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  1. That's amazing - stuff like this is why i read the forum lol
  2. As I understand, 1. All skytrain cars can go anywhere on the system, but mk1 cars do have a timing out issue at a switch on the evergreen extension - I think it is near Coquitlam central but im not sure on the details. I'd be curious if anyone knows more about this! 2. Occasionally, all kinds of trains are spotted along the M line (non evergreen especially) for various reasons such as crew training. 2.5 During snowy weather when trains must all be manned, millennium line gets longer trains. This means you'll see 4 car mk2/mk2.5 trains and mk3 trains in regular service. There sh
  3. Hey everyone, just announcing that BCTracker has moved to a new (more reasonable) URL: It is now: http://bctracker.ca/ The old links will still work for now (and should redirect you to the new link) Along with this, there are a bunch of improvements! Here are a few: - View active busses by model and by route - Maps added on the bus page - Proper mobile support! It's much nicer on your phone now. There's a lot more, and the layouts are generally cleaned up. I owe a lot of thanks to my friend @ThatBusGuy who has put a lot of time into the site with these chan
  4. Click the link in the post you quoted! (maybe I was too subtle) In any case, http://bctracker.bumblesquash.com/
  5. Again! Two new orders in in three days, wow. It should be updated now. Wiki has 1186 - 1202, I'll assume thats correct.
  6. Yes, I figured that was the case. Same is true for tcomm in Vancouver - the block codes in the data have no correspondence to the paddles at all. There's not much I can do about that, that data just isn't public I don't think.
  7. Lol yeah, "equivalent" isn't fair though. It's not nearly as slick (though you can browse schedules on it). I've been meaning to find time to make it look prettier but I've been busy lately...
  8. Alright, for those who are interested in an alternative to nextride, check this out http://bctracker.bumblesquash.com/ (bumblesquash is my usual internet username, I might move the site later if people like it) Its ugly, but it seems to work. It lets you browse victoria's blocks too, which might be a first. Still a major WIP, and there is a good chance some stuff might break from time to time. I hope to improve the history features eventually, but it has begun tracking the last assignments of each vehicle which means you can watch it for retirements and stuff... If I made i
  9. I find the next bus map a lot more intuitive and easy to use than google maps' transit integration. Google maps has gotten better recently (highlights the route path and a realtime vehicle), but I still go to translink's site for the map view. Don't get me wrong, I think google maps/earth might literally be my favourite thing on the internet (and their trip planner is indispensable), but google maps setup for bus stops seems more clunky and often shows confusing information imo. Too much going on. Not to say nextbus is perfect; its old and buggy and I also wish it would show th
  10. I mean, no. Cars are private and personal, totally on demand, and a break down happens far less often than a bus no-show. It would be hard to imagine a world where taking a car isn't faster than transit for most north americans/vancouverites, just because of how spread out our communities are. After major investment, even if fewer people *needed* them, cars would still be an upgrade. Transit would have to be so unobtainably good for that not to be the case. Theres still plenty of cars in europe and japan, etc. Certainly, it would not be convenient enough "99% of the time" for everyones' trips.
  11. Aside from the 41st and Oak trips, I've seen them do in service training extra trips on the 41 rarely over the last few years. Not on tcomm of course, not sure if this would count for revenue service. I've got a photo of one that turned the wrong way into dunbar loop... (going left from westbound 41st avenue)
  12. Thanks for the insightful response! I didn't know about that effect.
  13. My guess is a possible name for the burnaby mountain (SFU) gondola, which has been brought up a lot recently. Certainly nothing confirmed of course.
  14. You know, I've been using that feature for a while and I've never noticed that. Maybe I'm the only one... I guess it doesn't apply to that many stops.
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