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  1. I was in Niagara today and saw Classic 8374 in the garage with plates BN2 949. It is not shown in the Wiki Niagara roster. Any idea what is is. In addition there was an unplated Classic with running number blacked out.
  2. Just home after a few days in Ottawa. While up on the hill I noticed some of these HofC Fords shuttling around with bus registration plates. Is this a transit operation, under the CPTDB definition?
  3. I confirmed via http://www.cleanairbus.info/rosters/greyhoundroster.html that L6118 was one of the leased 1998 102DL3 buses. Now could this be an ex-Greyhound? Niagara Adventure has retained the 1400 series numbers on their ex-GO Transit 2-axle MCI buses.
  4. I've done a bit more digging and it is Greyhound Quicklink service 5828 11:15 from Kitchener to Toronto via Guelph. http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/greyhound.html lists it as an MCI 102DL3 leased from Greyhound in Arizona in August 2002. Thanks for the kind words about the photos. Cropping can often save a shot as with Guelph 114.
  5. I admit that I know almost nothing about Greyhound. I was in Guelph on August 1st and photographed L6118. I cannot find any buses in this series on the Greyhound Roster page of the CPTDB Wiki site. No front plate suggests an Alberta registered bus. Can anyone/everyone identify it for me.
  6. Prefacing my remarks by saying that I am fairly new here. It seems there are some great pages on transport (especially European) on Wikipedia with blank pages here on the CPTDB. Is it fair to copy great chunks of that info or should the information be paraphrased into the author's own words?
  7. Yes it was taken on Friday but posted from home in Binbrook. Lots of Classics out. Saw 111 112 114 117 118 139 141 159 163 164 166 168
  8. I use Firefox (Mozilla) and it seems to work well., although my "Zone Alarm security suite" unexpectedly blocks downloads every so often. I ended up turning most of the features off and let the back-end security features work.
  9. Then I guess the security guard was just making a nuisance of himself. He was wearing a flak jacket, I didn't realize Cambridge was so dangerous.
  10. Thanks, logging out and back in made it work.
  11. My group has been updated to "Wiki Editor" but when I click on the "upload File" button, I continue to get: Permission error From CPTDB Wiki Jump to: navigation, search The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups Sysops, Root Admin, Administrators, Wiki Editors, Wiki Moderators. What do I need to do?
  12. I was in Cambridge at the bus terminal on Saturday (July 19, 08) and the security guard told me to stop photographing. Said it was private property and he had strict orders from the GRT. I used my 12x optical zoom.
  13. BR steam loco 34057 at Brighton taken in the spring of 1957.
  14. I would like to add photos, I've been out recently in Welland, Cambridge & Guelph.
  15. My 1st visit to Woodstock today. 4 Fishbowls in operation 13, 14, 17 & 20 along with ex-Santa Monica MCI 06-04 and Nova 06-05 (on the side) & 5 on the front. I thought ithe arrangement of all 6 routes meeting at Dundas & Wellington to be a good one.
  16. No, it's behind the motel units next to a Nissen hut. On the north side of 20 just before Thorold Townline Rd and only visible if you are eastbound on 20.
  17. I agree, not GO because the other 1400 series all have off-set license plates.
  18. I was in the Falls today and saw 1417, 1424 & 1435 in a parking lot on North Street just off of Stanley. There was also 910 plate BL9375, that I would like to know more about.
  19. I photographed a retired GM T6H4523N number 110 whicjh I believe was with Welland Transit in the back of a motel on Regional road 20 in/near Thorold. Does anybody have a retirement date for it?
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