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  1. 4437 was seen on a Wb Cp train in Mtl on Sunday on Cool Trains in Montreal Fb Page.
  2. Found this in my Twitter feed Also Presto E-Tickets are now available for DRT Customers
  3. Found this in my Fb feed.
  4. Queen Elizabeth II turned 95 today. There will be no public events this year (covid)
  5. Judging from This image, there appears to be an access point for the covered lot (under the silver car that's up in the bus loop.)
  6. Oc4526

    Cornwall Transit

    Good morning. Not sure if you know, One needs permission to access your map.
  7. Good afternoon @A. Wong I sometimes get pop up ads on the mobile website. is this normal or ?
  8. Re the underpass at Hurdman I beleave the NCC owns the parkland on the north side of the Station @ Hurdman. Maybe something like this would work better. Another possible location could be at St Laurent Stn. (Far East end of the platform next to St Laurent Blvd) Access to the 417 wouldn’t be a problem as the Station is located right next to it) Here’s some pictures
  9. 6 Injured In Valley Metro Light Rail Derailment In Phoenix
  10. Oc4526

    Buses for sale

    Milton Transit 9702 For sale
  11. Found this on Twitter. First set expected beginning of Q2 2021 More info here
  12. Oc4526


    Found this in my FB feed WSDOT Talgo equipment leaves Washington, bound for scrap dealer
  13. Oc4526

    NHL Discussion

    Some news out of Montrèal
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