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  1. From Friday, May 27 at 8:00 pm until Saturday, June 4 at 5:00 am, Scott Street eastbound, between Churchill Avenue and Tweedmuir Avenue, will be closed for watermain works at Westboro Station. Routes 16 and 50 Tunney's Pasture and 153will be detoured. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travels. Detour routing 16 Tunney's Pasture: End trip at Scott/Churchill. 50 Tunney's Pasture: From Churchill/Richmond, turn right onto Richmond, left onto McRae, right onto Scott, and continue to regular routing. 153 Lincoln Fields, 153 Tunney's Pasture: From Scott/McRae, turn left onto McRae, right onto Richmond, and continue to regular routing. 16/50 (EB only) 153
  2. Line 1 is currently running as scheduled ( Sunday Schedule)
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    Do you have a link to a official source from Amtrak or Via Rail . As there's nothing on Amtrak.com Or Viarail.ca . re Service resumption for the Maple Leaf.
  4. From the email that i received in April.. Greetings from Doors Open Ottawa, This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ottawa’s most beloved architectural event, and I’m happy to say that we will be moving into a hybrid format. What does that mean? Nearly 100 buildings across the city will open their doors virtually, in-person, or a mixture of the two. The full building list will be released on ottawa.ca/doorsopen on May 30.
  5. Noticed that the Ticket Machine at Billing’s is now operational. I managed to talk to an on-site Octranspo employee and he mentioned that all the TVM’s on the Transitway are now active as of this morning.
  6. Went by The future Bowesville Stn this afternoon and it seems the guideway will be elevated from Bowesville to Limebank .
  7. The notice was reposted. There’s no impact to service on the SB platform for ether phase of construction. Judging by the notice, There’s planed work for the enclosed portion of the platform later this summer and a temporary access ramp is being built for this phase.
  8. On my last trip to the Falls back in 2009 . I had a Ren set on both legs ( Ottawa <-> Toronto) The same equipment would interline to/from the early morning and evening Niagara run. Baggage/Bike service wasn't offered between Toronto & Niagara though.
  9. The text is hard to read on mobile Here’s a Twitter post
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    Buses for sale

    Ex OC Transpo 4277 is up for sale on govdeals. https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=647&acctid=5841 cc @JCL
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    Got this email from WestJet. Introducing WestJet-X We’re taking our commitment to affordable travel to an all-new destination: Space. Book your seats today for an adventure that’s out of this world. Hope everyone has a safe April 1st !
  12. This just in. Got this from Octranspo. From Wednesday, March 30 at 8:00 pm to Thursday, March 31 at 5 am: Routes 50, 58, 62, 63, 64, 74, 75, 82 will be detoured from the Transitway between Iris Station and Lincoln Fields Station to accommodate work. octranspo.com/l/74668
  13. Its unit 2369 (City logos intact ) Photos taken from the sidewalk.
  14. Judgeing by this Map. Pinecrest Stops A & B are to remain active when the Transitway closes. Also it looks like the pedestrian bridge & associated building/s at Bayshore will be closed for construction.
  15. Here’s a CityTv news release (basicly same info) I also noticed that Flex Bus will have some sort of racks on some trips (possibly internally mounted in the luggage rack or front bumper mounted). per
  16. It is indeed a Niagara Falls Vii (some one I know showed me a pic of it back in February) As for it being retired I have no idea if it actually is.
  17. Could be a few reasons. One reason I can think of on the top of my head would be CBSA/CBP clearance to operate cross border service. The other would be the ongoing land border restrictions. (Which is slowly being lifted) Though it would be good to have a one ride from NYC to Toronto
  18. Octranspo has updated the dates for this Detour. (Same maps as previous notice) Routes: 50, 58, 61, 62, 63, 64, 74, 75, 82 Date effective: March 14, 2022 Nightly between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am, from Monday, March 14 until Wednesday, March 16, the Transitway will be closed between Iris Station and Lincoln Fields Station for Stage 2. Routes 50, 58, 61, 62, 63, 64, 74, 75, and 82 will be detoured during these times. Please allow a few extra minutes for your travels.
  19. 131/16/81 are the ones that I’m aware of.
  20. Found this in my FB feed Porter Airlines Last week, Embraer brought their demonstrator E195-E2 aircraft to Canada to complete tests that play a key role in our plan to expand our network later this year. They made stops in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and Iqaluit, Nunavut, for a “cold soak test” before making their way to Ottawa and Toronto for preliminary training with small groups of Porter team members. Stay tuned for more - we’ll take you behind the scenes as we count down to our first flight with the E195-E2!
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