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  1. 1684 has despicable me 3
  2. nothing yet, should be here 2 weeks at most from the previous post about nova
  3. i saw 1031 with the grey grill as well in recent times, i also compared it to the picture when it was at living arts back in 2010
  4. i forgot to add something to the end of my sentence "at time of post", i was on go bus 19a from sq1 to finch term that time when i saw 7465 being towed
  5. 7465 is done, saw it being towed at 401 eastbound west of yonge st
  6. 1823 has been wrapped with despicable me 3 as well, im too obsessed with minions
  7. im excited to see what the nova look like in miway livery, cant wait to see and ride in it, better hope it doesnt have that bike rack restriction like ttc does with their nova
  8. i havent seen 1222 in a while, since sometime in february
  9. I saw that today 0905 on the 3 Bloor
  10. yup i meant 2 (two) wheelchairs that family with a stroller was waiting at hillcrest when the driver denied access to them as they had a stroller and the wheelchair couple got off at dundas
  11. 3 strollers on 19a s, 2 blocking the aisle
  12. yup i remembered when there were 5 strollers and i mean five strollers on the 3 bloor 4 by the wheelchair area one at the back holy crap its so tight when i got off at dixie rd i remembered there were 2 wheelchairs in the 19 hurontario bus and there was a family waiting for the bus and driver didnt let them on because of stroller as 2 wheelchair spots are taken by 2 wheelchairs
  13. i remembered being on the 3w a number of years ago, driver stopped at bloor/runningbrook tim hortons and took him a good 5 minutes to come out
  14. is it the bk at dixie mall the driver bought food from
  15. i saw 1308 at humber college that time while i was doing my assignment in the lrc building