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  1. Spotted a blue painted LeMirage (looked to be an ex. GO) a couple of days ago on the QEW sporting a "don't follow me" route sign. Not my pic:
  2. I heard the HCRR will get one of the ones used today.
  3. yeah, then go to wollesley loop and back to Russell for a final run on the 501. Read here for the TTC: Car 4204 will depart the Russell Carhouse at 2 p.m. running east to Wolseley Loop and back. A second car, 4207, will participate in the Labour Day Parade along Queen St. and then depart Wolseley Loop at approximately the same time, though road closures and traffic associated with the CNE could impact the exact departure time. The two cars will make return trips between Russell and Wolseley until 5 p.m. The very last run will depart Wolseley at approximately 4:15 p.m., arriving at Russell Carhouse at 5 p.m.
  4. Exactly why I said "around". What about the 506? Isn't that 100% CLRV still?
  5. Sometime in late October is the projected date, but there is no specific day. This could very well change. Around 75 remain. Correct me if i'm wrong (many of those 75 are inactive).
  6. 7575 isnt chopped, @TTC Guy, dont say stuff without confirming it first.
  7. Can imagine the influx of posts on here on tuesday after the ALRVs are gone and we all fan them on monday afternoon lol While we're on the topic, driver of 5028 yesterday (OC Transpo) let me take pictures of his bus, and let me record him starting up and revving it. After, 4227's driver talked a bit to me about the Iverno, and his experience driving it. Photo'd it and recorded it starting to. Resulting photos on OC Transpo photo additions.
  8. Im sure it had multiple 2s and at least one 4. I had initially thought it was 2242 but that bus was never in the new livery. Could very well be 2342 or something along those lines.
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