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  1. Because Nova bus....No further explanation required LOL. But if you have a really good eye for detail, the trolley turn single sounds actually synchronize with the Nova's exterior turn signals EDIT: Most trolley buses I meant
  2. This post would have to be deemed as a PREVENTABLE As the operator of this username, he or she could of prevented this by not mentioning roof fairings. But by doing so, it has cause a huge disruption in this forum. Disciplinary action will be discussed with as per MCW Metrobus
  3. Yup did the 41 in a trolley for revenue training, went horribly wrong as I was going west bound getting ready to pass OTC, forgot to coast through the switch, got out move the poles over, and the bus had a fail light, had to be towed back to the yard.
  4. Too bad VTC garage is at 99% capacity, unless some of the Nova's decide to spontaneously combust