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  1. I spent the evening with the driver. They are ok. And the passenger will be fine. It was a nasty crash and we are glad that the driver and his passenger are OK. The drive of the UHaul is being charged.
  2. Let's face it, the whole thing needs a complete rework. I think honestly what should happen is that BC Transit replace what Greyhound abandoned by implementing an intercity transit system using coaches. LInk all of the systems together and have the intercity buses transfer at main terminuses and trasfer people to local service. The tricky part would be in the eastern part of the province to make sure there are connections to Alberta centers and services for them. That is where Greyhound shined and becuase of poor management, failed. but with the price of gas going so far down right now, I don't see that being a viable option at this point.
  3. This year has been nuts in Kelowna. You are right about that 9924. I can't believe some of the stuff that we have faced. But really, two of the stories above were not the driver's fault. The other one was the driver trying to protect himself and the public. Just seems that Kelowna is a hot bed for media attention about bus stuff. This stuff happens everywhere else, but it's so commonplace that nobody takes notice of it. Including the media.
  4. They can't just fire a person that admits they have a problem. Human rights case beyond their eildest dreams if they did.
  5. It was done that way to ensure that people weren't just using it to go shopping. I know in the East Kootenay, they had people showing up in Golden expecting to go shopping in Cranbrook for the day, and were turned away because by the time the bus got to other points down the Columbia Valley, the bus would be full with booked passengers. People would get angry and argue with the driver. But it was communicated to people that there was a transit connection to Cranbrook, but not communicated by the right people.
  6. Came to us about two weeks ago. I knew it was coming. Apparently next month we are getting 6001,2,3 as well as a 4400 series. As as for the 6000’s. that will leave all in Kelowna except for two.
  7. I've updated the routes on the wiki for Kelowna. There were some that are not in service anymore. Others chagned names. I also divided them up by municipality.
  8. We only have 4 Kelowna Flyers left. 9749, 9840, 9878, 9872. None of them have NextRide installed. 9400 did come back. Not sure where it was.
  9. Only on the 92 and 9300's. the 6000's it would appear have a deeper panel and the sign doesn't quite cover it. I will take some pictures when I have a moment and show you.
  10. Just noticed this morning that 9400 is no longer here. Was in dead row awaiting repairs, and now it's gone. Anyone are of where it night have went?
  11. Hey guys. Thanks @Matt Dunlop for updating things. I have been so busy I haven't had time to even think about updating. \ We have 9246,47,48 here in Kelowna now.
  12. Hey gang: We have also started to receive a bunch of other buses that were originally sent to Victoria. 6006, 6007, 6008, 6009. 9350, 51, 9400, 9401, 9402 have all shown up here. The deckers are all gone except for one. 9519 remains here with some engine issues and as I understand it, they pla to drive it to Victoria. I haven't had time to even think about updating the wiki, but thank you to Iron for doing so.
  13. 9528 never did see revenue service in Kelowna that I am aware of. And I am not 100% sure of the resaon why. Just before Christmas though a whole whack of new Novas started showing up here in Kelowna. and with that the departure of quite a few of the 9700's. We have only a few of our 9800's and oddly enough 8084 still on the road. A couple of 9700's still exist, although I am not 100% sure which ones. My shift has me in the yard after most buses have left the yard, and I'm done before most of them return. The new Novas start at 6013 and highest number I have been at this point is 6027. 6013 is the test bus with the shield for the driver in it which is proving to be quite a useless addition. When I have some time, I will see if I can get an update from our shop and update the wiki.
  14. We have a few of the 3000 series in Kelowna and they have been falling apart. Hoping that when we get a newer one they are more reliable. So far the Vicinity seems to have a pretty quiet and comfortable ride with its suspension. Way more comfortable than the Darts. IMO. The six speed ZF tranny in the Vicinity buses sure leaves something to be desired though. Never stops shifting. When you come to a hill and have to press the accelerator, they will down shift twice (on a steeper grade) before starting to pull the hill. I think if the shift points were set up better that would help. Would love to here from Iron if the newwer 4000 series are setup differently. Our shop has been powerless to be able to get anything done about it.
  15. I am really glad to see that this finally took off. Something that southern Alberta has needed for quite some time. As a former Calgarian, I remember a guy who ran a daily service to Black diamond of of the Calgary Greyhound depot. Had an old MC8. But people had to go downtown to get on the bus. Wasn't a very effective regional connector.
  16. Some interesting goings on in Kelowna here in the last little while. We were sent 3 D40LF from Nanaimo. 9727, 9729, 9736. Two of them have already had plates taken off after only being in service here a short time and are now being scavenged for parts. 27 and 29. The other day, 9528 showed up here. I am to understand that this is a decker with an ISL9 Cummins engine in it. It hasn't gone into service here yet. 8038 has left the property and I am to understand officially reitred. I haven't had a chance to even think about looking at updating the wiki on this yet.
  17. I wish I could say it was immortal Abby. It has been retired and is sitting in the back corner of the Kelowna lot now. Not sure what broke, but 80 and 97 Flyers as I understand it are on a no fix order. 9709, 9716, 9747 have all be deplated and hauled to the wreckers. We got 9727, 9729, and 9736 sent to us for some unknown reason. Apparently the buses we were supposed to receive at the end of March have now been pushed to the end of the year.
  18. 8038 is still active in Kelowna. The poor old girl keeps thundering away. Day before yesterday, 9727, 9729 and 9736 showed up in Kelowna. This must be the new buses that BC Transit promised us. 9747 has been parked and deplated as it threw a rod through the side of the block. 9720 is dead but still plated with transmission issues. I haven't had a chance to update the wiki to reflect these changes, as I have had other things going on.
  19. We did get a couple of new buses in Kelowna. Well, the usual....new to us buses. 9750 and 8114 showed up. Didn't remember to get a shot of 8114.
  20. Hey guys: I am going to try to stay up to date on things here, but I am pretty busy with things here in Kelowna. We have been on strike against First Canada in Kelowna since November 10th, and it doesn't look like the company has any interest in settling this dispute any time soon. Pray for us all and ask our union how you can get involved and help out. www.atu1722.ca.. Have a good day all.
  21. Awesome to hear AbbyTF. it seems to be a better unit than some of our 9700's.
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