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  1. Its been awhile since I last made a post on here but I been informed that the first set of CNG buses will phase out sometime next year although they are 2010/2011 models they are set to use thier lifespan in milage next year.Those units are 101-105, & 111-119
  2. All Gilligs except for 611 has officially retired and has had their final run for the company.
  3. This just came in.Expected to be on the road next month have 1/5 new Electric Bus.Will be wrapped.
  4. The newest buses are on the road now and it looks like they are numbered 201-208 and 5 is believed to be electric buses
  5. This just Came in from SporTran.Here is an update on the newer 2017 New Flyer Buses.Unsure when or what they will be numbered possibly 251-258 maybe. They are set to be shipped here in Shreveport by the end of JULY. new details on 2008 Gilligs 35 ft LF buses 601-602,604-608,610.Reason why these will be replaced later this year possibly after next month is because they have used up their milage per FTA Standards
  6. Any saw or know anything on 504 and 506 haven't seen them in a while maybe they been retired
  7. yes and the rest possibly electric because they stated they will have 5 so 5/8 should be electric
  8. Yes The Gillig Low Floor is still in Production i was was just saying as far as 2008 models because bus 603 was involved in a wreck and SporTran was not going to bother getting it repaired.BTW 134,142-143 is still around at the moment.I believe the newest Xcelsiors will look simular to 151-155 if not different
  9. You were right the remaining Gillig LF's 441,501-506, 601-602,604-608, & 610 are set to be parted out later this year.611 will remain because it is an electric bus.Although the 600 series are less than 10 years old they have used up thier FTA milage span.8 newer buses looks like they will be built simular if not electric buses possibly numbered 251-258 are on there way and went into production as last week New Flyer Plant in Anniston, Alabama.Bus 603 was involved in a wreck a few months ago and based on the damage,you can say its pretty much done.Even though the 600s series are not that old, they are 2008 models and the models no longer in production from what i heard.As far as bus 609 it too shared a same fate however its fate ended much simular to 507 caught fire and is done. AS far as 142 and 143 from what i know they will be kept haven't heard anything yet as far as them getting rid of them.
  10. From what I heard from SporTran all the remaining buses 441, though I haven't seen it lately may have already been retired,501-506,601-602,604-608 & 610 will be replaced with 8 new buses currently in production possibly will be numbered 251-258 later this year.
  11. They just received 3 more smaller buses from what I observed number 169-171 totaling 161-171.The 3 additional ones have white tops instead of fully painted a solid color
  12. Anyone know where is 141 i haven't seen it lately.

  13. I like the new smaller buses.They are currently being used for the smaller routes that have less people that ride but will eventually be used for new circulator routes next year.
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