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  1. Sto has received a 72 hr notice http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/outaouais-transit-workers-serve-72-hour-strike-notice
  2. Heres a bit of History on the Train/Route
  3. The Montrealer maybe making a comeback! New Legislation Moves Toward Restored Rail Service Between Vermont And Montreal
  4. Remembering Gene Cernan
  5. Cross post for those who don't read the Quebec forums
  6. New service coming in 2018 Intercity-148 http://transcollines.ca/intercity-148/
  7. Got mine tonight, though the agent on duty @ De La Citè at first said it was for Quebec residents only but Double checked and issued it. Unlike the Presto card where it can be shared with anyone, The Multi Occasional can only be shared with members of the same family (Since ones family name is printed on it)
  8. 9138 --> 28 (16:05 Tunney's )
  9. William Peter Blatty, 'The Exorcist' Author, Dead at 89.
  10. It seems the Sto now has a active NSAS system
  11. 9137 on the 4pm 28 at Pre.Tunneys
  12. Canadian 'SNL' and 'SCTV' alum Tony Rosato dead at the age of 62
  13. 9403 seen entering Tunney's Pasture Stn (17:15 unknown rte)
  14. Drinking warm Campbell's vegetable broth (getting over a stomach bug)