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  1. Hi thank very much for the info.

    We are staying in St. Jean de Ille de Orleans and want to spend a day in old Quebec. There is a PLU bus with an 8:30 to the city and 2 returns in the afternoon but we were looking for an alternative. I had not thought the Parc-O-Bus spot in Beauport would fill up so early and that walk from the station would be out of the question because I'm 72 and still recovering from a knee operation.

    I found 2 parking lots on Rue Pierre-Olivier-Chauveau at number 2 and also an underground lot at Ville de Quebec on the same street, numbering about 1100 spots together. Would there be spots there about 10am?

    I drive a Lincoln MKT which can be a challenge in a tight spot. There are 5 of use and 4 are over 70, so any advice would be very welcome. I'm the only bus fan, the rest are tourists.


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