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  1. Last post. anybody can join our new topic. With better rules and better safety. https://www.facebook.com/groups/345581759795199/?ref=share Please don’t use this topic anymore guys it’s a lot of spam and rumors by @honolulu_phantom amongst this topic.
  2. @honolulu_phantom I know your spreading rumors. You know what? How many of you guys want quit this topic? I’m quitting because @honolulu_phantom is spreading rumors. I tried reporting him the cptdb admin and it’s not helping. The admins on the page is lazy. I’m tired of trying to help this person stop spreading rumors.
  3. Okay if your telling the truth what is their phone number? And the extension code? And upload a Screen video calling them with microphone on
  4. Okay @honolulu_phantom, About bus 343 is not true. I have talked to central control at my job site, to contact hele-on base yard extension number, and they say all 7 gillig phantoms from honolulu are all running. Please don’t post anything that is not true, Like rumors about our subject here just make sure and check it is true and make sure what your saying is true. And if your lying on our subject, *please stop*. I don’t want your profile get banned.👌 If anybody wants info on buses at the pearl city or kalihi dm me here, so that way I can talk to central control or call them if I’m away from my job site.
  5. No there eight of them. It says on the previous post on the order of solicitation. Look it up So we got 30 to 35 that came into one of our yard which is Kalihi Palama Bus facility on August 5th @The bus Honolulu hunters there are eight, not nine. There should be two more coming in by today from the pier. All eight are the Gillig Advantage 29’Ft Low Floor Diesel buses. It says also on my YouTube video of my uncle confirming they should be the same as the four 2016 Gillig Advantage 29’Ft Low Floor Diesel buses. I don’t see anything on the top of the 30 series so it’s a diesel alright. I don’t know what year model but it should be this years model or next year model.
  6. Read where it's gonna owned by and yes it's a diesel alright. Replacement for the 40 series! It's the 8 eight 29ft bus order
  7. The new 30 series came in to Kalihi Wednesday. My uncle was driving bus 23 in this video
  8. 132 I guess is still running? http://hea.thebus.org/nextbus.asp?s=50&r=1&v=132
  9. Since 889-896 started running the streets since it’s first run last week, the 2004 DE60LF 132-141 is confirmed retired and scrapped! I contacted central control fir the information.
  10. Bruh you leaving negative reviews by saying that b word I’ll report you to the cptdb editor. You better delete that because I was on bus 170 earlier too so I’m your telling me tha I’m a b words also!!! 170 was really good to tell you the truth! And your such a terrorist to buses. Everyone’s in this topic is not picky. So please STOP! i feel offended by you
  11. *Jaya’s Pinoy-Pop songs sound like American 80s & 90s just like K-POP because she’s a friend with Stevie B whose from the USA* But anyways while listening to my song of my favorite singer and reading along, I’d like to share my comparisons with the NewFlyer 2020 XD60 I rode yesterday versus the NewFlyer 2019 XD60 we had running from last year. Exterior - Same Interior - Same Engine - Same Transmission - Same Year - Different Bur everything else - Same Reminds me of the 2002 - 2003 D60LF like they both hold the same Engine and Transmission just like 2019 & 2020 XD60 but the 2002 D60LF Seats and interior has a different color than the 2003 D60LF. In another words the city bought 2019 XD60 buses and they bought another in 2020 with the same configurations just like how the city bought their D60LF in 2002 & 2003 with their difference between their interiors except the XD60 buses has no difference between the 2019 & 2020 models. Very similar though.
  12. Kadenang Ginto, *winning the gold* for the first person to ever ride it, me. @The bus Honolulu hunters will you be the second person in this topic?
  13. @The bus Honolulu hunters Bus 871
  14. @The bus Honolulu hunters route 1
  15. @The bus Honolulu hunters Bus 130 Route 66
  16. Wait wait bus 170??? Really??? Your wrong! the only times bus 161-180 are the worst if they are on the lower routes like 1 or 2 and sometimes Route 1L because 1L is slow on school st side because the driver drives them slow because too many stop and stop that’s why those buses acts slow is because the driver!!! But on 61, or any other speed routes they are the speed demons...and they should’ve put them in pearl city garage in the first place. look at my videos see how fast they are. IMG_3523.MOV IMG_3522.MOV IMG_3521.MOV 161 - 180 run more faster than the bus 151 - 160. It’s just that you don’t see them run very fast too often because they are used on the known to be slowest route ever known as the route 1 or 2 and sometimes the 1L as well. Hey not talking about how often they come but they come on time but how they run their buses because of more than often bus stops.
  17. No it’s not. Only 247 - 297.
  18. Oh @The bus Honolulu huntersthere’s another one too that’s sneaky, it’s 636 and I have a video of it too, sadly I couldn’t record 647 because it went the other way. http://hea.thebus.org/nextbus.asp?s=41&r=1&v=636 You can track that. http://hea.thebus.org/nextbus.asp?s=41&r=1&v=647 You can track also that. You can also watch 636. Oh here’s a another sneaky bus. What a sneaky snake.
  19. If your a @The bus Honolulu hunters why don’t you meet up with me, we will hunt for rare buses? Because I’m a bus hunter too everyone knows too that 600 series are on route 1 lol
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