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  1. Riley65655

    unknown new bus

    sorry for joking here is the bus now what is the body again
  2. Riley65655

    Selkirk Transit

    what is that thing
  3. Selkirk transit has a new unknown bus

  4. Riley65655

    Today's Sightings

    selkirk MB declined bus Tbus?
  5. Riley65655

    unknown new bus

    is it this one 2 i dont know
  6. Riley65655

    Selkirk Transit

    Uh mistake there two active lists
  7. Retired roster not active

  8. 128px-Selkirk_Transit_7-350-a.thumb.jpg.d640bad267b37a01333efaea77ffc87e.jpgit looks like this BTW

  9. Edit selkirk transit and put the 2 arbocs to the retired list

  10. hey i like to see an edit to selkirk transit
  11. Riley65655

    unknown new bus

    its a cutaway like the 2 Arbocs please find out what this new bus is note :Its a selkirk transit bus
  12. Riley65655

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Retired buses
  13. these buses are retired