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  1. Is it possible to buy a compass card day pass for the following day at a Sky Train station. I have booked a 3 day trip from Ontario to Vancouver in mid-September.
  2. The TTS e-mail says that a bus charter might be coming up later. I would like to suggest a TTC electric bus running on some of the former trolleybus routes.
  3. TTC 4207 at Neville Loop during the Friends of the Philadelphia Trolleys charter on Aug 17th, 2019. Originally intended as a PCC/CLRV charter. 4207 was replaced the unserviceable PCC
  4. I wonder if it might be a refuelling issue. What if the CNG refuelers only work Mon-Fri for instance.
  5. Hi thank very much for the info.

    We are staying in St. Jean de Ille de Orleans and want to spend a day in old Quebec. There is a PLU bus with an 8:30 to the city and 2 returns in the afternoon but we were looking for an alternative. I had not thought the Parc-O-Bus spot in Beauport would fill up so early and that walk from the station would be out of the question because I'm 72 and still recovering from a knee operation.

    I found 2 parking lots on Rue Pierre-Olivier-Chauveau at number 2 and also an underground lot at Ville de Quebec on the same street, numbering about 1100 spots together. Would there be spots there about 10am?

    I drive a Lincoln MKT which can be a challenge in a tight spot. There are 5 of use and 4 are over 70, so any advice would be very welcome. I'm the only bus fan, the rest are tourists.


    1. eclair14



      Since you are a party of 5, that's change the game and i can advise that it will be cheaper for all of you parking downtown then take a RTC bus.

      For the two lots, the one under city halls has height limit of 1.83m, the other one is lower IIRC. Your car seems to be around 1.70m so it would fit under city hall but not sure at the other one. If not, they are parking lots at Place d'Youville (2.13m) and Place Québec (1.83m, entry on St-Joachim street). They are other parking site available, check with Indigo park or SPAQ, they are the two mains operator in the city. For avaliabiliy, if your coming weekdays it may be complicated but on week-ends no need to worry

      For visiting, you could use Tours du Vieux Québec red double decker hop-on hop-off route that would limit your walking time. https://www.toursvieuxquebec.com/en/forfait/Double-Decker

      Departure point for the double deckers are at Place d'Armes, right next to the Château Frontenac.

    2. Michael Taylor
  6. I am staying on the Ille d'Orleans for a few days and I would like to find a good place to park the car or a place to leave the car and catch a bus to Hotel Dieu. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Michael Taylor
  7. 0319 on a school extra eastbound on Rymal Rd turned north on Upper Sherman at 2:45 pm today.
  8. I wonder who will be trusted to build the LRT cars since Bombardier made such a mess of the TTC order.
  9. 1437 was used as the Binbrook Fair shuttle from Eastgate yesterday.
  10. Light Rail was used in Hamilton back in the early 1900s with interurban lines running to Brantford, Grimsby and Oakville.
  11. Are you aware of this page for Bratislava, I have found it useful for documenting my trips there. http://imhd.zoznam.sk/ba/public-transport.html# My Slovak photos are at: http://www.michaeltaylor.ca/slovak.html taken from 2004-2010
  12. I live in Binbrook and I have never once considered using it. The cabs are not fitted with Presto and connect into the 44 Rymal which runs on a 1/2 hourly service. I drive either to Eastgate or Lime Ridge when I want to take a bus. My most recent trips are 25 to Hamilton GO and then GO 16 to Union and return. GO 16 runs more frequently than HSR 44. Just my thoughts.
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