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  1. Found this on STM’s Instagram feed. 40901 seen taking a dip somewhere in Mtl
  2. Carl Reiner, Comedy Patriarch, Dies at 98
  3. His claim to fame included the Batman Films
  4. Found this in my Twitter feed http://www.hamilton-today.com/news/hsr-to-require-riders-wear-masks-as-of-june-22nd/
  5. JFK’s younger sister, Jean Kennedy Smith passed away at 92
  6. That bus made the news In Ottawa Re Translink giving away new face masks.
  7. You would be correct. From the SOOtoday The first bus will leave Thunder Bay for Sault Ste. Marie at 2 p.m. on Sunday, with a return trip scheduled to arrive in the city the following morning.
  8. Greyhound Canada to shut down temporarily all bus routes
  9. Top picture 5009 on the 75 at Iris 5121 & 5102 parked at Tunneys Pasture
  10. Iirc with the old board software, one could access Cptdb via Tapatalk. (someone could correct me if i'm wrong).
  11. Found this in my FB feed.
  12. ‘Mad’ Magazine Cartoonist Mort Drucker Dead at 91
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