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  1. From what I’ve noticed with the new readers. If you try to tap a Presto card when it’s still in your wallet/phone case it will attempt to read any credit cards if one is present) . It seems the new readers are also set up to accept them (I tried my Apple Pay on one and the reader did pick up on it though the transaction was declined).
  2. From Octranspo.com O-Train Line 1 full closure for planned testing on Saturday, November 19. Service to resume November 20 at 8 am Saturday, November 19: O-Train Line 1 will be fully closed. This is to allow Rideau Transit Group (RTG) to perform testing as they continue their investigation into the cause of the axle hub failure last summer. Service will resume at 8 am on Sunday, November 20. R1 replacement bus service will run frequently during the planned closure.
  3. It appears the first Siemens Venture trainset entered service today. per
  4. Good morning @A. Wong is there an option to “report user” along side report post ?
  5. Looks like it’s Not just cobwebs.
  6. Your guess is spot on. (The building where it was photographed had a few who used it for that purpose)
  7. Via rail 6431 arriving at Fallowfield Stn on Via 59 en route to Toronto.
  8. At first i thought i cracked my screen on my Macbook until i realized it was a theme on the board.
  9. Rail is now visible from the Overpass at Blair Stn.
  10. Well this is interesting VIA Rail Canada adds ‘buffer’ cars to rear of all heritage-equipped trains
  11. The same could be said about the park and rides at the CTC , Nepean woods , Riverview & Leitrim. The CTC P&R has unpredictable service even though it’s served all day by the 62 (even though some Route 62 drivers skip the stop entirely)
  12. From my experience. Rack and roll use dwindles down at this time of year (usually as the amount of equipped buses goes down). This makes the rack and roll program unpredictable. With year round Rack and roll service, those who do ride or for those who want to switch to year round cycling can hopefully rely on the bus for the return trip home (if needed on cold wet days)
  13. Rack and roll is going year round this year
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