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  1. Any system can program their sign system how they choose. Before the reprogram this year Garage was 19 I think.
  2. Here is the full list of the codes and signs as of March 30th just after the new system was implemented: Dean
  3. Just to clarify this is for the stop announcements only so far and vehicle location is available to the staff in the office. The app and website component for real-time updates to the public is not being implemented right away but is on the way soon.
  4. The new AVL-ITS system was installed last week and was tested on a bus not being used for revenue service. Training for operatiors was this week and it looks like the new system was active as there are new digital exposures and the next stop announcements including an exterior announcement appear to be working.
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20161224105212if_/http://www.cornwall.ca/en/transit/resources/CornwallTransitMapFeb2015.pdf
  6. The running trades switch in Ottawa and Montreal due to familiarization with the subdivisions and staffing agreements about which terminals operate over which subdivisions (or at least that was the case several years back). Also would have something to do with pairing assignments up so that a crew isn’t left stranded away from home unnecessarily (subject to collective agreements) or deadheading unnecessarily (inefficient use of manpower).
  7. Yes. The extra is unscheduled again, running 5 minutes ahead of routes that experience higher passenger volumes or noticeable traffic delay patterns. It is also flexible to switch routes at the last minute in case of a mechanical issue and protect a scheduled service.
  8. 1895 is on the road today. All the Novas are in service. The Riverdale has 0972 and the only 30 foot bus in service for the regular routes. 9881 is on the extra bus. (observed at 13:15 December 19, 2018) Dean
  9. New maps have been printed and are available on buses. Dean
  10. The route changes described in the previous posts start on December 10, 2018. If you do the fan trip as a charter not sure if they would accommodate your specific request but you could try. If it’s on regular service I operate on a Pitt/McConnel run in the afternoons/evenings. Dean
  11. I believe there may be. There is one in the drivers lunchroom for review and familiarization. Dean
  12. FYI Routing Changes in Cornwall effective December 10, 2018 (coinciding with the drivers bid). These changes are intended to help drivers keep on schedule during the peak hours. Further changes can also be expected in March 2019. 1 Pitt - No Changes 1 McConnell - Busses will now turn left at Eleventh and McConnell instead of going up to Twelfth. Eliminating stops at Twelfth East and Miron, Twelfth East and Guy, Eleventh East and Grand. 2 Sunrise - Busses will continue straight on Holy Cross to Leitch. Eliminating stops mid block on Hamilton, Lynn and Glen Oaks, Lynn and Fraser, Mid block on Jase. Stops at Hamilton and Holy Cross, and McMartin and Jase most likely to be moved to new route. Not sure if any other new stops to be added. 2 Cumberland - Busses will continue straight on Cumberland at Thirteenth West. Eliminating stops at Henry and Thirteenth, Henry and Alfred, Fourteenth and Mary. Most likely stops at Thirteenth and Notre Dame and Fifteenth and Cumberland will be moved onto the new routing. 3 Brookdale - No Changes 3 Montreal - No Changes 4 Riverdale - Busses will now service the Wal-Mart/Smart Centre. From Brookdale east on Seventh Street Extension, to east on Seventh Street Court continue to the Wal-Mart Driveway, service Wal-Mart at the current 2 Cumberland stop, right turn onto Ninth West. Stop on Seventh Street Extension moves to Wal-Mart and Ninth west and Brookdale will only be served by the 2 Sunrise headed towards downtown. 61 - Community Service will no longer service the Benson Centre or Cornwall Transit. From Brookdale traffic circle buses will head south on Brookdale to Second West. This is a summary (and some of my assumptions) of the memo that was provided to the drivers (I am one of them in case anybody is wondering why I know so much about what is happening with CT).
  13. The bus becoming 1895 came into property last week sometime. It has yet to be decaled or have accessories like farebox, 2 way radio or camera installed. One small difference with this bus it will have a door switch on the outside similar to the Eldorado’s. When I was at the garage today I was told that 1792 is expected back soon after repairing damage sustained in a collision, and 9881 is almost about to be put back into service (was also damaged in a collision close to a year ago)
  14. It is a private owner. The city sold off the Orion 2's as surplus.
  15. Recently Announced Winners of the Cornwall Transit Video Contest (for local schools): http://www.cornwall.ca/en/News/index.aspx?newsId=76b64dd1-f778-40c3-b968-11bad532e090 Link to the City's YouTube page featuring the videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCinhrVKp1kGXaXEPQeHdpYQ #WayToGo Dean Cornwall, ON
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