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  1. themikepeng

    Transit Model Thread

    I'll look into getting one done eventually; I really like their AN460s and older AN440s
  2. Yep! Wow, I had never thought of that before! Yeah, the proxy could definitely be a lifesaver with dealer only stuff, as long as it's operational and not VIN-stopped! We'll definitely have to look more into that The low 2200s and 2600s will definitely be worth looking out for on any future Santa Cruz trips, as they're both somewhat rare and definitely have C gas! As long as they aren't governed at 65 though XD
  3. Glad the three of us are finally in one place. Yeah CARB and first crapitol are always trying to pull one kinda BS or another <_< I really hope the next auctions won't be dealer/out of state only, especially since I hope some D40LFs will be saved too, but after CARB stopped requiring VIN stops we just never know I didn't record any originals sadly, but 2202 does sound a lot more like a regular C gas like the ones in San Diego! The video's a bit hard to find: https://youtu.be/TrT5vGAFFx4