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  1. Haha, I was the last passenger on 994's last trip then (255 to capilano mall). I'm sad to see these guys go.
  2. I should add that current thinking at translink is it would be best to operate trolleys alongside battery technology for the foreseeable future. They aren't planning any trolley expansion, but they won't be going anywhere especially downtown. (Their presentation noted charging stations downtown are infeasable and overnight charging doesn't allow enough distance for many routes) Subject to change though, as always!
  3. As you might experience if you visit the PNE's decker on display, the deckers we're getting don't perform so well when you have lots of passengers getting on and off all the time. The single narrow stairway is a bottleneck that would make it hard to get up and down. Deckers and artics are both capacity improvements over a standard coach, but they specialize differently: The decker's strength is the hugely increased seating - ideal for busy routes that have long runs between stops and long overall trip times. This allows plenty of time for people to get settled and to prepare to exit. However, the decker has only 2 doors, relatively limited manoeuvring room, and less accessible space. An artic, however, has a large amount of standing space compared to seating, is mostly low floor and has 3 doors. This makes it ideal for routes with lots of people hopping on and off (especially if all door boarding is used), and for fairly short journeys. The large low-floor space is well suited for folks with less mobility. The 130, 106 and 49 are busy routes that would be/are well served by artics, but would not be a good match for deckers. These routes are local services making many stops with constant passenger turnover, and the 106 has many seniors (in my experience). Deckers wont work on all our busy routes and so a huge fleet wouldn't help so much. It's possible to create a north American decker better suited to local service (like london has with the two staircases) but I think articulated busses would still do that job better anyway.
  4. Why do you say that? The trip seems to be about 6 km each way (crown to ubc loop via wesbrook village), so that's 12/20 km range both ways. Surely that's a wide enough margin of error - and even if it isn't, for whatever reason, there are the 14 9 and 4 routes at ubc. Busses could interline with these routes, bringing the gap down to 6 km each time. I don't see how you can dismiss using IMC to bring the 41 to ubc as impossible or impractical. Sure, something like this isn't currently implemented in Vancouver, but neither are battery busses. Both technologies are new to the area and would need development, but exist elsewhere.
  5. I was on 425 today outbound, and all it said was king george, its not totally consistent yet
  6. South Granville is a common name for that area though, just like Mount Pleasant. (At least amongst people I know). I think these provisional names are good choices, I hope they stick with them.
  7. ...Apparently an M line train bit a bear about an hour ago between inlet centre and Coquitlam central outbound. Not sure which unit, but M line is running a complicated pattern of shuttle trains right now
  8. Since the main access is from below and above the platforms, I wonder how hard it would be to convert columbia into an island. Youd have to close it for some time (detour to NW) and just shift the stairs. Could even go for a stadium style layout with a 3rd platform carved into the hill for terminating trains
  9. I'm sure they expect said route to capture many of the current 41 riders, and the 41 is 4th on the list! Also, the 41 is the only option on 41st Avenue during the weekend, so it makes sense that the 43 isn't top 10. I think it's fair to say that 41st Avenue is the busiest transit corridor in the system that isn't already a B-line.
  10. Lol I actually rode it on the 12th, I got a video out the back of it UBC -> Dunbar, my first time ever videoing a ride. RIP. Not many d60lfs left on my commute now.
  11. I think RTC might have a couple to send to WVMT still
  12. I did spot 7257 outside of that warehouse about a week ago
  13. Yes please: 25, 319... even the 84 weekdays
  14. No visible effects so far. Still lots of BAEs about, so if they're fixing stuff, it isn't impacting service. Since we're this far in, I don't expect anything dramatic.
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