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  1. I presently carry a Canon SX40HS P&S and a Canon 50D. The P&S has a smaller sensor and thus deeper depth of field. It is less conspicuous than a DSLR. I have had 4 s-series super-zooms starting with the S2, then S5, SX20 and now the SX40. All have digital viewfinders and an optional view grid for rule of thirds, helps keep the pictures square, etc. Generally run in TV mode at 1/320. The SX40 also shoots good HD video. The 50D quickly replaced a Canon Rebel because the 50D has better low light capability. I run it with a Sigma 18-200 non-IS lens because IS doesn't work well on some moving objects. The DSLRs have a bigger sensor and a shallower depth of field than a P&S. I shoot in AV mode at F11 or F13 and adjust the ISO to get a good shutter speed. The DSLR as a bigger and brighter viewfinder, I changed the focussing screen with one having a grid on it. I chose the 50D because it has a sealed body and I didn't need video. The bus photo was taken on the SX40HS and the streetcar with the 50D.
  2. I never saw the Taurus, I suspect just an SE. About 20 years ago, when I was working at Ford Canada, I got a complimentary Gold #1 Club membership. I've been retired 16 years but the membership continues. When you get to the Hertz counter at the airport, there is a board with your name on it and a spot number. I just walk out to the lot, climb in and drive away. In 2006 at Munich, I went to get my Peugot wagon and there was a Mercedes in the spot. We were going to Treviso in Italy and the small print on the website prohibits taking Mercedes, BMW or convertibles into Italy, so I ended up with the Passat Wagon. There are lots of restrictions with European rental companies about driving into other countries. The reservation sites should really have a spot on the form to indicate where you want to go.
  3. I've rented a bunch over the years. Had a couple of good upgrades with Hertz. In 2005 I ordered a Taurus from Calgary to Vancouver and got an Eddie Bauer Explorer, then in 2008 at Heathrow when they couldn't find my Prius I got a Mercedes C180. Probably the nicest was a VW Passat wagon at Munich for a week touring the Venice area. Biggest was a Lincoln Town Car at St. Louis for a National Narrow Gauge Convention in 1989. Smallest a Vauxhall from a UK independant in 1992.
  4. I was in the Falls today and saw 9009 at Souvenir City with the wheelchair area painted. I was more interested to see that this Green-Line service destination screen was no longer in green but in a much more readable white. I didn't see any other WEGO buses but hopefuuly they have made them all white.
  5. This was the sign on the Orion VI 9912 during the farewell charter. They have been there a long time.
  6. This is 905 at the same spot a few minutes later and it doesn't carry a roof number.
  7. I was taking photos at the top of the Jolley Cut this afternoon and tried a slightly different view from the park and caught 1108 descending with a number 22 service. What surprised me was the number carried on the rear roof panel. I had never seen this on an HSR bus.
  8. Thanks very much for that. I volunteer at the hospital on Tuesday & Wednesday and ride the 10 from Eastgate.
  9. Does anyone know why the 10 & 1A services are diverted away from McMaster hospital for 3 weeks starting nex Monday? I saw a notice on the hospital front door yesterday.
  10. The conditions printed on the back of the card read. "This card will be activated when first scanned on a WEGO bus and is then valid for rides for 48 hours only. Provides two days WEGO bus travel on all WEGO bus lines for one () adult. Enjoy your visit to Niagara Falls, Canada" The brochure states "Ride WEGO for two full days..................................." So it should be valid for example from Friday noon to Sunday noon.
  11. I saw this refurb at the bus terminal in Niagara Falls, ON in the Toronto loading bay on Saturday, Aug 18, 2012 during the Leyland Olympian charter. Unit 6356, didn't see the plates, but have not seen a "C" on the front before. US or Canadian?
  12. NPC have been operating 11 buses and are keeping the 2 best. They wouldn't need all of the spares that they have on hand. Not sure who they think might be interested in the buses, they don't have heaters for winter operations. Perhaps somewhere like Cuba?
  13. It suggests that the 9 buses and trailers at Rapidsview are up for sale. During the August 2011 Classic charter, the NPC indicated that they would/might/perhaps hold onto a unit as a reserve.
  14. Reviewing the photos the withdrawn units are 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11 & 12 which means that 3 with its trailer and 13 were not amongst these withdrawn units.
  15. I saw this Zoom Le Mirage at the Aerocar parking lot on Niagara Falls today. Aug 25th, 2012. Number 161
  16. What is the difference between LNG and CNG? I thought both were Natural gas.
  17. I was there today and many of the Green Line (NPC) buses were standing room only. One thing that I noticed was the NPC buses had a "conductor" aboard who operated the wheelchair lift, answered riders questions and generaling helped. They sat on the single seat between the driver and the front wheelwell. I wonder if that is a holdover from the second person who was employed in the Orion IV trailers? Other interesting point not previously mentioned was the 9 Orion IVs and trailers stored at the Rapidsview parking lot.
  18. When I was there in July they were using a single IC bus numbered 66. The driver tells me that this bus runs one route in 30 minutes arriving back at the library and then operates the second route in a half hour. So 1 bus departing from the libary every 30 minutes providing a hourly service for all of the bus stops.
  19. I traded mine in after a few months on a Canon 50D and find it does a much better job in low light conditions.
  20. I've fixed a few along the way. One problem that I've noticed recently seems to be lots of cell-phone photos. They may look ok on a small screen but they look like hell on a 26inch monitor. I've also noticed that some photos are missing the Metadata. Is this caused by the editing software stripping the exif info from the photos or are some low end cameras not producing the info in the first place.
  21. Had a 40 footer on the 07:40 Eastgate departure on the 10 this morning. Rode 1203 on route 1A back from Mac to Eastgate this morning leaving about 11am.
  22. Took the 12:22 route 10 from Main & Emerson today and noticed XD40 1211 on the 1A King. Upon arrival at Eastgate we made a total of 4 artics there. Ours on 10 plus others on the 55, 56 & 58. First time I had seen that many artics there at the same time.
  23. I was in the Falls today to shoot video of the Orion IVs and saw this WEGO LFS artic a couple of times. Plate is 743 3BF but I couldn't see any fleet number. The stored units at the bus garage all had fleet numbers. Anyone know which one it might be?
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