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  1. Only the 2 Brills and 116 are left in the tent garage.
  2. Just a update on some recent retirements. 466 is retired inside the dead line. 468, 469, 480, & 101 are retired in the tent,
  3. 469 is now officially retired. The farebox is gone along with a few other interior parts. 466 is still in service, it was on the 17 today.
  4. The rest of the new units are parked at Highbury, 555 is the newest unit.
  5. The guy in the story must be smoking something good, if he thinks those buses are going to last that long.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if its done. It broke down on the charter and we had to get a change off.
  7. 512 is back in service. I got to drive it yesterday and they did a great at repairing the bus.
  8. 1169 was parked beside the garage under a tarp.
  9. Yes its a ex Mississauga Transit D40LF.
  10. Stratford has acquired another second hand bus. They acquired a used New Flyer D40LF numbered 0337. The lady driver wasn't impressed with me taking photos of her bus, she called dispatch .
  11. London Transit was part of the Consortium until Nova get awarded the contract. London Transit is glued to New Flyer !. As soon they got word it was Nova that won, they bailed as fast as possible.
  12. Yes you are correct all the retired buses have the old blue seats. 546 is still not in service.
  13. They didn't even post any real photos of the retired buses. They took some photos of 474 and posted that instead.
  14. I have heard nothing. 465 is now retired.
  15. All the new buses have arrived and are numbered 528 to 546. Recent retired buses are 479, 482, 483, 103, 107, & 110.
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