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  1. How about at terminal stations when the Operator has to exit/enter the cab?. I wouldn't be surprised if they section off the cab area's on line 2 next.
  2. This includes the Prince Rupert/George trains. Overview of service cancellations* Route Service Cancellation Start Date Cancellation Tentative End Date (inclusively) Montréal-Halifax (the Ocean) Cancelled March 13, 2020 March 27, 2020 Toronto-Vancouver (the Canadian) Cancelled March 13, 2020 March 27, 2020 Prince Rupert-Prince George-Jasper Cancelled - Until further notice *This information is subject to change without notice.
  3. Siri suggests Route 1 to Tunneys then the 61.
  4. I think you saw 1317? as I spotted it in Gatineau with a rack!
  5. According to this Instagram post, 8170 appears to be at 1500 St Laurent. Can @Enviro_1203 confirm?
  6. Currently riding 2030 on the 76. One thing to note. I noticed that there’s currently 4 visible security cameras onboard ( 3 in the front and one at the back door) Also saw 2021 arriving on a 97 from Masson.
  7. Not sure on when this happened, however Transcollines is now on the Transit App!
  8. Seen just now at Carling/Churchill in Ottawa
  9. 5109 -> 85 Bayshore, 7:30 Terasses De La Chaudière.
  10. It appears the new Sto next bus signs are active. This is the one at Stn De La Gappe (WB)
  11. 0318 -> 17 Cegep - Gabriel Roy. 6:05 -> 700 St Joesph
  12. Both seen eb at Algonquin Collage at approx 10:20 Am
  13. Admins can delete if not allowed in this forum. Found this on a fb page I belong to. The poster is looking to find a new home for it
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