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  1. horseman

    Transit tunnels

    Bartley Kives says the old Wilson plan is flawed, that it isn’t possible to dig tunnels for transit (be they subway, LRT, or BRT) under Winnipeg because of the geology — that there isn’t solid bedrock to tunnel through. Actually though he says the tunnels would need to be lined with concrete and steel (https://mobile.twitter.com/bkives/status/1005976603703193600) this doesn’t sound like it is impossible to build though, just that it would be more expensive. I’m assuming that at least some cities with subways have lousy geology that’s made doing this more difficult... Can someone with a geology background comment on this? Is it impossible to build tunnels underground in Winnipeg, or simply an engineering question. The more detail the better... Thanks in advance!
  2. horseman

    Eastern Transit Corridor

    There's new information on the Eastern Corridor Study website, they are now talking about potential corridor options and looking for feedback on the alternatives. http://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/rapid-transit/eastern-corridor-study/ is the page on Transit's website for the project, the feedback webpage that includes a map showing route options is here: https://easterncorridor.mysocialpinpoint.com/potential-route-options#/
  3. horseman

    Eastern Transit Corridor

    Hi folks. Check out http://www.winnipeg.ca/matmgt/bidopp.asp, specifically project 555-2015 at the bottom. Some interesting content if one wades through it, including BRT through Union Station, and investigating a new garage in the northeast.