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  1. real sightings 8019? ac water inside 21110 "Next Stop" sign turn on automatically, so door close then light on 2702 zzz sound at front door before open 2710 a small cover neer the top of the engine not fully closed (about 20 degree angle)
  2. according to previous sightings, 8027 will end service at Fairview at 0:21 GRT prefers to put Orions at Rt. 20? Once there were three Orions at Rt. 20 and today are two. 14:45 12 University and King 15:31 -> University/King to Conestoga Mall via King St. -> 15:45 12 Fairview Park 16:59 -> 17:15 27 Chicopee 17:25 -> 17:30 10 Conestoga College 17:49 -> 17:50 16 Forest Glen 18:10 -> 18:15 3 Ottawa South to Downtown 18:39 Thursday again, three Orions at Rt. 20 2304, 20 2305, 8 2307, 12 2308, 21 2311, 20 2317, 20 2319, 202 2322, 10
  3. Sunday looks like 21327 replace 21003 near Fairview 21404 ended a trip of Rt 8 at Fairview at 10:15pm and started the next trip at Boardwalk Rt 13? Wednesday 21509 RT3/10/12/16/27 21405 RT12 FMALL + RT12 CMALL + RT12 FMALL + RT27 + RT10 COLLEGE + RT16 FOREST GLEN Wrote sth. to track faster Monday 2304 probably ends service at 23:04 2608 at RT3/10/12/16/27
  4. Are there any documents or webpages providing ridership data for a single route? haven't found it in website of GRT or regionofwaterloo
  5. For what reason? if they are short of bus in summer, they must need more new buses to work in autumn? (puzzled)
  6. Feel like should't be hard to repair...since the following one had been repaired... 2009 ZK6129HGA9, get fire in Mar, 2015, someone saw it this year. Engine: ISBE4+250B I would like to name this photo as "iXpress GO iXpress"
  7. Number of passengers this friday. Numbers are in 10 thousands. Each bar is a line. The top right shows that the total passengers that day is 9.68 million. and saturday is 6.22 million. more than 10 lines are being built
  8. Thanks to MTA3306's work. <-http://w11.zetaboards.com/bacon/topic/11565272/1/ Just repaint it.
  9. No. km 8536 320,771 2200 833,973 2202 752,820 2203 1,195,415 2207 829,840 copied data from website what happened to 2203
  10. week ago, I saw that 2312 has orange LED at the right side.
  11. why both are 532 the first one replace 12 21216
  12. 17:40 Seems that 21116 is one of the midnight loop bus tonight...the other one is 2704 or 21325... 18:05 21116, 2704
  13. there are still lots of things to do. The transfer is always a long distance walk. Normally the distance is longer than 300m, which may equal to the distance between two bus stops here. They really need to prove the fare system for transfer. Due to the heavy traffic, it's better to strict by distance rather by time period. Some crazy time(e.g. an accident on road) the bus moves 1km in 1h...so...some bus drivers even get off and chat... they should try to connect the community bus and the long route in a better way. thanks for your reply
  14. The announcement The normal version: When bus leaves a bus stop: 车辆起步,-> bus is leaving the stop 请扶稳坐好,-> please hold tight and sit down 刚上车的乘客请往里走, -> passengers just getting on the bus please move backward 没卡乘客请投币/买票, -> passengers who don't have a transport card please put in coins or buy ticket 前方到站是, -> the next stop is <- only this line will be displayed and broadcasted in English 北京南站南广场 -> South square of Beijing South Railway Station <- this line will be displayed and broadcasted in pingyin(= letter -> BEIJINGNANZHANNANGUANGCHANG) When bus arrives a bus stop: 北京南站南广场 <- this line will be displayed and broadcasted in pingyin(= letter -> BEIJINGNANZHANNANGUANGCHANG) 到了,We are arriving at <- only this line will be displayed and broadcasted in English here the order is opposite...the name of the stop come first. 请您从后门/前后门下车, -> please get off at the back door/front door(first door) and the back door(third door) 下车请刷卡,-> please tap your card 车票请出示。-> please show your ticket Other situation(no english display and broadcast) I try to translate and keep the direct meaning, so that you can understand what word is using, but not fully direct translate some of the routes' announcements will include few info of what buses you can transfer to. some announcements may appear not very often, such as: 下车时, -> When you get off, 请您注意交通安全, -> please pay attention to the traffic 不要从车前猛跑, -> don't run in front of the bus 过马路时,请走人行横道,地下通道,过街天桥。 -> when crossing roads, please walk on crosswalk, underground tunnel and overpass. The follow one only exists for segmented pricing routes. 本车为分段计价, -> this bus is segmented pricing 为避免不完整交易多扣票款, -> in order to avoid Incomplete transactions and paying more 需上车刷卡, -> you need to tap card when getting on 下车再次刷卡。 -> and tap card again when getting off. Route changes last year about 10% routes were changed. that's more than 100 routes. this year, the company now says 40 routes will be adjested. looking at the tipbar(looks like a page of the forum) no busfan believe with this... Subway line 16 will start to operate this year, so buses running similar may be adjusted. BFD, one of the company belonging to BPT is out of route number(now 8xx and 9xx), so routes with first number "7" are in danger, these routes(about 10) may be divided in to two part(without overlap, so you need to buy more ticket) or they may just be shorter. the city is changing so fast that lots of old route should be changed. (I understand that) the manager hope to let people use subways for long distance traveling. So it will be bus+subway+bus, but passengers doesn't agree with them. the most unbelievable thing is that the manager want to reduce overlap to reduce the number of vehicles on road. but the number of buses (public transport) is 25 thousands and total number of vehicles is 5 million.
