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  1. As I drive ZF Ecolife transmission equipped Volvos and Scanias all day I can say, that: A: They need to be broken in properly before the shifts smooth out a bit. B: The Ecolife's retarder does most of the braking work - therefore, some of the jerkiness on downshifts could be down to the drivers not adjusting braking pressure for the shifts while slowing down. I can say this, since I have been guilty of doing it myself. Really, though - just enough braking to engage the retarder is enough. Anymore than that, and the shifts will be felt on the way down through the gears. When it comes to flat out speed/acceleration, the Allisons would murder the Ecolife equivalent. Especially if the ZF is tuned to "Eco" shifts. Efficiency and average fuel consumption - the ZF wins all day long.
  2. Just curious, OC Transpo and BC's Translink put forward an expression of interest in 2008 for a conventional bus under 30 feet. Grande West (Yaxing Motor Coach Company then) responded, and shipped over a demo bus. What happened was, Translink trialled the 27.5ft version, and ended up buying a few over the years. Now looking at what OC's system will end up being once Line 1 in up and running, I'm just thinking that a 30 or 35 foot version similar to what some other Ontario agencies have bought, would be perfect. Thoughts?
  3. For me, it will always be Orion-Ikarus III's. The Detroit 6L71's used to scream, and so the did the ZF's in them. I still miss em! ttc6383.mp3
  4. I'm honestly curious about the change from Allisons to ZF's as well...however, as I drive Ecolifes all day in Oz, they are MILES better than Allison could ever manage. Literally and figuratively. Fuel economy and emissions are heaps better, and the overall operation is amazing. Not to mention, Allison only came up with LBSS (Load based shift scheduling) as a result of ZF's Topodyn set-up. Ally's are great for high speeds between stops, but ZF's blow them away everywhere else.
  5. Speaking of Faraday bells...anyone know where I could possibly find a clear recording of one? Preferably with no background noise?
  6. Whoa! We like the black! Its a good look on an Invero!
  7. I'm going to join in here, since I have a few questions and points. 1. I'm curious as to what we all think will happen to transitway routes such as the 94/95, 96...and such. Chop em in half and create transfers like Tom said? Or use a different routing? 2. The Alstom streetcars/trams are actually pretty darn good from what I've seen. I've been vising Melbourne, Australia for the past 6 months and have been taking them practically everyday. Look up "Yarra Trams" on google or youtube if you're interested. Yarra Trams has bought two different lengths/types of the Citadis. They're very quiet, powerful, smooth and fantastic at holding crush loads. To be honest, Alstom has blown me away with their fit and finish on the Citadis, and the X'trapolis they made for Metro Trains here as well. The thing is with the Citadis, is that the operator can pretty much request any exterior and interior styling they want. Which explains why they all look different around the world. 3. Am I right in thinking that all traffic on the transitway is going to be re-routed to Scott street while construction is happening? I feel like I read this somewhere earlier....seems like the most logical way, especially if the city widens it.
  8. The engine cradles definitely have, I remember seeing a few at Eastway when I was working there briefly. BTW, terrible place all around. I trusted my work obviously, and a few of the others there, but overall, quality control is really lacking. I doubt the Orion VI's that were refurbed there won't last as long as they promised.
  9. I'm in Australia right now...the type of train in that video called "Comeng" has either been refurbished by either Alstom or EDI is usually not the culprit when it comes to overshooting. Its the newer Siemens Nexas trains that had serious problems not too long ago. Google it.
  10. Was just poking around on the web and came across a write-up on Allison's "Load based shift schedule." Essentially it basically makes the transmission upshift earlier than before for better effiency, and to cut down on wear and tear. It seems to act a lot like ZF's new EcoLife with TopoDyn. I know STM in Montreal has been re-programming their ZF Ecomats to do the same, but what do we think about Allison trying it out.? I'm just hoping OC at least tries it out. Kinda boring sometimes, but definetly gives the bus A LOT more character too. Here's a video on a NYCTA New Flyer XD40 with the Allison B400R6 and LBSS enabled.
  11. I find it interesting how Thom Transportation has been listed as a company that you can get this pass with...I called them up since I live in Arnprior. I can use the 500 super express if I need to, but they told me that OC shouldn't have listed them since they want no part of the pass system. I'm sure you can all guess why.
  12. I remember OC having stickers on the dashes of the MCI Classics, and pretty much everything after that until Orion VI's I have a pic of the sticker, but can't figure out how to attach it. Goes like this though. Engine Idling Procedures On hot days (above 25C) - If waiting period is more than 10 mins, idle for 3 mins then shut down - if waiting period is less than 10 mins, remain idling On cold days (below -5c) remain idling On other days idle 1 minute, then shut down. All in all this makes sense, and its what I do with the trucks at work. They've had this policy for years now, but no one sticks to it at all.
  13. Yeah, I meant the LFSA. Just curious as to what the powertrain setup might be...
  14. I know they just got here, but does anyone have an idea as to what the powertrain might be? Considering they've been getting Voith's for a few years now, I wouldn't be surprised....but, maybe a return to ZF???
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