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  1. 44 minutes ago, JRM1000 said:

    Great thought but I'm not quite sure that's the reason as the Nova's do make it out on late night runs. I could be wrong though. There are a number of Nova'a out right now that will be out past 1 and 2am


    I wonder if it might be a refuelling issue. What if the CNG refuelers only work Mon-Fri for instance.


  2. 6 hours ago, Seashore_518203 said:

    No, 12 0300 series buses have been brought back and have been in service the past two days. They are used only on school extras.

    They will eventually be retired as more and more 1600s enter service. Right now, only 1601-08 are in service.

    0319 on a school extra eastbound on Rymal Rd turned north on Upper Sherman at 2:45 pm today.

  3. Just curious if anyone knows if LRT will be operated by HSR? Or is it going to be a whole separate transit company in Hamilton? I would love to see LRT be owned and operated by HSR!

    I wonder who will be trusted to build the LRT cars since Bombardier made such a mess of the TTC order.

  4. I was going to post "first time ever" but I didn't know if an ICTS mockup ever made it here in the '80s (though I guess if you want to get really technical, that's not really an LRT car either)

    Light Rail was used in Hamilton back in the early 1900s with interurban lines running to Brantford, Grimsby and Oakville.

  5. https://twitter.com/HSRTransit/status/542888634761101312

    Apparently according to this tweet, Binbrook will no longer be requiring TransCab service. What this will mean for Binbrook residents is that residents will probably have to carpool to their destinations now.

    Can somebody shed some light on this development?

    I live in Binbrook and I have never once considered using it. The cabs are not fitted with Presto and connect into the 44 Rymal which runs on a 1/2 hourly service. I drive either to Eastgate or Lime Ridge when I want to take a bus. My most recent trips are 25 to Hamilton GO and then GO 16 to Union and return. GO 16 runs more frequently than HSR 44. Just my thoughts.

  6. The website is now offline, as the plug was pulled on the host's end without warning me. The hosting service has provided no details, only that one of the links on my site lead to a phishing site. I have no idea which page this link was on, or whether or not the claim is even true. I will be re-establishing the site later this summer, after I find a new hosting service and disable/edit all my links.

    I have had my site with http://www.dot5hosting.com/ for a few years now. Unlimited storage & unlimited band width. Very pleased with them.

  7. Not necessarily, CNG artics are supposed to be cheaper to run based on the low cost of CNG fuel. I am sure the operating cost might be similar to a diesel 40' bus. When HSR introduced the 900 series along the King/Main/Eastgate corridor in 2009, headway was not reduced (unlike TTC) and capacity went up greatly. I do not know for sure, but the artics are most likely destined for route 2 and I do not believe that there is a headway decreased planned.

    I thought they might end up on the 25/26 which uses artics on the week-end.

  8. Jersey Airlines-De Havilland Dragon Rapide


    Air Canada- Vanguard, DC-9, DC-8, 767, 747, 777, Airbus 319, Dash-8

    Pan Am-707, 727

    Freddy Laker DC-10,

    British Airways 707

    Lufthansa Airbus A319, A320, A333, A340

    Wardair 707

    United DC-8. DC-9, DC-10

    United Express (Mesa Airlines) Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia

    American DC-9

    Swiss International A320

    Austrian 767

    WestJet 737

    There may have been a few more. First flight was in 1950 from Jersey to Guernsey and return.

    I knew I would miss some. Added

    KLM A330, 777

    Canada 3000 A330

  9. --snip-- In reality, the King and Barton load factors should be 130 or 140% due to the above average number of walkers, scooters, etc. However, that would also mean more buses and that is always a hard sell with the politicians in this city.

    In my limited use of the 1A King service during the day, there does seem to be a lot of walkers and baby buggies.

    If/when the Eastgate-MAC streetcar line goes into service, there will still be a need for the 1/1A because, it seems to me, that the walkers, etc. do not board or get off at major intersections.


    Thinking of the new line, I wonder if it will look similar to Valenciennes in northern France where a 4 lane road became a streetcar line with 1 lane for parking and a single lane for driving. Somehow I cannot imagine the Main Street speedway being transformed to this.

  10. I am glad everybody is enjoying the photos. Here is the next batch:

    I previously posted shots of the Ford Minibus 8200. Here is a shot of it when it operated for Lamco Lines as their 85 in June of 1980. After Music Mann, this bus finished it's life in the Niagara Falls area operating for a tourist company.

    I will post some more used vehicles shortly.

    The photo of Lamco 85 carries a Deutz AG logo on the grille.


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