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  1. favorite ETI: 5482, since it used to be musical favorite neoplan: 8113, since it hauls ass
  2. Strange, I'm not getting anything, are you sure you sent a friend request to the right Facebook? It's this one: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012003545483 I didn't have time to go this weekend but I have Tuesday off so I can go over to SF, but I'm probably gonna take a ride on the light rail instead just to try it out
  3. I finally got a trolleybus that hauled some serious @$$! It hit 40mph 3 times and did 0-40 in 15 seconds once! This was coming out of Ocean Beach so slightly uphill too!
  4. Riding and modeling buses is probably the only thing I like doing more than playing Pokemon GO lol. For those in the bay area, there are lots of Dratini in UC Berkeley, and south of campus. There are some Dragonairs and Dragonites too. I caught 2 Dragonites right outside the unit 2 residence halls where I live. Also lots of Dratini around Pier 39 and near the Muni depot.
  5. Hey bro, if you go to San Fransisco on a weekday, I would recommend that you go to Daly city Bart at rush hour and get a samtrans nabi high floor articulated on the ECR route. they are VERY awesome buses. When I went a few weeks ago it was the highlight of my trip!B)

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    2. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      No, I didn't ride the 5, just didn't have the time, but the skoda's definitely are awesome, I rode a bunch of them. 

      On F market, service seems decreased on weekends and nights and sometimes is just a bus during those times.

    3. themikepeng


      Yeah, last weekend I almost took the F instead of the E but the F was a bus so I just waited for the E. This weekend I'll probably just wait for a F streetcar.

    4. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      You might find this helpful. 


      I'd recommend heading down at least one weekday, you can ride the historic streetcars at rush hour, when there is a large variety out, then catch some mid day neoplans and Skoda's.

  6. I took the 5 to Ocean Beach on 5488, and it hit 35 while screamin! Then I took the 31 back to Van Ness on 5520 and it topped 30 but it sounded even better IMO! Thanks for telling me about these routes, I'll ride them again soon!
  7. Going more than once isn't a problem since I'm staying in Berkeley, in fact I hope I can go almost every weekend. Seems like I should ride to Ocean Beach on the 31, then ride back on the 5 (5R doesn't operate on weekends, does it?) My Facebook is Mike Peng (should be obvious which Mike Peng)
  8. I'm almost certainly going again this weekend, any route suggestions? I'm thinking about the 30 again but the short stretch of the 30 I took last time was really slow, though it was a 14trsf and the motor sound was unbeatable
  9. I wonder how fast the ETI's can go, since Dayton's 14trE's can go 45mph which is really fast for a trolleybus. Someone said he was on a 15trSF doing almost 60 with a right of way once, which doesn't seem possible, but just wondering because the traction motors sound really awesome at high speed. My highest GPS recording on a 14trSF was 25mph and even then it sounded really awesome
  10. I found some official specs for the 14trE used by Dayton RTA, including exact dimensions and max speed ftp://safercar.gov/MfrMail/ORG1099.PDF
  11. it's been sold, but could this be the ultra rare Neoplan AN445TLF? http://www.bargainbusnews.com/Buses/2653-2002NeoplanAN440/
  12. Weird, just checked the 2016 shuttle sheet again and says that the 2016 e series v10 made 320hp/460lbft even though on the 2016 e series cutaway spec sheet it says 305/420; maybe the shuttle buses have different specs drom the regular chassis cab? Really confusing
  13. Ford website says the 2017 3V Triton V10 (for Super Duty) will only make 288hp and 424lbft of torque, which is a huge derating compared to 2016's 362/457. However the E series 2v Triton V10 will still make 305/420. Seems a bit counterintuitive that they would derate the 3V so much when it is used for much heavier duty vehicles. We'll just have to see what they put on the 2017 shuttle bus spec sheet, which should come out soon.
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