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  1. I've seen the person on the platform point the remote at the side window of the Operator's cab. So its somthing within the Operators cab that requires a remote cue to depart or something line that?
  2. One thing I would suggest is sitting sideways on your bike and hold on to.one of your brakes. (thus preventing the bike from rolling) This is what I usally do when i bring my bike on Line 2. And now line 1. In other news. I noticed today one of the Alstom employees at Rideau useing some sort of remote just prior to the train leaving (not sure for what purpose)
  3. I have to agree with not allowing bikes during rush hour in Ottawa as the trains are small and the current space where they are permitted it would not be a good idea. As for your placement of your bike I would suggest not obstructing the doors with it , as in case of a emergency it would be very difficult to exit with the bike in the way! My 2 cents.
  4. 8133 -> 61 Stittsville 2:22 Westboro
  5. 6630 81 Tunnys Pasture 11:37 Kirkwood/Coldry
  6. #Funfact for those unaware. This picture can also be viewed at the Bridgehead (which is located on the same corner as the old station building.)
  7. 6434 80 Barrhaven (11:22 Baseline/Merivale)
  8. 6405 returned to service (currently on the 62 St. Laurent )
  9. The current gate at Hurdman thats being used will be closed and all access will be from the Main Station building ( when Line 1 is open) Same for Tunny's Pasture
  10. Unless theres been a change, the 34 doesn't serve Cegep 34 route map
  11. So theres no confusion Rear door boarding will only be permitted at the following locations Blair, Greenboro , Hurdman & Tunneys Pasture.
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