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  1. Yes, we all know what the 620 is for. Seeing a suburban bus on this route is unusual.
  2. This is really funny coming from you.
  3. I too regret the misunderstanding but I’m happy we resolved it.
  4. Since T-Comm is dependent on Next Bus, I think it can go here.
  5. Your complaint pertains to Next Bus, not T-Comm.
  6. It was working for me earlier this morning and it is still working for me now, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Notwithstanding that, this resource was developed, is run and maintained by one person on a voluntary basis. I’m very appreciative of their efforts because it is very well maintained and reliable; I know you probably won’t agree, but your snarky commentary is unnecessary. I especially do not appreciate your negative sentiments because Dennis has contributed a lot to this community and deserves much more respect than what you’re giving.
  7. If you’re a perfectionist then why do you write so carelessly?
  8. T-Comm seems fine, but Next Bus is down.
  9. With less than a week of 2021 to go, it won’t be long before someone makes a 2022 Garage Transfers Thread. I am however, wondering if it would be preferable to remove the year from the title and continue using this thread permanently. This is currently the only topic we do this for and I don’t see a need to have a dedicated thread for it each year. What does everyone else think?
  10. It would be nice if you could offer some context because this seems to be a mixed bag of official changes and your own proposals. It’s generally a good idea to keep these things separate so as not to create any confusion. I’m also not sure why you created three separate threads for each of these documents if you put them all together in this one. On that note… @MCW Metrobus, could we please move this clutter into the Dreams and Aspirations thread?
  11. There are times when this makes sense and there are times when it doesn’t. When HTC first opened, it had 410s terminating at Boundary Road (just outside the depot) and it made no sense because there is nothing there… not even a proper sidewalk, and people would be forced to wait for the next bus anyway.
  12. Someone probably lost both their legs in this accident and you can’t even formulate a coherent sentence in asking about the vehicles involved. Think long and hard about the things you post because I have yet to see you provide a meaningful contribution to this forum and I don’t think anyone appreciates the spam you produce.
  13. You need to understand that the Wiki is run on a volunteer basis, so it only gets updated when people have time. Further, XDE60s are only appearing on the 340 and 410 due to unusually high temperatures that probably (hopefully) won’t persist for much longer. Updating the Wiki with these limited occurrences would be misleading to those who are unfamiliar with our transit system as it would lead some to believe this is a more common occurrence.
  14. The Burrard Chinook is sporting some snazzy new colours. Pardon the poor photo; it’s the best I could do under the circumstances (taken yesterday afternoon).
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