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  1. I agree what Tomsbuspage said above. It sucked that you couldn't see the whole train just a few of the cars and you couldn't go near any of them. I understand it did well in Montreal the whole train was visible to the public even if you couldn't go on it. I think it would have done better if it were at Fallowfield since you could have seen the whole train better there. P.S. It wasn't even clear on the website that it wasn't for public access. It would have been clear if it was in a larger print.
  2. I went today, I'm very angry that you must have a V.I.P. pass just to go on it. It's f****ing Bulls**t.
  3. Are all the 99 D40LFs gone? and only the 05 D40LFs remain?
  4. Update on the some of the Quebec Hybrid buses: STLevis: 3 units numbered 1701-1703 STLaval: 22 units numbered 1701-1722 STTR: 2 units numbered 1701-1702
  5. Are there any photos available yet?
  6. Now that all are retired shouldn't you now put 991-993 in the retired pile on wiki?
  7. Ottawa Senators general manager and former coach Brian Murray passed away today at 74 after a battle of colon cancer.
  8. How many Classics are left?
  9. Former Quebec Nordiques General Manger and Coach Maurice Fillion dies at 85.
  10. Darn It! I was hoping she would turn 100, that's too bad! She did voices on Rocky and Bullwinkle such as Rocky J. Squirrel & Natasha Fatale and many other cartoons. RIP June Foray you will be forever missed.
  11. Barbara Sinatra (widow of Frank Sinatra) died at 90.
  12. Societe de Transport de Levis such be added to the list
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