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  1. 5122 --> 277 ( 16:55 @ Mac Bridge)
  2. Caught this BC? Plated Hound in Ottawa Ont
  3. I know it's for the Trillium line I used the TTC as an example. As for why the Talents were retired They are incompatible with the Alstom Lints (Can't be joined together in an emergency) i.e if one was to become disabled somewhere between Walkley and the Airport.
  4. Two diffent types of trains running at the same time isn't the issue (TTC is a good example) The issue would be if the other type of train running would be compatible with the current stock (if they were to be coupled in an emergency or multi unit operations in the future) The above is the reason why the Talants were retired and sold as they were incompatible with the current stock and station layout. Any new equipment would have to be compatible with the Alstom lints and other aspects of the line. I was actually surprised OC Transpo didn't add options for more lints when the first 6 were ordered.
  5. Second 1 Day strike coming up
  6. Looks to be permanent givin the layout of the new station entrances (1 on each side of the building)
  7. Carleton use to have 4 Shelters (2 on each side) 2 were removed and the remaining 2 relocated to the center of the platform.
  8. Carleton Stn new fare gate entrance's is 90% complete. The sheltered entrences (by the looks of things) will not have doors. One thing I noticed is students will congregate inside the large shelter insted of on the train platforms. (Which I can see will be more of a issue once the gates are installed).
  9. Chuck Berry a Founding Father of Rock 'n' Roll, Dies at 90
  10. Oops here's a 118X at a station it shouldn't be !
  11. Today's hat trick is brought to you by 85-24 & 97-29
  12. With me being a early 80's person. My first computer experience was (iirc) Apple II (with the large 3 inch floppy disks) Then every Version of Macintosh right up to the first iMac through my school years. (Does this make me a Mac person? ) Currently I'm using a Windows based laptop (Win 10) My fav mobile devices being my 64GB iPhone SE & 32GB iPad mini 2 LTE/Wifi
  13. Mark I think you misunderstood my post. I was referring to this area (None of which is in the City of Ottawa :-) )
  14. Transcollins is extending some routes into downtown Gatineau/Hull during the Sto Strike Rotation. Info found here http://transcollines.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Instructions-grève-STO-usagers.pdf
  15. Got this Text not to long ago. Also the Sto Main Office will be closed to the public