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  1. Found this on Metrolinx's Facebook page
  2. Tampa Bay took Game 1 of the 2020 Stanly cup semifinals with a commanding score of 8-2. For those not following the NHL The following 4 teams are left. Tampa Bay / Ny Islanders Vegas / Dallas
  3. Go has a streetside stop (bus shelter and flag pole) Which is next door from the Downtown Transit Terminal (which has a waiting area). I'm wondering if the City of Peterborough would rent out one or more of the bus bays to Greyhound.
  4. Found this on Translink's FB page https://buzzer.translink.ca/2020/08/public-asked-to-have-their-say-on-burnaby-mountain-gondola/?fbclid=IwAR1CZqY6A4yL_GrieRGTRK3Qaeg3SQvSYA02xKGVOEEf9peORsmk6Nn0LQk
  5. Came across this through a sponsored link on Facebook EXTENDING OUR REACH Port Saint John.
  6. According to Greyhound.ca. Service is still suspended with no further info.
  7. In Memoriam Robin McLaurin Williams July 11 1951 - Aug 11 2014
  8. Salome Bey, Canada's First Lady of the Blues, has died
  9. Found this on a FB group that i follow. AMTRAK PREPARES FOR NEW DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE FLEET
  10. Maureen Denise McCormick ( Marcia Brady) Turns 63 today
  11. Barack Hussein Obama II (44th Us president) turned 59 today
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