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  1. Found this on Twitter. First set expected beginning of Q2 2021 More info here
  2. Oc4526


    Found this in my FB feed WSDOT Talgo equipment leaves Washington, bound for scrap dealer
  3. Oc4526

    NHL Discussion

    Some news out of Montrèal
  4. Came across this after watching some Police Academy clips. Marion Ramsey, Broadway and Police Academy Actress, Dies at 73
  5. Octranspo 8056 operating on Rte 86 Tunneys Pasture during this afternoon sudden heavy snow fall
  6. To my knowledge. Ontario Northland was the only one left at the Cathrine bus stn. Transcollines (Hwy 148 service) pulled out of Ottawa at the beginning of January.
  7. Hazel McCallion (The longest running Mayor of Mississauga) Turned 100 today.
  8. Oc4526


    Found this on a FB group that i follow Testing begins for new Amtrak cars (updated)
  9. Oc4526

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Found this on WestJet’s Twitter feed
  10. Oc4526

    Buses for sale

    Thanks for following up. The reason I thought it was ex Lady Dive , There appears to be an outline of "Les Tour Lady Dive Tour " on the left hand side of the open deck bus. Have a great evening.
  11. Oc4526

    Buses for sale

    Found this on a FB group that I follow looks to be a former Ottawa Greyline (Lady Dive) bus. could @Centralsmt confirm? https://www.facebook.com/groups/166104066880384/permalink/1928039020686871/?sale_post_id=1928039020686871 Just in case the link doesn’t work.
  12. Oc4526

    NHL Discussion

    Nhl set to resume Jan 13 2021
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