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  1. MiWay

    i remembered going by the central garage before getting groceries at btrust nearby and looks like the lfs artic have the standard rear door
  2. Mississauga Transit Sightings

    as per 55 9 out of 14 buses on 19 are blue buses today 1017, 1052, 1201, 1303, 1311, 1407, 1701, 1721, 1727
  3. MiWay

    i remembered i read somewhere that ttc "express" buses pick up from every stop alobg the route because it wont save much time anyway
  4. MiWay

    the timing is the same but the voice breaks up when it tries to call out anything sometimes it does "field(gate) drive" and "vol(t)arie cresce(nt)" brackets mean that syllable isnt called out
  5. MiWay

    idk if anyone noticed this on the novas but when the announcer says the stops it sometimes breaks up doesnt do that with stop requested or with short syllable street names
  6. Mississauga Transit Sightings

    and it has switched to 0808 at 11am erindale go, was hoping to catch that heading to work
  7. MiWay

    cmon guys please talk something nice here, its a like the time i posted up the nova first day of service while heading to work, woke up that morning looked at transsee/transit55 and saw a nova in service on the 3 bloor its also a new year too
  8. MiWay

    its actually provided by the webmaster of transit55 first week of the 2017 xd40s i never saw it on transit55 but saw it was active on map
  9. MiWay

    It is a voith transmission, sounds the same as yrt novas
  10. MiWay

    i just rode on this and the "stop request" sign is now "next stop" sign
  11. MiWay

    i saw at least 8 of the 2010 d60lfr yesterday on transit55 and lots of buses serving cctt were behind schedule yesterday due to boxing day shopping
  12. MiWay

    1738 was out on 37 until 8:15, 1739 was on 28 until 8:00
  13. MiWay

    nova bus lfs first day of service
  14. MiWay

    yup thanks for info, that was the exact bus i saw on transit55
  15. MiWay

    I saw a hybrid on 11 westwood today via transit55, isnt cx closed until tomorrow