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  1. 9588 is now in service with Metro's ST Fleet, just recently transferred down from First Transit/Community Transit's ST Fleet, joining 9569, 9571, 9576, 9587, and Ex-51214 (Now 9818)
  2. 23 D60s remain as of Today 2/19/18 according to OneBusAway, those are: 2301, 2308, 2314, 2323, 2344, 2379, 2425, 2461, 2475, 2482, 2512, 2513, 2523, 2524, 2525, 2530, 2534, 2535, 2541, 2546, 2554, 2555, and 2561
  3. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone, got a very special one for you as we see the amazing Christmas lights on the GORGEOUS Lake Shore Lines #22/Metropolitan 2962 GM Old Look that has been freshly repaired by the fine folks at MEHVA. Please be safe and enjoy the holidays
  4. I only knew Zack personally for a year, but he became a good friend as I got more & more involved with MEHVA and got to know him better, he was a good friend, passionate, and was a fun guy to be around with his great sense of humor at times. Just letting everyone know that on Saturday 11AM PST I will be doing a live commemoration/sending of thoughts on my YouTube Channel for those who are able to join, he was a class act of a person and I feel this is owed to him & his family. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Oe3iiSKuRoMSjQJ79EFFA
  5. He was a fun guy to be around, great sense of humor, even tho I really only knew him personally for about a year, he was a good friend, my condolences as well out to him & Jim's family.
  6. Here's an article courtesy of the Seattle Times from 1970 that gives the list of all the Blue Streak Routes, yes indeed there was a 16 Meridian Blue Streak, and trust me, just from riding 724 a few times, it's a blast.
  7. Kid you not, the madness just never seems to end with the 271, this morning I was checking OneBusAway, saw yes... a NORTH D40LF doing this route this time which I caught on video as well, it was eventually swapped out for 7246 at around 10-10:30ish from what I was told.
  8. All Phantoms now have those LED Headlights, they converted them around October of 2016, that particular style is very common among buses & trucks actually, so ordering that particular headlight is actually pretty inexpensive unlike trying to order an Xcelsior headlight. Here's 3333 with the LED conversion if you look closely, all the 1100 series 30' Phantoms got the LEDs as well.
  9. Oh yeah a couple of Saturdays ago a friend of mine I knew from school said he spotted a South DE60LFR (6954) doing the last Saturday Night Eastbound 271, I will ask him if I can use the photo he sent me if you want more proof.
  10. All buses will lose their shine eventually... they don't always stay brand new forever, it's called aging.
  11. Sudden topic change, I know, but here's some shots during this weekend's MEHVA's Fall Foliage Excursion, didn't get a chance to get a shot of Breda 5034 tho. Also, the 1959 Metropolitan GM Old Look 2962 made its first appearance of the year before departure from Seattle for some exercise, however didn't go on this excursion, it's fresh off of a repair, however, it SHOULD go on the Santa's Lights Tour in December, enjoy these shots and hopefully some more memories are remembered for some
  12. I spotted another one which I believe was 8107 heading up I-5 near Federal Way on Monday morning.
  13. The 7300 Series Gillig Low Floors when they come in next year will replace all remaining Gillig Phantoms both 40' & 30', as well as move all XDE40's down to South Base.
  14. Very interesting to see, especially with how much some of the trolleybus routes have changed in the span of these three decades since that map was made.
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