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  1. Weird, tcomm is showing that the 620 is 100% low floor series 50 busses right now. There's some on the 480 too...
  2. Just stepped off 1007, she's currently doing a 41 Joyce Station between 9454 and 9572
  3. 17506, 17508, 17509 to PCTC.
  4. Please, heavenly voice, tell me once more how holding train doors is unsafe and causes delays. Soothe my ears again with your reminder that my train is still going to YVR-Airport. 😌
  5. Spotted 12024 on the 10 Granville.
  6. Just saw 2210 pull into Dunbar loop from 41st ave eastbound, signed up as a 41 to Crown, snapped a quick photo from my 49. I also noted one of those trolley wire work trucks on 41st at crown, the crews were working on something up there. It's possible they had 2210 running around the loop to test it or something, its not on tcomm - It would be cool if it did a real 41 trip though on its way over. It had a real destination signed up after all... Aside from the late night 19 runs that run to oak and 41st, I havent heard of any real 41st ave trolleybus service in a while. ...well it seems the board gives me an error while processing my image so have a link
  7. Wesbrook between Student union and University Boulevard (during your time period) did have a bus lane going south, but most of it was taken up by on street bus bays for the 44, 84, 258 and 480 - these routes also used it for layover space. So it shouldn't really count. The 160 was certainly around in 2015, along with the 190 that used those lanes. The 480 also gets a weird little bus only onramp onto the oak street bridge northbound and that priority light for oak street bridge southbound. Also, the lions gate region is bus lane central: You can find bus lanes at: - Marine drive eastbound in west van from just past 11th all the way to the bridge - Marine drive westbound in north van from garden all the way to the bridge - the final southbound lions gate approach has queue jumper lanes and dedicated stops - on georgia north-west bound from denman into stanley park - on pender just before it merges with georgia This affects: 19 239 240 241 242 246 247 250 253 254 255 257 258 N24 (there is a hov and bus lane combo on other parts of georgia) Edit: it technically affects the 251, 252, 256, and even the end of some 259 trips, since they get a bus lane for like 3 blocks on their way into park royal but when traffic is gridlocked there its a big time save
  8. Are there any dates available as to when these southwest area changes are to be implemented? A timeline seems conspicuously missing from the translink site. I'd conjecture that we start seeing some of these changes implemented as early as december, but I don't know what the funding situation is like for this expansion. The 602 is my most used route, so I hope that the 603 and 604 changes extend 603 and 604 service to run at the hours the 602 currently does, and to replace the lost express trips (602 ends later in the morning and starts earlier in the evening than the 603 and 604, with many more trips). The 20-minute-ish time savings plus greatly increased reliability of the highway routing makes the commute a lot more appealing to tsawwassen riders, especially with all the new 601 routings and recent construction.
  9. I saw another C40LFR on 99 approaching steveston highway about a week ago, must have been something similar.
  10. Spotted bc transit 9734 on blackomb way yesterday, in the classic bc transit scheme. It was signed up as "Shuttle". It could have been doing the 5 Benchlands shuttle, since I doubt it had the whistler destinations programmed in - I didn't see anything else up there besides the usual novas.
  11. What?
  12. I spotted 7276 abandoned in a snow bank off river road monday afternoon, with 4 way flashers on. It did 640s that morning. ...And I spotted it again tuesday morning. The snow bank got larger. ...And again tuesday evening. 4 way flashers still going strong. But it was gone this morning. I guess that's where it went.
  13. Plus there was a 6 hour PM 311,601,606 block that ran jan-summer that was nearly always a d40lf for whatever reason. (This included the 1pm and 3pm northbound 601's which I rode regularly at the time) I don't know what was special about this block in particular that resulted in nearly always a low floor being used.
  14. 7215 to poco this AM
  15. I suppose this would count as a non electronic sighting, but I happened to be in the area around the time of that last 190 so I rode it for a bit. It was nearly empty and the driver didn't mind letting me off after a couple stops. Carved in the grime on most of the curb side of it was some interesting drawings, including a sketch of a bus, "555 lougheed stn" "thank you driver" and some other transit themed stuff. It felt like a quiet warm end to the 190 and its era. Unfortunately I only had a phone camera @ 2 percent so all I got was this potato shot after leaving it. (Note the red traffic cone in the sky)