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  1. DanT

    Peterborough Transit

    The Trent Central Student Association posted a photo of a D60LFR that will be hitting the streets soon on Facebook, I assume its owned by Trent U and not the city.
  2. DanT

    Wheel Forward Buses

    The Canada Department of National Defense has several flatnose wheel-forward buses for on-base transit systems, I've heard that the turning radius can be quite an issue especially during winter when snow banks are present.
  3. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    From the sounds of it 1047 has a new motor. Sounds like a Detroit Series 50 but I can't confirm.
  4. DanT

    Peterborough Transit

    Was driving along Hwy 7 near Maberly yesterday afternoon and I noticed an ex-Peterborough Orion VI sitting at a residence. Appeared to be used for storage
  5. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    The Arbocs are being phased out and replaced by the new Novas, they will likely all be retired within the next month.
  6. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    The May service enhancements are posted on the KT site: Route 1 and 2 no longer serve the Montreal St Park and Ride, rather looping at Guthrie and Joyce Route 12 no longer goes north of CFB Kingston The 600s get 10 minute service Route 801/802 begin, serving the park and ride Route 16 goes through the industrial park Route 7 industrial is discontinued, rather it goes to Guthrie and Joyce with the 1 and 2 And on that note, several more Novas are on property now, both express and local.
  7. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    I believe they have Voith I've been told 2017
  8. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    1803, 1813 (local), 1818 (local), and 2 other Novas have arrived.
  9. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    Don't think its been mentioned here yet, but 0621 was retired a few months back after a mechanical incident.
  10. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    Kingston is looking into 2 all electric buses as per last night's council meeting, motion was passed locally but will require applying for a provincial grant.
  11. DanT

    Toronto Emergency Services

    They were reassigned to 212 and 335 after the games
  12. DanT

    Ontario School Buses!

    Here's an older GMC still run by Howard. I'll have to see if I have more.
  13. DanT

    Kingston Transit

    1359 is back as a local. Saw 1255 a few minutes before and it's still express.
  14. I've heard the Duplex Bronto is back at 71; their Rosenbauer had constant problems and wasn't feasible for the airport area.