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  1. Hi. I'm thinking of a run number by all the divisions owned by Muni. These may not be exact. Woods or Presidio: 001-199 Flynn or Islais Creek: 200-399 Potrero: 400-599 Kirkland: 600+ What do you think?
  2. What are your favorite SF MUNI Neoplan AN440 and Electic Transit Inc. 14TrSF buses (5401-5640 and 8101-8235/8301-8371)? Pick two of your favorite 4-digit numbers of this range, or basically pick the coach number of the two buses you like the most, one for ETIs and one for the Neoplans. I'll start. My favorite 40' ETI is 5555, I only rode once on the 31 in like 2015. My favorite 40' Neoplan is tied with 8131, 8141, 8151, 8161, 8191, 8200 and 8371. But I think I like 8141 the most because of maybe the arrangement of that coach number on the front and back interior of the bus. Too bad I didn't get a chance to ride 8141 because I frequently take MUNI after the 2013 New Flyer XDE40s came out, it's in the Woods Division which put Neoplans in reverse since like 2014, and it's retired in like 2016 or 2017.
  3. After doing tons of research regarding the Flyer E800s, in 2004-2007 there might be around 10-15 1976-77 trolleybuses in reserve duty and might be mostly used on the 6 and the 41.
  4. I rode the 2013 New Flyer XDE40 today, and the automatic announcement system is low pitch, just like on the XDE60s since over a month ago. Seems that MUNI began to change the pitch of the announcement system just to not annoy passengers and the bus drivers.
  5. Sorry for double post, but I saw about 8850 and 8851 on the 9 a few days ago. Seems that the Woods Division can get New Flyers up to like 8890, and that the last 56+ ones will replace the last reserve fleet Neoplan AN440s from Woods and the 2007 Orion 07.501 HEVs.
  6. I have a gut feeling that before the 2007 Orions came in, all the 8100s and the first 40-50 8300s were in the Woods Division, and the 8200s and the last 8300s in Kirkland. I think when the Orions and the 2013/2016 New Flyers debuted, some 8100s and 8300s moved to Kirkland. The same thing will likely happen when the Neoplans got rehabbed in 2011 and 2013 and all NABIs switched to training mode in 2014, however, the few Neoplans would probably move to Woods when there is not enough buses in Woods when transferred to Kirkland.
  7. I hope MUNI has enough historic streetcars for the E and F lines. Maybe more historic ones outside of New Jersey, Milan, etc.
  8. From this article about a year ago I was hoping the future Stockton Tunnel will feature artwork of famous people in San Francisco. What will be the estimated improvement date for that tunnel?
  9. Today, on MUNI, I didn't hear "Please exit through the rear doors," when the stop was requested. I don't know that this message was taken off the automatic announcement system.
  10. Sorry for the double post, but here it is. Bad news: 1. Golden Gate Transit fans will be sad to see Route 10 being killed by unreliability. 2. Route 45/45K will also die, being replaced by Routes 35, 245, and 257. Good news: 1. A new Route 30 will be joining the Golden Gate Transit family! Its south end of the line is downtown San Rafael. 2. Route 29 will be welcomed to the Marin Transit family! 3. Route 2 will now operate daily and may no longer be a Commute Route. Medium news: 1. The new 30 and the old 70 each have a 60 minute frequency, so it's a 50-50 chance of catching either bus route. 2. Bye bye, Route 259; hello Route 245! 3. Route 70 will now run via Highway 101 all service. Confusing news: As Route 19 will be added too to operate only on weekends and holidays, what type of route is it because of this? Basic? Recreational? I don't know, because there is no routes that can only operate on weekends and holidays. :/
  11. Hi, sorry for double post, but since around 2015, when I rode most of the Orion VII HEVs or New Flyer XDE40s (8401-8456, 8601-8662, and 8701-8750), I didn't hear the stop requested chime when the stop was requested, I only hear the "bong bong" stop requested sound. Maybe that is a glitch that takes off that chime, but I hope this will be fixed before that XDE40s will be retired. Buy hey! The stop request button that was easy to accidentally press has been replaced by the small enough ones!
  12. Wow, the fares for your BART ride to airports are double digits. Seeing this fare table reminds me of Golden Gate Transit fares with the amounts mixed up.
  13. According to this presentation that came out today: 1. We will no longer see the 2 Clement. Instead. we will see the 2 Sutter. The bad news is that, buses will no longer operate on Clement Street, which means, people living around Clement Street up to 14th Avenue will be more likely to ride the more jam-packed 38 Geary to work. The good news is that, we will no longer smell emissions around Sutter Street. 2. I'm disappointed that an extra travel time may be added if people live in the Marina District and they ride Muni to work in the Richmond or Sunset District, Stonetown Galleria, or near Balboa Park. 3. 1 California overload!!! 4. We will see two new nighttime routes. Both are of less popular ones; therefore, they are of neighborhood connecting routes provided by 40-ft buses.
  14. I would please join, because the Muni route names are outdated. THANK YOU.
  15. Banned because the coach number for the bus in your signature ends with a 7.
  16. I have a good feeling Golden Gate Transit will be buying the New Flyer Xcelsior Suburban 40-ft buses. I'm not sure that it will be buying the clean diesel or the electric-hybrid ones. EDIT: These buses that will be bought by GGT will retire the 2003 Orion V Suburbans numbered 1501-1580.
  17. I just read this and I'm going to say... RIP Route 8 (1970s+ to 2016)
  18. I'm very, very sorry for the major bump, but does the 2010 MCI D4500CT's 901-923 have automatic stop announcements? As I've seen a video of a ride in these 45-foot coaches from 2012, I heard automated stop announcements, but I can't find the video of the ride in these 5-year-old MCI's.
  19. Yeah, that makes bus drivers remember to drop off passangers at the correct stop due to the automatic annoucements not working.
  20. Sorry for the bump again, but I think MUNI decided to take away the stop requested chimes (followed by the annoying stop requested pings) on some Orion VIIs and New Flyer XDE40s, that chime is heard followed by the pings when someone requests a stop in the 2007+ MUNI buses. For someone who rode the brand new New Flyer XT60s and New Flyer XDE60s, in these 2015 buses, do we still ONLY hear the ANNOYING stop requested pings when the stop is requested? Because I've never rode these before.
  21. Talking about the 1988 and 1989 D40s that retired about 8 years ago, I think the 1988 D40s had louder engines and louder kneelers and was mostly used on more dense 40-ft routes like the 9 San Bruno, and I also think the 1989 D40s had softer engines and softer kneelers and was mostly used on less dense 40-ft routes like the 48 Quintara/24th Street.
  22. I would like to try this. P.S. On the other side, another source where there are some of the incorrect years for every MUNI buses, is this. EDIT: @Detroit Diesel 6V92TA You can keep track of the San Francisco MUNI fleet page on Wikipedia after I've finished fixing.
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