFR build dates: 5501: September 2006 5502: March 2007 5505-5508: April 2007 5510-5530, 5540, 7529: May 2007 5536-5539, 5541-5542: June 2007 7501-7528: January 2008 7572: July 2008 7592: May 2008 OCTA XN40 build dates: 5702: January 2015 5753-5761: July 2016 5765-5775: August 2016 5852-5856: January 2017 5858: February 2017 OCTA NABI 40-LFW build dates: 2117: July 2000 2144-2160: August 2000 2201-2215: July 2001 2217-2270: August 2001 2277-2320: September 2001 2323-2372: October 2001 Units 2209, 2214-2215, 2217-2218, 2222, 2228, 2232-2233, 2237, 2243, 2248, 2254-2255, 2263, 2270, 2278, 2280-2281, 2287-2288, 2296, 2311, 2313, 2317, 2324, 2340-2341, 2345, 2349, and 2357 are active. All other 2200s and 2300s are retired. 1100s series Flxible New Looks have Detroit Diesel Allison V730 transmissions OCTA units 6351-6364 have Hanover Monochrome LED signs New Flyer D40LF units 5302, 5306, 5331, 5335, 5342, 5353-5354, 5362, 5376, 5387-5388, 5401, 5403, 5406, 5408-5412, and 5416 are presumed to be active. 1987 OCTD SuperBuses: 7001-7002 (White Motor Company WX42 trucks), 7501-7502 (Capre SuperBus trailers) 1993 OCTA SuperBuses: 7101-7110 (WhiteGMC WX42 trucks), 7601-7610 (SuperBus Trailers) 1997 ElDorado National Aerotech buses built on Ford Econoline chassis: units 8101-8191 1995 New Flyer D40LF units 5208 and 5241 tested two separate experimental OCTA paint schemes in 1999. 5208 had the two-stripe orange and blue 'Millennium Look' livery while 5241 had a mostly blue and white OCTA livery. OCTA unit 6031 was a 2008 ElDorado National E-Z Rider II BRT originally intended to replace the 1997-1998 E-Z Riders, but it was rejected. This bus supposedly had a Cummins Westport ISL G with an Allison Transmission B300R and Transit Sales International is presumed to have this bus on their website.
  7. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=newssearch&cd=10&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjVqZjx_o3YAhUXwWMKHVP0DsYQqQIIRSgAMAk&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lbreport.com%2Fnews%2Fnov17%2Felbwrek.htm&usg=AOvVaw3cDj33fpetPAuCEMPHybjh: Units 2202 and 2215 were involved in an accident two weeks ago in late November 2017. 9815 is built in March 1998. Its license plate is: E052839 9808's license plate: E052830 9800s have 38 American Seating Innovator 850 seats. The New Flyer D40LF 1998 'W' VINs article still show the Long Beach Transit 9800s (WU018166-WU018181) with incorrect build dates of 1997 instead of March 1998 for units 9801-9812, 9814-9816, and February 1998 for unit 9813. There is a photo on www.flickr.com that shows 9713 being converted into a double-decker bus at Starline Tours All 2000s New Flyer D40LFs are built in May 2000. These buses have 38 American Seating Innovator 850 seats and TwinVision Amber LED signs. These buses were originally delivered with TwinVision LeDot signs along with the 9400s, 9600s, 9700s, and 9800s. 2201-2212 are built in June 2002 2213-2227 are built in July 2002 2228-2235 are built in September 2002 2236-2239 are built in October 2002. 2200s have 38 USSC Aries seats with TwinVision Chroma IV LED color signs. They were originally delivered with standard TwinVision Amber LED signs.
