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  1. They always check references. I’m sure they just use the references you’ve submitted, but also at the top of the reference contact sheet it states you’re giving permission to contact both the company(s) and individuals to verify if they were in a supervisor role there just incase you try and give a relative or friend that did not supervise you, so yes they ‘can’ and I would guess in different circumstances, contact the company. In my case they did not call the companies only the supervisors I submitted, but they could have contacted the companies if maybe my references didn’t pan out.
  2. Wow, no one here in a few years, hopefully someone can help. Is there anyone out there that has applied within the last year or so, for the current hiring process, that can speak to timing for start to finish. Ex. when application was put in - to when they received a email for testing - to an email for an interview... and so forth. I applied and went to the testing Friday June 22, 2018, and a friend of mine applied a few months ago for the previous opening and he received a rejection email within the same week, but I haven’t received anything at all my go ‘round, and it’s been a coup
  3. thanks for the reply, i guess it is apart of the process now, reading through the forum when people were asked it was because the interview went good i guess it’s just the routine now so it’s a toss up... guess the waiting game continues. good luck to you as well
  4. Hi all, had an interview last week feel like it went quite well, reference letter was good and had every other document requested. When it was over I was asked to sign a consent form for the vulnerable police check and asked if it’s alright to contact my references... Now, I have a question. If they ask you to sign the VPC after the interview and ask permission for contact of references is this still a good sign?? I’ve seen past posts say it is but just need updated clarification, has anyone gone through the interview stage within the last few months, signed the VPC, but still got reject
  5. from what I gathered it's one year from the interview date I believe ..
  6. has there been anybody who applied but didn't get the position the first time around but waited a year to reapply and got hired the second time after being rejected?
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