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  1. Are there any dates available as to when these southwest area changes are to be implemented? A timeline seems conspicuously missing from the translink site. I'd conjecture that we start seeing some of these changes implemented as early as december, but I don't know what the funding situation is like for this expansion. The 602 is my most used route, so I hope that the 603 and 604 changes extend 603 and 604 service to run at the hours the 602 currently does, and to replace the lost express trips (602 ends later in the morning and starts earlier in the evening than the 603 and 604, with many more trips). The 20-minute-ish time savings plus greatly increased reliability of the highway routing makes the commute a lot more appealing to tsawwassen riders, especially with all the new 601 routings and recent construction.
  2. I saw another C40LFR on 99 approaching steveston highway about a week ago, must have been something similar.
  3. Spotted bc transit 9734 on blackomb way yesterday, in the classic bc transit scheme. It was signed up as "Shuttle". It could have been doing the 5 Benchlands shuttle, since I doubt it had the whistler destinations programmed in - I didn't see anything else up there besides the usual novas.
  4. What?
  5. I spotted 7276 abandoned in a snow bank off river road monday afternoon, with 4 way flashers on. It did 640s that morning. ...And I spotted it again tuesday morning. The snow bank got larger. ...And again tuesday evening. 4 way flashers still going strong. But it was gone this morning. I guess that's where it went.
  6. Plus there was a 6 hour PM 311,601,606 block that ran jan-summer that was nearly always a d40lf for whatever reason. (This included the 1pm and 3pm northbound 601's which I rode regularly at the time) I don't know what was special about this block in particular that resulted in nearly always a low floor being used.
  7. 7215 to poco this AM
  8. I suppose this would count as a non electronic sighting, but I happened to be in the area around the time of that last 190 so I rode it for a bit. It was nearly empty and the driver didn't mind letting me off after a couple stops. Carved in the grime on most of the curb side of it was some interesting drawings, including a sketch of a bus, "555 lougheed stn" "thank you driver" and some other transit themed stuff. It felt like a quiet warm end to the 190 and its era. Unfortunately I only had a phone camera @ 2 percent so all I got was this potato shot after leaving it. (Note the red traffic cone in the sky)
  9. I went to the link, seems like that's not the case as per the top comment thread. Confusing wording though, it got me excited.
  10. Found this ...interesting block 3330 did yesterday... I can kind of see what happened but I don't know why.
  11. Does anyone know the day that OTC last operated busses in revenue service? Was it September 4th like NVTC or was there some delay before shuttle ops went to HTC.
  12. I also saw an XD40 not on tcomm running a 620, around 18:15 nb at Ladner Exchange. I remember it being 16120 but that was supposed to be on the 403. Could have been 16131.
  13. I ended up on 4 of those (09, 12, 13, 35) during my commute and trip to the new mall; lots of chatter about how new the busses were and also how much seating they lacked. On the flipside, one tourist kept going on about how nice of a bus 9247 was: Most of us transit riders here in South delta don't really know how nice we have it. I also learned that there is fixed standee limit on the Orions (I think the driver said it's 11 max, which I've seen plenty). Unlike the low floors, they aren't supposed to cram as many of us in as the red line will let. Crazy day for the 601s overall.
  14. So as it turns out 7489 is my bus home today, the driver on this 640 currently has it hooked open. Here's a picture if anyone's interested. (The driver is slightly visible in this shot, I hope that's okay. He didn't seem to mind.) Edit: oops, error uploading media. I'll put it on here when I get home.
  15. There have always been late night NFI runs on the 601, although previously I would see the weekday final trips come off a 403 and the weekend ones remain orion. Earlier this year (Jan sheet?) there was also a mid-day into evening peak 601/606/311 block that was always NFI, and that one's gone. I'd say the am runs sort of balance that out, so it's roughly even. Curiously, there would sometimes be a 403 nb trip done by an orion late at night on weekends, I don't know if that one's still around.