  8. The VINs for OCTA's 2006 and 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs have not been added to the CPTDB Wiki yet as of right now. I tried to let the editors recognize the VINs and add them onto the wiki through the content changes and additions topic on the forum but no one managed to put them on the articles yet. The builders' plates on these buses are supposedly located on the left side of the bus next to the front window, which prevents me from looking closely at the builder's plates on these buses at most times. The website www.autocheck.com may guarantee these serials listed below as 2007 model New Flyer C40LFR buses only if the first 11 digits of the VINs are included. VIN 5FYC5FP1?6C0????? is OCTA unit 5501, built in September 2006 VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C030312-5FYC5FP1?7C030390 are OCTA units 5502-5580, built between March to July 2007 VIN 5FYC5FB167C031723 is OCTA unit 7529, built in May 2007 VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C032165-5FYC5FP1?7C032259 are OCTA units 5581-5599 and 5601-5674, built from August 2007 to December 2007 VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C032272-5FYC5FP1?7C032300 are OCTA units 7501-7528, built in January 2008
  9. These are the latest additions that need to be updated on TARTA's wiki articles: - Units 3901-3913 (Ex-Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority 2300s) are 2003 New Flyer D40LF buses - Units 500-537 have Allison B300R 5-speed transmissions, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA's 2001 Nova Bus LFS vehicles have Allison Transmission B400Rs, Luminator Horizon signs, and American Seating 6468 seats - The standard 2012 Gillig BRT diesels from TARTA have Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs - An upcoming order of 11 buses are to be delivered in June 2018 - All buses in TARTA's fleet run on biodiesel fuel - TARTA units 2901-2903 (Ex-Metro RTA 1300s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines with Allison Transmission B400Rs and Luminator Horizon signs. VINs for Metro RTA units 1300-1312 are: 5FYD2LN102U023577-5FYD2LN172U023589 - TARTA units 1900-1920 (Ex-COTA 2100s) have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines, Luminator Horizon LED signs, and 39 American Seating 6468 seats - TARTA unit 700 was damaged in a front-end accident The rest of the information has to be done by looking up the bus agency TARTA on the internet, going to TARTA's Central Garage with special permission for a tour around their base, taking a ride on every type of TARTA bus in the fleet, and taking photos of TARTA buses not listed in the fleet roster for TARTA's CPTDB wiki articles. -
  10. I just rode these ex-COTA New Flyer D40LFs twice on November 22nd and again on the 27th while I was at Ohio for 10 days. I also went to TARTA's Central Garage through special permission by a mechanic on November 20th to see those buses along with the Gilligs, Nova Buses, SLFs, cutaways, and other New Flyer buses such as the ex-GDRTA D40LFs renumbered to the 3900s. TARTA units 1912-1918 are built in September 2001. The 2100s have 39 American Seating 6468 seats, Luminator Horizon LED signs, and they are assumed to have Detroit Diesel Series 40 engines with Allison Transmission B400R 5-speed powertrains. These buses never have the Cummins ISL engine because when they take off, they sound similar to a Series 40 engine particularly with TTMG's recording of a CT Transit New Flyer D40LF with the exact same powertrain, the only difference has to be the Meritor axles on the 2100s compared to MAN axles found on their D40LFs. These buses retain COTA's paint scheme with the red decals replaced with yellow ones and the logo being replaced by the TARTA one as well. The Digital Recorders AVA system, ATMS system, the Luminator rear and run box signs don't work since TARTA reprogrammed the buses to their specifications. And these buses run on biodiesel like all other TARTA buses due to the large red sticker on the middle of the driver's dashboard.
  11. The variant that has a red LED display is a 3rd gen WTEC Allison Transmission panel, which was offered from 1997 to 2006. There are two variants of 3rd generation Allison Transmission panels I found on several buses. One of these variants include the Allison Transmission logo on the top, and the other one has a simplified logo on the bottom-left side of the panel. The transmission panel with the logo on the bottom is the most common variation of 3rd generation Allison Transmissions, while the panel with its logo on the top is the least common of them all, which is only offered in the United States.
