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  1. jmward

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Best to wait until one actually retires, I'd say.
  2. jmward

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Really? I guess that means we have one 120xx in a different scheme now, lol. I figured the green scheme was just a wrap; so it would regain its old non charcoal scheme.
  3. jmward

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    As a passenger, the cramped awkward seating at the back (with the backwards seats etc) kinda sucks. I understand that's being addressed in the new units though. (Plus air conditironing!)
  4. jmward

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    May I invoke the iconic case of Orion 9205, which saw no activity for 11 months one time before coming back: if a bus has no history on tcomm, and even if the retirement export shows it hasn't seen service for a few months, there could be many reasons why it isn't seeing service, and so you can't assume its retired. (Even if the bus type in general is being retired)
  5. jmward

    Translink Refurbishments

    Oh man, we might have to revive the Fresh-o-meter
  6. jmward

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    Has anything happened to R7408 recently? Spotted her like this at UBC today.
  7. jmward

    Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    9714 apparently did a 99 trip this AM, it's on the 44 now. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9714 Block: http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/block/1717917
  8. Those look great! Send them to translink, lol
  9. jmward

    Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    9797, 9798 and 9799 have their proper numbers on tcomm now.
  10. jmward

    Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    I've been on them with crush loads, and missing a night bus is often not much fun
  11. jmward

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    The 43 has had 40' trips every winter for the last few years, I think.
  12. jmward

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    I was personally hoping for 9801-9803, just prefix the 9 there
  13. jmward

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Quite right. Oops. I looked up both blocks earlier but evidently remembered the wrong one.
  14. jmward

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    If I'm not mistaken, poco shuttle 16537 will run the last C route trip ever fairly soon, on the C9 New West Station. End of an era, I suppose.