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  1. SF Muni: 2002 Neoplan AN440 and AN460
  2. Santa Clara VTA Gillig low floor 2042 was uncapped and hit 72 mph (just short of 120 km/h) with Voith screaming a couple days ago, and same for 2232 earlier
  3. favorite ETI: 5482, since it used to be musical favorite neoplan: 8113, since it hauls ass
  4. San Mateo County Transit District - SamTrans

    So the L9 is still 280hp... laaaaaaame
  5. Which phantoms? SCVTA 1036 and 2235 both did 70 mph easily, but were capped. 2201 was capped at 65 though
  6. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Nevermind i got it, thanks!
  7. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Strange, I'm not getting anything, are you sure you sent a friend request to the right Facebook? It's this one: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012003545483 I didn't have time to go this weekend but I have Tuesday off so I can go over to SF, but I'm probably gonna take a ride on the light rail instead just to try it out
  8. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    I finally got a trolleybus that hauled some serious @$$! It hit 40mph 3 times and did 0-40 in 15 seconds once! This was coming out of Ocean Beach so slightly uphill too!
  9. Transit Model Thread

    Yeah I made a 1:200 scale one: http://shpws.me/MbBs Should I make an O scale version?
  10. Transit Model Thread

    If only they made some for N scale! I would definitely buy several of them! I almost forgot to post my compobuses: I'm also working on some 14trSF trolleybuses but they may be my last buses in a long time since I'm in college now and time is a lot tighter EDIT: I can't figure out how to insert a video
  11. Transit Model Thread

    I'm not sure about the Ditto+, the 3D printer at my school ($2000 Makerbot) seemed a bit higher grade than it and still didn't work very well. I've never used a laser cutter before but I guess it could be used to build bus models out of thin wood sheets, since there are plenty of foldable "paper buses" that can be used as templates. There's even a paper bus thread on CPTDB.
  12. Transit Model Thread

    I have tons and tons of 3d models of buses that I'm willing to share, and some of them have working wheels. However I used my school's 3d printer for my bus models and in a word it was crap... do you know the model of your school's printer?
  13. Pokemon Go Sightings

    Riding and modeling buses is probably the only thing I like doing more than playing Pokemon GO lol. For those in the bay area, there are lots of Dratini in UC Berkeley, and south of campus. There are some Dragonairs and Dragonites too. I caught 2 Dragonites right outside the unit 2 residence halls where I live. Also lots of Dratini around Pier 39 and near the Muni depot.
  14. Hey bro, if you go to San Fransisco on a weekday, I would recommend that you go to Daly city Bart at rush hour and get a samtrans nabi high floor articulated on the ECR route. they are VERY awesome buses. When I went a few weeks ago it was the highlight of my trip!B)

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    2. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      No, I didn't ride the 5, just didn't have the time, but the skoda's definitely are awesome, I rode a bunch of them. 

      On F market, service seems decreased on weekends and nights and sometimes is just a bus during those times.

    3. themikepeng


      Yeah, last weekend I almost took the F instead of the E but the F was a bus so I just waited for the E. This weekend I'll probably just wait for a F streetcar.

    4. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      You might find this helpful. 


      I'd recommend heading down at least one weekday, you can ride the historic streetcars at rush hour, when there is a large variety out, then catch some mid day neoplans and Skoda's.

  15. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    I took the 5 to Ocean Beach on 5488, and it hit 35 while screamin! Then I took the 31 back to Van Ness on 5520 and it topped 30 but it sounded even better IMO! Thanks for telling me about these routes, I'll ride them again soon!