  12. Once again, I have found more information about Metro's Orions: 11054: CA Exempt 1379314 11057: CA Exempt 1379315 11006: CA Exempt 1288590 11045: CA Exempt 1379311 11042: CA Exempt 1379309 11043: CA Exempt 1379310 Build Dates December 2000: 11045-11051, 11058-11063 http://www.rapidtransit-press.com/mta.html : Units 11057-11067 were operated by Southland Transportation in 2010 for line 130 11033 and 11034 have been overhauled in 2017 Line 230 doesn't operate any Orions. The Orion VI buses rarely operate on line 625.
  13. At this time, I have found the build dates and more license plates for some of the LACMTA Orions: 11057: CA Exempt 1085665 11052: CA Exempt 1379313 11041: CA Exempt 1379308 11009: CA Exempt 1379299 Build Dates November 2000: 11006-11044 December 2000: 11052-11057 Unit 11002's build date is unknown because its builder's plate was stolen.
  14. Tonight, all NABI 40C-LFW buses operated by Metro have been retired because their CNG tanks expired. These buses once had problems recently, and Metro refused to replace the tanks on them, which makes these buses considered to be lemons. These buses are one of the worst Metro buses in the fleet, despite the fact that they have 8.5L DDC Series 50G engines. The last active Compos are 7982, 7993, and 7994. Ken Porter Auctions currently has 7992, 7995-7998, and other NABI 40-LFW CNG buses ready for auction in two weeks. https://www.kenporterauctions.com/vehicle_listing_temp.asp?auctionid=425 7983 was built in March 2003, while 7994 was built in February 2004. All of Metro's 40C-LFWs have Luminator Horizon LED signs and 40 USSC Aries seats. The photo listed below is for reference.
  15. https://www.kenporterauctions.com/vehicle_listing_temp.asp?category=7&auctionid=423 Ken Porter Auctions has 5 ex-Burbank Bus StarTrans President FE vehicles that are to be sold for next week. These buses are believed to be converted from diesel fuel because the pictures show them with CNG decals.
  16. The powertrain for Golden Empire Transit unit 0600 (2006 Orion VII CNG) is said to have a John Deere 6081H and ZF Ecomat 2 6HP592C, even though the GET article lists this bus with a Cummins Westport C Gas Plus and Allison transmission. 1VHGH3L2666702288 The engine code "L" is confusing; it is listed as a John Deere 6081H engine, but also the Cummins Westport C Gas Plus engine from 2006-2008! The 8.3L C Gas Plus used to have the engine code "T" up until 2005, and in 2006, its engine code was changed to "L", at the time when that engine met EPA 2007 standards.
  17. 2237 has been retired because it crashed onto a building recently. Most of the 9800s (9816, 9803, 9805-9806, 9812, 9814) are built in March 1998, and they have the same seating layout as the 9700s. The 9800s are the very last buses with the blue stripe paint scheme and all of them were repainted in 1999. 9813 has a revised builder's plate sticker with its build date in February 1998.
  18. 1. The social worker program has ridiculed me so much to the fact it is too hard I want more than just to ride diesel buses! I want them! 2. There are certain types of dogs that may bark at me because they want to attack! 3. I am in trouble. 4. I tried to eat a jackfruit but I had to spit it out due to the bad taste of that food. 5. I have to eat bananas every time I have a meal. 6. When I sleep every night, grandma snores too loud to the point she won't breathe. 7. I get less money than originally intended for most of my trips. 8. White bread is bad, and yet I eat French baguettes every week which is bad for me. 9. White rice sucks because I have to eat it often. 10. I'm not used to iOS 10 and beyond, only iOS 6-8. 11. My parents judge me for appropriate clothing. 12. Motorcycles accelerate with their engines fired up so loud they could explode! Imagine if these ran on natural gas, electricity, or any other fuel apart from gasoline, then it could've been better than any automobile. 13. I don't get enough toy cars every week! 14. My brother refuses me to sell Legos. 15. I don't brush my teeth for 2 minutes. Should've had a timer to solve this problem. 16. My parents have failed me for the last time.
