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  1. The routes travel on so many streets, I'm not sure if you can even name them after streets or neighbourhoods. The Victoria Route spends most of its time not on Victoria at all.
  2. I have been on two in the past week! 221 is on the road right now doing the Mainline Extra according to http://doconnor.homeip.net/TransSee/FleetFind.php?a=thunderbay&lowrange=218&highrange=221&ok=Go
  3. The VIIs have definitely been on the road more lately. They've been using them on the Mainline quite a bit. I saw a VI on the road the other day, first one in quite some time.
  4. Probably 214, which I am honestly surprised hasn't been retired yet.
  5. The benefit is that it makes the fleet look bigger than it really is. A lot of small businesses will put one number on one side of their vehicle, and another number on the other side, to give the illusion that they have more vehicles than they really do.
  6. The merger will occur by January 1, 2014. It will likely be completed sometime this year. They've already merged the fare structure, so either system costs the same per passenger. The next steps are moving the vehicles to Fort William Road, transferring the employees to Transit, and re-branding the vehicles. As far as re-branding the vehicles, I figure they'll just slap a Thunder Bay Transit sticker on top of the HAGI sticker and call it a day. Future vehicle purchases will likely be white as opposed to navy blue, to conform with the city's corporate identity guidelines. I don't know what kin
  7. Doesn't really matter what the bus looks like, it's how it functions. The VIs are terrible because they're very cramped, fitting even 25 people on one of them is very unpleasant as a passenger. The VIIs have a lot of seats, and the back door opens entire outward, which is great for standees. But the steering is crap, so drivers don't like them. A couple VIs have been retired, the rest will probably be gone by the end of next year. Then they'll start getting rid of the early Novas. The VIIs are only 9 years old and aren't used often. They'll probably be around for a while unless Transit finds
  8. I don't think any of the blue stripe buses are getting the new livery, it would cost too much to repaint. The point of changing was to save money. The bottom part of the livery is the Green Bus advertisement. The Onion 7s don't run very often so I don't see why they would spend money to update their appearance. I think the new buses seem spacious, but I am not sure how effective they will be during rush hours. There aren't many grab bars so the increase in standing room is kind of pointless.
  9. I actually made a map just like this (it's in this thread but I'll re-post it), and it was seen by people at both Transit and Genivar (the people doing our transit overhaul) and Bombardier, which suggested Thunder Bay could be the location of an LRT prooving ground; an experimental line through the city to test out new Bombardier LRT technology. So it is more possible than you think!
  10. I vaguely remember those. Might have been on a different vehicle though. 172 is in service now, so I would assume 117 is out of service. I haven't seen it for weeks but other people have, so...
  11. 117 is already off the road. y this time next year, we won't have any Orion VIs running either. They've been using the VIIs a fair bit lately, since 117 isn't in service anymore.
  12. Transit is considering updating its fare structure. If approved, fares will raise by small amounts annually instead of large amounts sporadically. Here is what the new fare structure will be if this proposal is approved: Single ride: $2.65 Family Day Pass: $10.50 10 Tickets: $24 20 Ride Pass: $40 Youth/Senior Monthly Pass (under 17, over 60): $53 Discount Monthly Pass: $63.50 Monthly Pass: $74 The monthly pass will function as a family pass on Sundays and Holidays, an annual Seniors pass may be approved for $477 dollars, and Transit will introduce the option to purchase up to three mon
  13. Wow it is... ok... No idea what happened but it should work now.
  14. https://www.dropbox....cm8y/tsNOC1h5E6 The latest revision of the Thunder Bay Transit Streamlined map. Looking for suggestions on how to make it better/more accurate before I submit it to a transit maps blog. After that, I am going to work on a version for the new network.
  15. When will Nextbus's data be updated? From facebook: The green ones from 1991, the blue from 1985.
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