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  1. I noticed this stop update notice on Quinpool before Vernon. Looks like HT is at least rearranging the 123, but I haven't gone looking for any other notices. Does anyone have a list of updates for February 18th?
  2. $49.5 million over 4 years set aside in the HRM budget for commuter rail. It was posted first over in an /r/Halifax thread a few days ago. See page 33 of the budget: https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/regional-council/180124bcow5.pdf It's happening! CHOO CHOO!
  3. The Vincent Colman was delivered last night, and is currently docked at Alderney. Haligonia tweeted some photos of the new ferry. There's also a neat little easter egg if you look closely at the nameplate. Very nice.
  4. It was probably meant to be a bold color choice from Revolve. Then HRM probably wanted to stick with blue and gold as that is the colors used in the municipality's flag as well as being used since the post-funky-90s-script-m days.
  5. I would say change the font to either Highway Gothic or Alright Sans. But this is Novabus, they probably use Arial Black (I would doubt they would have Helvetica/Neue Black licensed) as standard.
  6. The seats on more "modern" buses is 4one Aries. The older seating used on NFs and Classics is Model 6468 from American Seating.
  7. Took some photos on Monday of 1227. Looks pretty nice, although I'm not sure if I like the hard plastic seats yet.
  8. Yup, they had the mini-fleet testing back in the fall, and in the past couple of months they've been installing the interior digital signs, MDTs, APCs (which is what is installed at the front and rear doors of the buses either on the sides or mounted right above the door on some buses — they have yellow and black stripe markings around them) as well as what I assume is the outside speaker for exterior automated stop annunciation. According to one of the bus drivers they've been making quick progress with approximately 3 installs a day at Burnside.
  9. It looks like it's that time again. Halifax Transit is looking for names for the second of two new ferries that will be put into service next year. News release: https://apps.halifax.ca/hfxnews/3588 Survey is here: https://fluidsurveys.com/s/FerryNamingContest/
  10. It's part of the new AVL+ project that is in the process of testing with a mini fleet of buses. It should probably be up and running sometime next year. Pretty much it'll replace GoTime as it is with new access terminals, Interactive Voice Response, visual stop annunciation, and digital signage at all terminals (starting with Lacewood and Highfield I believe) that will show live arrival/departure times. Later on there will be audio stop annunciation on the buses at least. I took a photo a while back when it was still docked at the Alderney ferry terminal. As for the repainting (Actually 3M
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