  19. OCTA 5510 at Goldenwest Transportation Center on May 20, 2017. As of late 2015, OCTA Bus is now OC Bus. These buses were repowered from Cummins Westport C Gas Plus engines as of last year. This bus is a 2007 New Flyer Industries C40LFR built 10 years ago.
  20. Some of the photos taken with my iPhone 4 are taken over with sunlight coming from the sky when I was taking these pictures. Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station, El Monte Station, and some other locations are notorious for having sunlight on certain pictures taken during daytime because I may be facing the same direction as the sun is moving and that I would have bad photos if I was standing on sunlight and taking photos that lack sunlight.
  21. https://generalauction.hibid.com/catalog/99672/vehicles--equipment--and-miscellaneous-april-29-2017/?cat=626 https://generalauction.hibid.com/auctions/past/ General Auction Company has sold several ex-OCTA NABI 40-LFW LNG buses that have been recently retired by First Transit for auction: 2318-2321, 2327, 2354, 2366, 2371 In 4 days, 2298, 2305, 2307, 2322, 2330, 2333, 2350, 2355, 2368, 2369, 2372, and some other buses will be sold at auction.
  22. The 2006-2007 New Flyer C40LFRs from the OCTA, fleet numbers 5501-5674 and 7501-7529, are missing from the wiki, since no one had created a page yet for the C Gas Plus LFRs that were built in September 2006-January 2008. I have provided some VINs for these vehicles: 5510, built May 2007: 5FYC5FP157C031320 7529, the very first Cummins Westport ISL-G powered LFR, built May 2007: 5FYC5FB167C031723 5667, built December 2007: 5FYC5FP167C032265 All OCTA C Gas Plus powered LFRs have been repowered with Cummins Westport ISL-G engines in 2013-2016, and they are currently being repainted in two different paint schemes: the OC Bus livery in blue and the OC Bus 2-stripe paint scheme. These buses have Luminator Horizon signs and 36 4ONE Aries seats just like the OCTA 2008 C40LFRs. 5529 had a Hanover Monochrome LED sign as a test before being replaced with its original LED sign. The demo unit 5501, 5510, and 7529 have builder's plates that have the old New Flyer logo from 1996-2005, while the other LFRs have the current New Flyer logo from 2005 and beyond on their builder's plates.
  23. https://www.kenporterauctions.com/vehicle_listing_temp.asp?auctionid=407 Ken Porter Auctions has 3 buses that are to be sold in 6 days: Norwalk Transit 7070, a 2002 Gillig Low Floor Big Blue Bus 4044 and 4049, 2004 New Flyer L40LF
  24. I rode the following buses as of today: 1. 5775 and 5777 on route 64 2. 7577 and 7583 on Bravo 543 3. 5729 on route 54 4. 5795 on route 53 5. 7626 on route 50 6. 7634 on route 43 7. 6322 on route 164 General Auction Company has auctioned off several units for today: 2367, 5315, 5355, 5378, 5413-5415, 7401, 7407, 7417 and some other units listed on their website The private owner Kevin Sanchez has a NABI 40-LFW LNG bus unit 2304, from General Auction Company. I attempted to find and get an Anaheim Resort Transportation bus pass with cash, but the vending machines I saw only accept credit and debit cards unlike TAP card dispensers. I felt weak, due to those New Flyer Xcelsiors I rode for the whole time, even though I saw New Flyer D40LFs at the back of Garden Grove base that could've been taken back into service.
  25. I rode units 5702 and 5753 on route 66, 7575 and 7588 on Bravo 543, 5578 and 5717 on route 43, 7524 on route 26, and 7519 on route 35 for today. I don't give a damn on First Transit, especially when they got more 5600s to Anaheim base to retire the rest of the 2300s in the fleet. I want more than just to ride diesel buses! I want them!
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