  15. yes, as I know, in the past two years, they changed routes almost every month. last year they changed more than 100 routes, due to the new community, new subways and other changes in the city. I just write some to tell what is include in the announcement not fully finish the info about route changes. thanks for your reply
  16. Inside view this is the BJ6160CCD showing above, which becomes a new major model since 2013. you can see the fare box(desk) at the right bottom corner, that's the place that ticket seller sitting at. in the recent years, buses in Beijing use benz-like inside design. Bus Stop this is Night route 14, start services at 11:20pm, end service at 4:50, at the bottom you can see the arriving time (arriving time only available for night bus), above the arriving time is the price, ¥1=$0.2 TIP: BEIJINGXIZHAN = Beijing West Railway Station, XI = West ZHAN = Stop/Station GUOJIATIYUGUANGONGJIAOCHANGZHAN = The National Indoor Stadium Bus Terminal, where GUOJIATIYUGUAN = National Indoor Stadium, GONGJIAO = Public Transport, CHANGZHAN = Bus Terminal with Parking Lot for buses. The bus parking lot At the two ends of each line there is usually a parking lot. The parking lot may also be a Gas station, in the above photo, you can see a CNG station at the left and a LNG station at the right. The bus repair shop The bus repair shops always make funny mistakes. For example, a BK6160K2 bus's model sign become BK6190K2(6160means 16m bus, 6190 means 19m bus, but the worker may not know this), BK6111CNG become BK6111CG... Sometimes they use wrong logo. A JINGHUA bus may get a HUANGHAI logo after refurbishing. And they always make impossible become possible. A bus hit the lamppost. it was repaired... they keep the initial first part of this bus and add some new stuff. here's a photo that I took in Feb 2015, (manufactured in 2005 and retired at about Nov 2015) this is not the only example, a trolley bus hit the tree like this and was repaired, a bus's airconditioner hit the bridge and also repaired...
  17. seeing a GRT Nova(211xx or 212xx) around campbellville
  18. thanks. not found the web site also shows the bus number...see it on rt.1 now
  19. putting all my sightings together... I get my useless sighting table...(July to April) I just visit the anslie terminal today(first time), so the table is still not fullfilled...does anyone see 2306 or 2611? saw 21009 yesterday with two stuff.
  20. How buses are organized 9 Main operating branchcompany under Beijing Public Transport Group for each operating branch company has about 60 routes, about 1600 buses, and a repair shop. there are overlaps between each region. Each bus has a five or six digit number e.g. 43249 4th operating company, 3 for diesel, 249 No.249 bus under this category e.g. 950201 9th operating company, 5 for trolley bus, 0201 No.201 bus under this category. second digit: 1 for LNG Normal Vehicle 2 for LNG Articulated vehicle 3 for diesel Normal Vehicle 4 for diesel Articulated vehicle 5 for trolley bus 6 for double decker 7 for CNG bus 8 for hybrid bus 9 for electric bus the six digit version came out two years ago, because some company was out of number (e.g. 14999, next one should be 141000) unfortunately, one company doesn't fully follow this rule so now there are some bus using number like 5135xx, but actually, they do not have more than 500 LNG buses. LNG bus(short x1xxxx) liquid natural gas tank at the back FOTON BJ6123C7BCD-2 here's a screenshot from one of my video which record how drivers learning drivering this new bus LNG bus(articulated x2xxxx) small version, which is 16m level BJ6160C6CCD longer level is 18m(60ft) JNP6181GVC CNG bus(x7xxx or x7xxxx) Most of the paintings in the past 15 years Paintings in the first row are older, and paintings in the second row are what you can see now. Two paintings in each column are used with similar model(e.g. the third column is double decker, the ninth column is trolley bus)
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