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  1. The new Xcelsiors are starting to show up at Highbury. The newest batch of XD40s is now being numbered 501 and up, so far 506 is the highest one delivered.
  2. Most likely there still there.
  3. One El Dorado is normally assigned to Route 37 (in the morning) and then it becomes a community bus. The rest are normally used as last resort buses in the afternoon and end up on trippers. There is a bus shortage going lately and I'm surprised that none of the Inveros made back in service. Some of those 2004 D40LF's are already active in the garage and others need bodywork.
  4. That be nice but they don't have any new maps at the Longueuil Terminal. Heck they were missing lots of RTL paper schedules at the terminal.
  5. Yes 418 was on 25 today. One El Dorado is used on route 37 in the morning and they do end up as trippers sometimes.
  6. The 400 Fanshawe Gataway has been running weekends this summer.
  7. How come Shawinigan's fleet is in such rough shape ? Everyone else is getting new buses but not Shawinigan. Is there a funding issue or is the town broke ?
  8. A few Inveros have been retired and are missing parts. There is a whole lane of them which are active in the garage. 455 is pretty much dead, it was sitting in the garage for a long time. Its now moved to the tent and missing parts.
  9. Some people should no be driving a bus if they freak out like that. Did the Sault Ste Marie Terminal always have a rent a cop or is that something new ?
  10. I'm happy to report that 8558 is still alive and well. it was on a morning industrial route last week.
  11. On a recent trip to North Bay both Novas 784 and 785 were in service. The Novas have a light blue strip compared to the dark blue strip on the rest of the fleet,
  12. I recently visited Sault Ste Marie and they got only one classic left. Classic 129 was out for a short time on my visit but was quickly changed off for 119. They also got a new Novabus numbered 156. Of course the female driving that bus had to freak out when I took a photo. She just stopped the bus in the middle of the road to report me !
  13. And of course I didn't get a Eldorado today on the 24 .
  14. Looks like 603 is done as both license plates have been taken off the bus. 603 and 601 have been sitting the back of the garage for a long time.
  15. The problem is 18 is a very short bus route and they can run it more frequent with less buses then the 2C/6A combo. Also get your photos and rides of the Inveros as they will be done this summer.