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  1. timc

    Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    Aren't these drawings from last year?
  2. timc

    Fall 2013 GRT Schedules Released

    Why didn't GRT assign a different colour to 202? Wasn't each express route supposed to have its own colour?
  3. Are there any old transit maps online? Offline? I'm always interested to see that sort of thing.
  4. timc

    Grand River Transit

    You'd think they don't want people to use the passes that they've paid for.
  5. timc

    Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    I don't have an issue with ion. It does have a connotation of motion. I also think that ion is a good complement to ixpress. trio: three modes of transportation? LRT is only one of the three modes. arc: who cares what shape the route is?
  6. timc

    Grand River Transit

    There's a Zehrs (and Freshco for that matter) on the 12 as well, but you're kind of missing that part of University Avenue on the map.
  7. timc

    Grand River Transit

    Have they chosen which one is going to be the third "iXpress" route? Are there any upcoming workshops or information sessions?
  8. timc

    King/Victoria Transit Hub Plans

    Why would they bury the terminal underground? What a great way to make transit more enticing.
  9. timc

    GRT New Vehicle Deliveries

    22101 - 221xx?
  10. timc

    Grand River Transit

    Who are these abusers that you're talking about? If your implication is that riding the bus for one stop is an abuse of the service, then I must disagree. In my opinion, people should be free to ride the bus as short or as long as distance as they please. I also believe that part of the issue here is that stops are generally too close together.
  11. timc

    Grand River Transit

    Nothing wrong with that.
  12. timc

    Grand River Transit

    So is this a temporary measure? It makes that part of the route less express. Also, according to the GRT Web site:
  13. timc

    Grand River Transit

    I rode it again this morning, and actually got a bus that was less than 16 years old and had INIT on it. The stop at Columbia/Albert was announced, so I guess it's an "official" stop now. Do you think they'll update the sign at the stop?
  14. timc

    Grand River Transit

    Does anyone know why the 201 express has been making extra stops on Columbia Street? I have ridden it from Laurier a few times in the last month, and it seems to stop, at least for pickup, at the Route 7 stops, such as Columbia/Albert.
  15. timc

    GRT Fares Raised

    Well, get ready to keep seeing fares go up. Quoth The Record: That means that revenues from fares would need to increase by almost a third. And that's without increasing the cost of operations. If the only solution is to raise fares, then GRT is in trouble, because increasing fare costs will also decrease your ridership. On the other hand, a 38% farebox ratio is pretty weak. So what is GRT doing about it besides raising fares? I haven't heard of any mention of reduction of expenses. Also, what happened to fare raises every two years?