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  1. I can’t believe Pantograph works in Los Angeles!!
  2. And now bus 860 is back in Pearl city yard.
  3. @Honolulu TheBusis 860 still in kalihi?
  4. Never! it needs to be the 500s. I hope your not talking 800s. It needs to be replacements for kalihi! Not the pearl city thiefs.
  5. And to add the 800s are the last phantoms of Honolulu so better save these!
  6. Well are you guys buying our 100s and 800s? Better call the office in advanced like now in Hawaii time, so that way we can have our buses in the mainland for the very first time! besides scrapped or shipped around Hawaii or somewhere else!
  7. Bus 801 and 802 is retired! I ve seen them in a pdf file take a quick closer look at those pictures and tell what else it retired? BUS 112 Used 2002 New Flyer Bus .pdf BUS 120 Used 2002 New Flyer Bus .pdf BUS 127 Used 2002 New Flyer Bus .pdf
  8. Hopefully on mid May on my birthday by the time I come and visit my home in Oahu the 6000s would be running by then or when I come back on Christmas. -Mahalo and Aloha from City Terrace Los Angeles.
  9. As I continue to monitor the buses of Honolulu, here's some updates bus 3501 is running on route 74 this morning. Right now where i live is 856a. So good morning guys
  10. Hi I'm new here and I moved from Hawaii to LA. I spotted bus 4408 along side Cesar Chavez at yard a GMC RTS
  11. Yes this is true it’s up on sale at Honolulu.gov surplus auctions
  12. @NSXhere is your answer to your concern, yes 38 buses are going to be based at Kalihi and bus 142 new seats
  13. @Honolulu TheBus just follow this link and add honolulu_phantom on the list. I know he trying to get on our nerves and makes us fall for things, getting too excited then end up wondering and also being discrimination to most things on people even people who has disabilities. @Honolulu TheBusI don’t know what he’s replying on your post since I’ve blocked and ignored this user. Also I have a feeling this honolulu_phantom person knows one of us, I feel that probably this person honolulu_phantom knows me since high school since I’ve been bullied a lot in high school because my favorite vehicle was buses. I won’t tell that person’s name but hopefully this person is the user. Link https://cptdb.ca/ignore/ that will block and ignore the account of honolulu_phantom ! Your very welcome?
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