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  1. They're more decorative than they are functional. I can never fit my backpack up there; I'm not sure what would fit.
  2. If you acknowledge that these photos are of poor quality, why waste the effort of adding watermarks?
  3. If you're going to alter your post to this extent, you should post a note explaining the revision.
  4. There is no need to apologize; you're not doing anything wrong. I'm just trying to get you to understand why people may be a bit apprehensive about meeting up. If there are people you already know, I think you'd be better off consulting with them as opposed to trying to establish something new with strangers online.
  5. You didn't miss it; there was a formatting error with my post that took me a few minutes to fix. If you want to meet with people from this forum, you should attend transit-related events (TRAMS excursions, the first day of a new route or last day of an outgoing route). Blindly asking to meet with people you don't know is pretty unorthodox and is unlikely to result in success; you'll have to work on establishing some sort of a connection through some other means before people feel comfortable meeting.
  6. I don't think that's an accurate assessment. From what I gather, those buses performed well. The issue was the scarcity of hydrogen, which had to be transported from Quebec. Aside from being uneconomical, having a fleet of diesel trucks driving across the country to deliver hydrogen defeats the purpose of an environmentally-friendly fleet of buses. Further, it is to my understanding that these vehicles were only put out of service because the program ended.
  7. What you're describing is effectively what we have now, except that the battery is only to be used under exceptional circumstances. I think that one of the main reasons to transition toward battery-powered vehicles would be to eliminate the overhead infrastructure, which is rather unsightly in certain areas and probably quite expensive to maintain. On a side note, here's a cool video from Solaris (a European bus manufacturer) showing the different charging options available for their electric buses; these include: plug-in, pantograph, and induction, among a few others.
  8. I think Dane is on to something here... I like the trolleys, but realistically, the 4th generation will likely be the last. As the technology for battery-powered vehicles improves, they will undoubtedly take precedence over trolley buses.
  9. 077 and 078 are currently undergoing refurbishment; the latter was spotted on a truck getting onto Highway 1 at Kensington earlier today.
  10. Please refrain from posting speculative lists unless they are in the form of an attachment.
  11. A 'CHECK ENGINE' light does not require immediate attention; a 'STOP ENGINE' (or any other red light) would.
  12. As disgusting as the responses to TranslinkKid's post have been, I'm most intrigued by the fact that a lot of you who responded negatively don't contribute to this forum in a meaningful way anyway, which makes it all the more difficult to understand why you'd feel the need to ostracize someone who actually made an effort of doing so.
  13. 109 and 110 are in for refurbishment. The former was seen earlier today on a trailer at OMC-2 (or whatever you call it), stripped of its doors and still in its original livery.
  14. H14043 has a rear door glitch that causes the alarm to go off for no apparent reason; this happened twice coming down Burnaby Mountain Parkway. While the issue appears to be resolvable from flicking a few switches, this does appear to be a stubborn bug (it took a few tries to finally get the door to close). EDIT: Check out the video I recorded on my toaster...