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  1. I'm assuming a couple ES units might be there, possibly one driving but i'd say that they'd at least pull 2252 out. Possibly an ES like I said. Ill tell you after the fact, because i'm a part of the parade.
  2. Am I assuming right that your talking about the Santa parade?
  3. Been going to High Park recently to get some of the last CLRVs. I notice that most CLRVs active today are pretty rusty, but there are a few that are very clean. Those are my icks to be on the last day, but then again, anything can happen between now and then. Just an observation.
  4. in my opinion, only 4178 might be sent once it's retired, but that's not likely.
  5. I guess I can't write sarcasm that well The joke was is that the wrap on 3411 is way different the any other HEV, but the rest of the LFShev fleet isnt. Plus, the LFShev has more than just Hybrid Electric, it has logos on the back and rear that say "Hybrid Bus: with a green logo. Its a shame they can't put A) the wrap on 3411 on all buses (yes i know that would cost money) and b) put the green logo on OGs too.
  6. Again, no new livery NG has Hybrid Electric on the side. Not mine^^^ versus The Hybrid electric lettering on the side.
  7. No new livery has Hybrid Electric on it. Only the OG has it at all, and its on the frame, not the battery compartment.
  8. I thought I had heard about an american museum wanting one back in 2018, but never heard much since then.
  9. I legit asked a simple question. The question's been answered. Why make fun of me?
  10. We are now counting down the weeks and days until the final CLRVs are put down for good. Here is 4085 on the 506 on November 2nd, 2019. P.S. If this photo is chosen, please PM me, as the quality here isn't the actual quality.
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