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  1. Yup, I still remembered when drivers were being trained on Novas back in 2017-18
  2. I've noticed the mess at the QEW interchange going south where the right lane leads you into QEW west, I saw other drivers having to make a last second lane change when they want to continue going south on Hurontario.
  3. Ive noticed the curbside mirror arms on the XDE60 changed from the skinny type to the standard type Lucerix part
  4. I noticed that too seeing lots of local hybrids out on a Saturday today
  5. I still see a 26 E side sign that still says "26 to City Centre" after "26 to Subway" on weekends after 5 years of stacked signs 26 E Burnhamthorpe ~ 26 to Subway ~ 26 to City Centre 26 W side sign is correct as it says "26 via City Centre" after "26 to South Common"
  6. there is no wifi on the 2 western transitway stations
  7. i dont see any "MiExpress" branding on the bus, even though i was expecting to see the express sign like the previous xcelsiors ive also noticed the driver side mirror is 15x8 mirror instead of 10x10 flat with round convex on bottom
  8. Cant believe its been 10 years since Mississauga Transit became MiWay as known today (October 4, 2010)
  9. im amazed miway took this long to put the presto self serve machines on cctt, i normally head across the street to go stn load value on my card
  10. Its official, 103 Hurontario Express will end at Trillium hospital starting Aug. 3rd
  11. I saw the blocks for the 2 and 17 on T55
  12. Miway 1040 on 19C Hurontario Extremely rare to see a hybrid go out on a weekend/holiday, especially on 19C that runs on Saturdays
  13. down since 11:35pm last night
  14. 1905 entered service on 20 Rathburn 1909 entered service on 110 University Express
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