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  1. 2021 recruiting and training will start!
  2. Good news update. As you guys are aware the federal and provincial government has provided covid funding for transit and the ttc is expected to receive a large share of it. at the moment the training has resumed for master signup transfers to retrain for their new modes. from the grape vine I have heard operators who were laid off to be recalled before November and then perhaps new operators to be called up for training.
  3. Hey guys long time since I posted on here. I was hired back in 2017. hang in there and don’t be discouraged by the layoffs. It is temporary as the operators affected did not have to turn in uniforms or keys. once the city is up and running again. We will slowly see a return to normal. Transit will be even more needed as with downturn in economy come people not being to afford vehicles, gas or insurance.
  4. Fyi both 505 and 506 are going to buses around mid February.
  5. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/2017/11/21/andy-byford-stepping-down-as-head-of-ttc.html Andy Byford has resigned as TTC CEO!
  6. im currently 8 months on the job and loving it. I highly advise anybody once on to visit the union meetings. Its your future for the next 20-25 years!
  7. great to see so many people getting on. im 6 months into my job. best thing to happen to my life!! its well worth the journey and effort you guys are making.
  8. i passed 4438 last night on st.clair on my last run. also starting September st.clair will be run out of russell/leslie with the LFLRV
  9. What mode are you training for? All new streetcar ops must have steel toes. You will be given a $80 voucher.
  10. completely finished training. Starting signed slip work. Kinda of nervous but well trained in my opinion. lots of help and guys at division always helpful.
  11. finished training streetcar! on my own starting next wednesday.
  12. where did some ops get badges from? i know ttc operators dont have actual badges but ive seen them.
  13. id say stay positive but it doesn't bode well. my references were contacted the next day. final driving tests for me tuesday (low floor streetcar) and wednesday(legacy) division training has been awesome so far. amazing trainers.
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