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  1. If you’re a perfectionist then why do you write so carelessly?
  2. T-Comm seems fine, but Next Bus is down.
  3. With less than a week of 2021 to go, it won’t be long before someone makes a 2022 Garage Transfers Thread. I am however, wondering if it would be preferable to remove the year from the title and continue using this thread permanently. This is currently the only topic we do this for and I don’t see a need to have a dedicated thread for it each year. What does everyone else think?
  4. It would be nice if you could offer some context because this seems to be a mixed bag of official changes and your own proposals. It’s generally a good idea to keep these things separate so as not to create any confusion. I’m also not sure why you created three separate threads for each of these documents if you put them all together in this one. On that note… @MCW Metrobus, could we please move this clutter into the Dreams and Aspirations thread?
  5. There are times when this makes sense and there are times when it doesn’t. When HTC first opened, it had 410s terminating at Boundary Road (just outside the depot) and it made no sense because there is nothing there… not even a proper sidewalk, and people would be forced to wait for the next bus anyway.
  6. Someone probably lost both their legs in this accident and you can’t even formulate a coherent sentence in asking about the vehicles involved. Think long and hard about the things you post because I have yet to see you provide a meaningful contribution to this forum and I don’t think anyone appreciates the spam you produce.
  7. You need to understand that the Wiki is run on a volunteer basis, so it only gets updated when people have time. Further, XDE60s are only appearing on the 340 and 410 due to unusually high temperatures that probably (hopefully) won’t persist for much longer. Updating the Wiki with these limited occurrences would be misleading to those who are unfamiliar with our transit system as it would lead some to believe this is a more common occurrence.
  8. The Burrard Chinook is sporting some snazzy new colours. Pardon the poor photo; it’s the best I could do under the circumstances (taken yesterday afternoon).
  9. Can you elaborate on your objection? I recognize that laser sensors can detect an intrusion sooner, but does that make it any more effective? I know that some people survive these incidents, however I question whether or not any difference in outcome can be attributed to the intrusion system.
  10. They do now, but probably not for long. This was observed by another online community (ELMTOT on Facebook); someone there enquired about this with a SkyTrain attendant and was told that there were some issues affecting Mk IIs and IIIs. This prompted shorter Mk I trains to ensure regular frequencies could still be maintained.
  11. This is the second of three Mk Is in a row going Westbound on the Millennium Line as of the time of this posting. I saw a lot of them parked at OMC 3 yesterday, which is not necessarily new but certainly a peculiar sight in the quantity observed (at least 5 trains).
  12. I think you’re mistaking the SkyBridge with the Pattullo bridge. The Burrard and Granville bridges had this problem before too. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/mobile/crumbling-pattullo-bridge-renews-replacement-calls-1.1635210
  13. It would obviously be cheaper to install on existing trolleys, but it would also be a waste of money since they’re nearing the end of their service lives.
  14. You’re most likely correct; at the time of this posting, there’s only two D40LFRs out in service and six C40LFRs. I rode on 9503 yesterday and the heat was insane; I feel for the drivers who are stuck with a non-AC bus.
  15. I think double deckers are a poor choice for the 620 anyway. There is limited seating on the lower deck, and the installation of luggage racks would further reduce the seat count. I also don’t think anyone is willing to leave their belongings on the lower deck to go sit upstairs, and I think this is its biggest limitation. On that basis, I believe that articulated buses are a better candidate for this configuration, and our 2012 XDE60s are old enough now that they can experiment on them without incurring any unintended or long-term consequences. In regards to deployment, I think someone is just being lazy. Yes, there is a bit more to consider when assigning buses to a particular run, but I’d do the track sheets for free for a week to show them it can be done! I also feel that RTC is the best-designed yard to accommodate luggage rack buses because of the many short tracks. They don’t need many buses in this configuration, so designating just one track ought to be enough.
  16. Looks like Kingsway and Boundary to me, but how did you know these buses were on the 19 if you don’t know where this is?
  17. The site of the toilet warehouse is set to become a permanent and more exciting transit facility... https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/225-north-road-coquitlam-skytrain-omc-maintenance-centre-translink?fbclid=IwAR3mhjnC1J67h8CMVjh5pRZySiGzHKRgi6jnr3r7X1FMyvnw8t2V3H_RyCQ
  18. A police incident involving the use of pepper spray occurred aboard 19524 yesterday evening. https://www.burnabynow.com/local-news/pepper-spray-used-in-a-burnaby-bus-one-person-in-hospital-3216163?fbclid=IwAR1pVsIBfyCp8eyaRAMGg9dvT9xjNWsFRDFT3dMOqAOZ5GpNOQEh7IwsxzM
  19. The 66 FVX may be extended to Lougheed Mall in 2022... https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/bc-transit-fraser-valley-express-lougheed-town-centre?fbclid=IwAR36AItPmMK_5bATNkT1HmQn7PP8z75Iy_9bmF-C0WYHMkUTnZqdkiM302o
  20. That’s a good point; I looked online and I can’t make out any differences. If anyone is able to provide some insight, I’d appreciate it!
  21. Yes, a privately held virtual event open to all 5,800+ members of a prominent local Facebook Group... who are you trying to impress?
  22. With all due respect, why does it matter that you saw it too?
  23. This station probably won’t be a terminus for any bus routes, so I don’t think that’s a concern.
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