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  1. It kind of looks like PTC is binging on XDE60s until R2 is ready to begin operation(?). It’s odd to see them with this many, or is this in fact what they require?
  2. Thank you for posting this valuable piece of information. It warms my heart to know that you still have a reliable means of getting downtown.
  3. They’re not “pushing” anything; this is business. TransLink is seeking to expand its fleet with more electric vehicles and BYD is a prospective bus manufacturer that wanted to offer its product as a contender.
  4. ... that’s not what he was asking about.
  5. No, not even close. Union solidarity would have our entire transit system down if any one group of workers walked off the job.
  6. I was told that the XE40 has enough range to go for a full day, but that they are to charge at each end regardless of the need. Good news for the Nova, which I was also told has a very limited range of just 40 km (supposedly).
  7. Let's employ some critical thinking... knowing that 95% of this line will be underground, how do you suppose they'd operate it if it isn't attached to any OMC (Operations & Maintenance Centre)? ... rest assured, they will be connected (they don't really have a choice).
  8. While I’d usually jump on the people-blaming bandwagon, I can’t blame people for holding the doors open on the Canada Line as it has long had a problem of the doors closing prematurely. I don’t know how the door timing works, but it frequently does not provide enough time for the exchange of passengers getting off and on. I’m baffled that this problem continues to exist.
  9. It makes no sense to retire a bus because of a pedestrian fatality. It’s likely being withheld from service for investigative purposes.
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