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  1. I haven’t tried it. But I’m definitely curious why this board is devolving into a free outlet for product research.
  2. Thanks for these awesome updates. It amazes me how much Cap Metro seems to love 35-footers. The retirement of those final 2003 D35LFs will mean an end to the DD50 in Austin, if I’m not mistaken. I guess Cap Metro must be decently happy with all the Gilligs it has taken delivery of over the past couple of years. But I’d really like to see some Xcelsiors in service down there. As for MCIs replacing the suburban gilligs from 2001, I’d been wondering what would replace those for ages. Seems like a nice upgrade! I wonder why they decided to repaint 2103. I always liked the teal for hybrids.
  3. I’m fine with all of these except magenta. No version of pink should ever be used in transit applications!
  4. Why in the world would anyone ever confuse those two products?
  5. Is it available with or without the BRTplus roof cap? Any idea what the point is? Are they trying to phase out the original front cap?
  6. I googled this and found a few photos of the VTA buses. I had been starting to think it might be some kind of weight-savings measure, weighing less than the full BRT front cap, and perhaps a strategy for squeezing the most range out of an electric design. But seeing that it’s been used on more conventional buses, I’m just trying to figure out the point!
  7. I was just browsing Gillig’s site today and came upon the battery electric page for the first time today: https://www.gillig.com/beze The attached photo is cropped from the main pic on that page. Did I miss something? When did they introduce this front cap that looks like a combination of the standard and BRT styling options? Is this on any production buses anywhere?
  8. Fascinating! Thanks for the update. Sad to hear that fleet has been such a disappointment.
  9. I wonder if they’re experiencing the same kind of reliability problems CapMetro has apparently been having next door in Austin with their Novas. Recent article about that posted in the CapMetro thread.
  10. Wow! It’s crazy to me that those ‘98 D35LFs were in service as long as they were. Don’t think any of the Gillig Phantoms that came before them lasted nearly twenty years. I can remember riding on those New Flyers when I was in middle school and they were brand new. Did they keep their Series 50s until the end? Newer Gillig Low Floors at Cap Metro have long-since lost their Series 40s in favor of ISLs, correct?
  11. Very interesting! Used to love seeing that bus in the distance on Mopac. You could always see it coming with that bright amber destination sign. Replacement with MCIs will be a nice upgrade though.
  12. Great pic of 2103! A beautiful bus. And thanks for all the good info on various fleets. I see the wiki has been updated quite a bit and the 9100 series suburban Gilligs are due for retirement in 2019. Do you know about plans for replacing those? Also curious whether one of the 9100s still has amber destination signs. I always thought it was so interesting how one bus ended up with that when I was living in Austin.
  13. Is their single DE40LFR still in service? How many of the 1999-2001 Gillig low floors remain in service? What about the 1997/2003 D35LFs?
  14. I'm so thankful LYNX has stopped using that light pink. What an awful color for a bus. The dark pink they use now is not great, but it's far less offensive than the light pink they used to use. I'll be happy when the remainder of the light pink buses retire. In general, I'm not a fan of pink in transit applications. Perhaps it's because of Delta's particular choice of pink on its breast cancer awareness 767-400. Such a failure of a plane, made worse by the color. Perhaps that's why I dislike pink on buses.
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