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  1. 1235 with the Toronto hydro "if and when, stay back 10" ad campaign
  2. Based on my 20 minute research, it's a Ex. Everett Transit 1992/96 Orion V. I can't tell what fleet number it is (Between B0103-B0105 or B0108-B0110, [all three show listed as sold on publicsurplus.com, yet the auctions are still going on] and the older ones [103-105 are showed as auctioned off in 2013]). Some signs that prove my theory: Seat backs are the exact same as Everett Transit's Orion Vs, the door dividers are the same color, the stickers on the front near the roof are similar to Everett Transit's Vs. The scene showing the rear of the bus also has some clues. The black box for the rear destination number sign is visible, and we can count the screws near the top of the window to be 5. if we look closely at image 3, we can see 5 screws near the top, and the black box. Right now i'm leaning towards the newer bunch purely because the 20th anniversary of SSBs was earlier this year. That's the best I can do right now. Hope this helps. IMAGES (NOT MINE): Image 1: B0104 (103-105 series V): Image 2: Closeup of B0104 rear: Image 3: Rear of B0104:
  3. https://www.autotrader.ca/ico/mci/d-4500/north york/ontario/19_11016107_/?ms=heavy_trucks&showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=3_15_23&sprx=50
  4. If that is the case, explain to me why TTC 7237's picture was added to the wiki. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Toronto_Transit_Comission_7237-a.jpg
  5. Heard somebody talk about it at the Eglinton Crosstown. Older guy, looked to be in the transit industry, said that he heard from a TTC employee that it was in fact delivered. Read my post in "Was it someone from CPTDB?" for the full explanation.
  6. fixed @2044 How do my photos of 1025, 1026 and 1013 not meet the guidelines? For future reference.
  7. at the eglinton crosstown 2 people (older men maybe 60s?) leather camera bag (both) guy 1: national transport museum tshirt guy 2: hamilton baseball cap talking about ttc 4575 arriving i was the guy with the pink hoodie, quote me if you recognized me or if this was you
  8. Spotted today (May 25, 2019 at Mount Dennis Garage in Toronto.
  9. Hey all, I went to the Eglinton Crosstown doors open today, and decided to do some exploring to take some photos of MtD. I was lucky enough to see this: Anybody know what it was doing? It turned into MtD.
  10. Hey Ottawa folks, I'm from toronto, and while exploring the Eglinton Crosstown Doors Open in Toronto, I spotted this near Mount Dennis Garage: Just thought I'd let you know! VI
  11. https://cptdb.ca/forum/17-general-lounge/
  12. Im just saying. It's an observation. You don't need to get all huffy and puffy just because of one little thing.
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