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  1. I tried my Apple Pay (Debit Card) on one of Octranspo’s new readers and it just declines the transaction.
  2. A Via Venture set (Cab 2302 trailing) was spotted leaving Sacramento on Thursday. Per this instagram photo
  3. Thanks goes to @GTAmissions1 for the heads up. 6602 was involved in an accident and suffered a punctured fuel tank. per this tweet from Ottawa Fire.
  4. I'll add to this. Generally Via operates in a Push Pull setup ( No wyeing required in Ottawa if the train has a trailing locomotive) instead the train simply departs the same way it arrives at Tremblay If the train has just a leading locomotive. Then what @OCCheetos mentioned will happen (This would apply to both trains that arrive from Toronto or Montreal). With the new Venture train sets that will be coming into service. This practice will soon be not required as the trains will have a cab car on one end and a locomotive on the other.
  5. CRT no longer exists ( the branding was removed a few years ago along with the Lfs Suburbians) As for the 74 ( if the 74 is reinstated to the pre pandemic routing) would more than likely be extended to ether the Limebank Stn or Bowesville Station on line 2 (when or after they open). As for the 75, I don't see much demand for a Rapid transit route to North Gower. Though i could see some demand for limited all day service to Manotick (once the area south of Cambrian builds up.)
  6. I got a Bearcat BC75XLT Scanner from a friend for Christmas. So far i like it ( i get mostly Ottawa Paramedics and some chatter from YOW & the odd chatter from Via / CN .)
  7. It seems the paper pamphlets are making a comeback. Got this one on my local bus this evening.
  8. That's because on Monday/Tuesday everything was on a Saturday schedule ( Holiday in lieu for Christmas & Boxing day) with the Shoppers rtes still running. Monday Jan 2nd is also a Sat Schedule (Holiday in lieu for New Years day)
  9. Generally when there’s a holiday schedule (depending on when the holiday is) Schedules can ether be Reduced Weekday (School trips and peak trips) are reduced / cancelled. Buses / Line 1 run on a Sat Schedule (only those routes that run on Saturday are running. Shoppers routes may or may not operate as scheduled ) Buses / Line 1 run on a Sunday Schedule (Only routes that operate on a Sunday are running. Shoppers Routes may or may not operate as scheduled) As for the remainder of the work week (Dec 28-30th) Buses and Line 1 are operating on a reduced Weekday Schedule (School rtes / peak trips cancelled / reduced ) Monday January 2 - 2023 will be a Saturday Schedule. (Rte 301 will be in service) January 3-6 will be a reduced weekday schedule. Hope this clears things up
  10. Detour lifted. All routes back to normal routing at Tunneys Pasture.
  11. Commuter bus services resume January 17, 2023. Service is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Per 417Buslines.com / Route Information
  12. The company you're thinking of was Delaney Bus Lines that originally ran Route 515 from Cornwall. Greyhound also had a few trips to and from Cornwall.
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