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  1. Which also accepts the Sto's old school transfers ( they have a Qr code on them) the Multi day pases are on reloadable Smart Cards I can't see why the TTC can't get Qr code readers on the turnstiles & have Qr codes printed on the transfers.
  2. Oc4526


    Found this on YouTube. Amtrak 301 (Day 1 Livery) is en route to Chicago on Amtrak 6
  3. Found this on Translink's Facebook page. Anyone know the story on the bus that was used?
  4. I got mine rebooked to July 11th. i was surprised on how easy it was this time around.
  5. Oc4526


    Amtrak 300 has been released from the Siemens plant Per this tweet
  6. Possibly, As i saw a image of Via 2200 in a private FB group that i follow.
  7. Here’s the official account. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPWi67plpYQ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. From what I’ve seen on a few of the Rider Express Facebook posts/map Rider Express is working on a agreement with Ontario Northland to offer through tickets between Winnipeg/Sudbury/Ottawa and Rider express will offer routes between Windsor/Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal. They are also waiting on Government regulatory approval In Ont/Quebec. Here’s the route map from Rider Express’s Facebook page. Red is Ont Northland Blue is Rider Express.
  9. Found this on my Facebook feed Rider Express Transportation Rider Express is coming to Ontario and Quebec! After the official announcement by Greyhound shutting down its operations, Rider Express is stepping in to provide safe & reliable transportation across Canada. Stay tuned by visiting us at www.riderexpress.ca for updates! -------------------------------------------------- #safetransportation #rider #to
  10. 4437 was seen on a Wb Cp train in Mtl on Sunday on Cool Trains in Montreal Fb Page.
  11. Found this in my Twitter feed Also Presto E-Tickets are now available for DRT Customers
  12. Found this in my Fb feed.
  13. Queen Elizabeth II turned 95 today. There will be no public events this year (covid)
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