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  1. U coming to chat tonight?

    1. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      Pete are you coming to chat tonight?

  2. Hey who is the new guy in your profile pic?

  3. I'm a different Pete that could be someone son named peter
  4. Hey Pete are you coming to the chat tonight?

  5. Pete who is the guy in your profile pic?

    1. 98 Willowdale-Senlac

      98 Willowdale-Senlac

      its white carlton google it

  6. But the D40LF is almost 7 years old
  7. i used autocheck to find vins by typing the license plates
  8. Found these Novabus LFS CNG vins for the 15xx and 16xx buses thru autocheck by doing the license plates. Perhaps Map man can put these vins on the nfta wiki please. 1512 4RKYL82KXF4501270 1514 4RKYL82K0F4501276 1603 4RKYL82K3G9775253 1607 4RKYL82KXG9775265 1609 4RKYL82K5G9775271 1612 4RKYL82K6G9775280
  9. 9016-9017 and 9052 another 90xx could be 9010 have PRESTO readers on. Also they have it on all three doors.
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