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  1. A handful of Orions and Gilligs now feature new Syracuse University wraps. They even went as far as to cover the blue and green on the CNG tanks.
  2. It was rewrapped just last year. They removed the wrap already? In 2016, it was going around with a strange partial repaint (wave removed, new Centro logos added on front and sides but no stripes in the back).
  3. Looks like one of the 2700s is currently being repainted.
  4. An operator I spoke to in December (also a former supervisor) said that Centro would be keeping the 2500s around, as we expected, and that the 2012 Orions, on average, already breakdown more frequently than those. She also said that some of the new Gilligs were having issues with ramps not deploying properly. I assume this year's State Fair operation will go smoothly with so many buses on reserve.
  5. The 2017 Gillig CNGs have American Seating Insight Prime, rather than the Metropolitan typical of Centro since 2005. These seats are similar to Centro's Orion demos, except that they are black and lack cushioning. 1758 and 1759 have also now been seen.
  6. The diesels, 1267 (PT3) and 1268 (PT4), are still green, with some Centro branding added.
  7. We lost a 25XX in Oswego today. Nobody hurt. Can't see the number in any of the pictures online, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. http://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2017/09/centro_bus_catches_fire_on_suny_oswego_campus.html
  8. Wow! It does look good. I thought it was a goner. Wonder if they put new coach seating in it, or the regular seats.
  9. 1015 has a new red Connective Corridor/Syracuse Stage wrap.
  10. Got on one of the new Gilligs earlier. They have driver protection barriers, no ads inside yet, the seating issues have been fixed, different stop request chime, accessibility symbols on front seats, same upholstery as the 2012 Orions, and push bars on the rear doors, unlike previous Centro Gillig orders with the tape. They move, and have a nice hum to them (Cummins).
  11. Great pictures, Railbus63. I've been looking forward to seeing the Gilligs for a while. 1628 looks pretty sharp. I assume these have regular transit seating, hopefully with barriers on the front forward-facing ones so Centro doesn't have to disable them. I also wonder if the funky Connective Corridor upholstery is being replaced.
  12. I look forward to seeing them. Are there any publicly accessible photos?
  13. I am a bit curious about the seating on these Gilligs. I would guess they would get blue American Metropolitan seats, and hopefully they will not have the useless forward-facing retractable ones without barriers that Centro disabled last year.
  14. I could see that happening, and if that is the case, I suppose that some of the new Gilligs would be ordered with suburban seating.
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