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  1. Look for some changes to come to this area at the next SPC IRPW meeting.
  2. Glad to hear you like the idea of "Information Kiosk" style signage, even if you don't love the style of the output. Good for Transit to hear. Transit's working on getting these displays into a form that can be used outdoors, however equipment that can handle the climate of Winnipeg means a regular TV or monitor isn't up to the task. I was in Halifax a few years ago, their transit terminals have displays that are much more like an airport's arrivals/departures style format. There is also the Transitscreen company appearing in other cities, that has a different format again -- simple but effective.
  3. My understanding is the public engagement / start of major communication with the public on the eastern corridor functional study is slated to get started towards the end of March.
  4. Another mystery bus, I have seen this one at Winnipeg Transit a couple of times. (I'm still fairly new around here so maybe this one has been discussed in detail before.)
  5. Consultant for the eastern corridor study was announced today: Story on CBC's website: City of Winnipeg press release:
  6. U of M should have had a proper terminal, not just upgraded on-street stops. Would have been nice to see an enclosed weather-protected transit *station* with other uses integrated into it, similar to Balmoral terminal at U of W.
  7. The Stadium station isn't really intended for regular day-to-day operations at the U of M -- I believe it will only be used on event days at the stadium, the rest of the time buses won't stop at the big platform, but rather at a small station on the east end of the large platform just before the intersection of University and Dysart before continuing towards the heart of the U of M. There is to be a re-working/upgrading of the existing transit terminal on Dafoe for U of M riders.
  8. Check out the drone footage around the IGF station:
  9. I heard one of the electric buses was seen around town recently with a generator trailer, doing some testing for New Flyer. If anyone has photos can they post them?
  10. That is correct, the switch at Balmoral is to make it possible to run articulated buses on routes 160 and 161 in the future.
  11. BusRider, how was ridership? Was the bus relatively full when you rode it?
  12. Saw DavidW's shot of the top of a WT electric bus and wanted to share this one of the roof details too.
  13. Looks like this was answered! I was curious as to if any of the electric equipment or batteries was inside or not (so if it was different inside the bus compared to a regular bus.). Sounds like it isn't if all that stuff is outside the passenger compartment.
  14. To anyone who's driven one of Winnipeg Transit's electric buses; how are the sightlines for the driver compared to standard buses? Are the blind spots any different from other buses?
  15. 998 sitting in the rain at 421 Osborne... Note the digital display on the back: "A3 M"