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  1. In response to the two preceding posts, there’s a lot of cities around the world that are confident in the technology. Milan, Paris and Warsaw cumulatively have well over a thousand electric buses on order. I’m sure our four buses present TL/CMBC with a significant learning curve, but it’s just a matter of adapting to the differences. I also think North American manufactures were quite late to start developing this technology, which may explain some of the reliability issues, but if other cities can make it work, why can’t we? Lastly, I think funding for electric vehicles may also be easier due to the increasing amount of climate strategies and the increasing amount of money allocated to pertinent initiatives (TL is smart to tap in on this, no pun intended).
  2. That won’t change anything. There’s a surplus of vehicles on weekends and holidays anywhere you look.
  3. They’re definitely not short, or at least not yet. You’re probably right in that the R2 will change that, but the R3 has had appropriate buses every day since its inception (except for those few days it snowed). PTC definitely doesn’t need all of the artics they currently possess.
  4. It’s bizarre how PTC keeps taking artics... a 40-footer is far more suitable on the R3 than it is on the 99.
  5. They don’t have to, but it is economical to salvage any usable parts before disposal.
  6. Citaro

    Canada Line

    If you knew this before East Van Fan posted it, then that would have been the time to say so. Making your post a mere 30 minutes after his is rather rude if your only aim is to claim having known about it first.
  7. 417-420 is on the Millennium Line.
  8. Yes, that appears to be the only part of the bus that sustained damage.
  9. Sorry, I thought the image would act as a link (it converts automatically upon pasting). https://www.translink.ca/plans-and-projects/-/media/A5BA1FDE764A437F96F4C8D549522B3A.ashx
  10. The 239 is going to be cut, but the 240 and 255 will be revised to maintain coverage for existing 239 stops. The 240 will be more frequent and extended to Lynn Valley, whereas the 255 will be rerouted to West 3rd Street and Keith Road (between Lonsdale and Capilano University). For more information, please refer to pages 22-28 of the following document...
  11. They’re probably trying to break up the batch in a more logical order.
  12. Could you please ask your parents to proofread your posts before you make them public?
  13. It’s probably the last standing D60LF, so the only logical course of action is to send it on an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas to celebrate its retirement. Bon Voyage! 🎉
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