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  1. Saw a board member today driving #8043 on the 11.
  2. The interesting part about the weekday detours is that they seem to mimic the proposed routings for when the Lrt opens !
  3. Hurdmans permanent bus platform is almost ready for the move on Sunday. Went by today and all the shelters and flags are in place. For those worried about stuff falling on ones head, There is a scafhold tunnel set up (yes with lights too) Heres a couple of pictures.
  4. 8105 8 Billings Bridge @ Mack Bridge (17:52) 5010 61 Stl (18:15 at Mack Bridge )
  5. I'm never trusting Cnn again
  6. delete plz
  7. Yes I was thinking of the NRC at the Airport. Now can we get this topic back on track (no pun intended ) please
  8. It might possible to detour via the Beachburg Sub (Via Rail) though since Via owns it, they have final say.
  9. You do know that the connection just south of Confederation Stn is severed right? The only access to the Trillium line is via the Walkley Diamond. When TTC 4400 (Lflrv) was in Ottawa the NRC had to wait till after the construction was finished at Greenboro for the delivery.
  10. 62-02
  11. There's two new signal masts installed on the south east and south west side of the Stn The Carleton Uni station tracks are being reconfigured and replaced along with the two switches.
  12. & 5061
  13. 5156