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  1. Yes your correct about the DOT Services determination of the acquisition and retirements and thanks for letting me know about the second part of the DOT Services interests.
  2. Well yes they are. One of my friends from the OTS heard from his coworkers in the central department, due to the rail construction coming into town which leads to bus shortage so yes this time due to heavy traffic and canceled routes, they need some extra buses even if they are old or not because next three or four bus orders that were listed around this month are expected to be arriving until next year or later end of this year. So it’s gonna take while for these orders to be completed and delivered. Hey guys FYI, my friend told me that it’s up to central of the OTS then they talk to the DOT head of command to the retire buses or not including anything related to transportation like insurance if they can fix the buses or not just like they did to bus 925 for example.
  3. Bus 528 is in new current color scheme and it’s first day of service this morning route 23!
  4. Bus 847 is back in service since yesterday, Morning!
  5. Excuse me!!! Umm.... am I the only one that downloaded the Proterra.pdf And read it? because you still haven’t read everything I posted on this one @Williamv? Download it then see if I’m right or wrong🙂 @Williamv because I see 1 download and that person is only me. Come on people if you read any topic on this site, closely and carefully read through everything on comment also if there’s is any attachment and files just Like my Proterra.pdf, I’m suggesting to read them as well so that you read everything or you will not know until you read it or someone explains them to you. And here if you can’t read my pdf then here’s my screenshot of the pdf (this is hardwork for me)🥱
  6. Congratulations @Rotidua we are going to have 35ft Proterra buses besides 29ft buses so the city chose 35footers instead I’m excited too to ride these again but now owned by the OTS it even the website even added department of transportation honolulu logo in their website too besides god damn racist JTB that only allow Japanese tourist in their buses like their proterras) some one gotta sue JTB and the Japanese affairs company for that. HELLO PEOPLE this is a free country and I infinitely Hate JTB until they get sued close down or Let other race people and other tourist besides Japanese people only as a plus they don’t deserve a business and the buses at all!!!!! But the hell with JTB cuz we getting our own tons of Proterra buses for TheBus! Haha! 🤬 you JTB! In yo face JTB! Haha Proterra.PDF
  7. While @Rotidua is updating us about the RTS bus made in 1993 that went out for auction by HFD. I forgot to mention more buses about my trip to the Philippines back in January. A 1994 600 series operated by Fariñas Transit waiting at the Bus terminal drop off in Barangay 7 area, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte for its first trip to Manila. Well it looked like a 652 because when I took a closer look above the driver side windows where the unit number was fully faded, I can still see 652 visible.
  8. Well, bus 825 has a window roof!! This morning!
  9. Yeah I know the one that still get the yellow on the top
  10. Thanks Austin Phung for sharing the pic😁!!
  11. I spotted bus #889 following that TheBus van by Dillingham😄😄.
  12. Well you do know that bus 790 has Detroit Diesel S50 and 777 & 778 has Cummins M11.
  13. Forgot to update you guys about this During my one week vacation last week to the Philippines, so far I have seen buses running under Partas which bus 642 at its rest stop at Romulo Blvd. Tarlac State University Hostel in Tarlac , bus 644 passing Lacson St. near Sm San Lazaro in Sta. Cruz, Metro Manila heading to Mabalacat in Pampanga, and suprisingly an addition I have seen more Honolulu buses that were sold to a Partas so far I’ve seen three buses around, bus 777 & 790 at Del Pilar Rd in Candon City as bus 777 heading to Pagudpud and 790 not in service, and bus 778 passing by Urbiztondo Beach along MacArthur Highway heading to its last stop in La Union. But so far no buses 641 & 643 around.😢
  14. Bus 235 broke down due to battery issues it’s stuck between makalapa and radford drive before entering freeway. On the route 11
  15. My bus driver friend told me that Route C used to be out of Kalihi before I wasn’t living in Hawaii in that time. Does anyone know if that true and anyone has an explanation why it’s not from Kalihi anymore? I asked him why it wasn’t from Kalihi anymore He told me that the buses would run out of fuel and would be far to tow the buses back to Kalihi. But frankly I’d say I agree from my bus driver friend it would to far the buses to run out of fuel from Kalihi, so that’s why Route C is from Pearl City. But I just want to know any theories/guess and if this is true.
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